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Come sit with us,

Talk with us

Laugh with us

And walk with us.

With open arms and open heart

We welcome you

And make you part

Of our Group

Where we unite

And share ourselves

In love and Light.

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Moving the group to Aimoo
Hi all, after browsing all the alternatives that are on offer, I have decided to rebuild the group at Aimoo, this is going to be a lengthy process if I want to get all our pages and ...
~TOPAZ~   12-04-08
This is my new domain as MSN is closing ...
Hi I have looked at your site and I too have decided to move The Jewel in the Crown to Aimoo as well, I am in the process of building the site, think it may take a while, I wish you luck with you...
~TOPAZ~   12-04-08
This is my new domain as MSN is closing ...
  here is my new domain!
MSN NicknameIsadoraWitchofDance1   11-18-08
Honouring Feelings
Yes indeed!!Thank you Izzy! Walk In Beauty Sage
MSN NicknameSageHawk6   11-09-08
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