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7th Day Adventist 
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7th Day Adventist Chatroom and Community Group

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Our chatroom

is on the Buzzen chat server.

It is easy to register and chat with us at

Join us there

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"The Prophetic Gift" -- 1st Qtr SS lesso...
Heaven's Means of Communication(Genesis 3, 2 Samuel 23) The Prophetic Gift: Lesson 1Copr. 2009, Bruce N. Cameron, J.D. All scripture references are to the New International Version (NI...
SeekingTruth4   12-30-08
"The Prophetic Gift" -- 1st Qtr SS lesso...
The Prophetic Gift in Scripture and in Adventist Histo...
†Texasgal?/A>   12-30-08
The Farmer's Hand
  The Farmer's Hand   ...
†Texasgal?/A>   12-30-08
†Texasgal?/A>   12-30-08
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Andrews hand
Mark439 06-14-08
First family picture with Andrew
Mark439 05-11-08
Daddy soothing his son
Mark439 05-11-08
Andrew's first cry
Mark439 05-11-08
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