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A Room Of 
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The Manager of AROL




To A Room Of Light

We are a room filled with the love of light

and all are welcome to share in our joy here.

Please Read Below:

When joining please include

a working email address and write a message telling why you applied (Without it you will not be approved)... Thank you

Anyone whose email does not work and does not reply to the email I send

Will not be accepted

Please make sure you reply to the email that comes to you from me Winds of Change so you may be accepted.

thank you



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Visitor Count 21,033 since April 25, 2001 before reset. 

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Please Read: Important From Winds
Hi everyone,   Sorry I have not been around.  M...
MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>   02-01-09
About Moving
Hi everyone,   Well, I am disappointed in Multiply s...
MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>   01-31-09
The Migration Message is on the side boa...
Hi everyone, I know this is a hectic time for everyone, but on the sideboard here, right under AROL Home, you wi...
MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>   01-23-09
Where have you been hiding?
Hi Dearheart and all,   I see you made it to Multipl...
MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>   01-23-09
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Robbie w/Santa
MSN Nickname♥DearHeartâ™?/nobr> 12-29-08
MSN Nickname♥DearHeartâ™?/nobr> 12-29-08
State of the art kitchen!
MSN NicknameVisionaryLee 08-02-07
My deluxe showeroom
MSN NicknameVisionaryLee 08-02-07
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Gloria (Winds of Change)
Lee and others
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