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Sorry about that. I didn't think you were interested and after I checked the postings (I was the last one to post a promo) I I closed the group. It was dead, no one was posting and there really w...
Kat   01-11-09
what did you do with "A.G."? It is totally gone from my listings!!! I got a notice from you saying you had made me manager and then......2 days ain't there!...
MSN NicknameCanadianShe_Wolfâ„?/nobr>   01-10-09
What do you want me to do with Driftin?
Kat   01-09-09
Welcome and in here please mississippima...
Msn is closing groups. I have started a new one at Aimoo and I am putting in a transfer so Aimoo can move the group from here to there. Here is the link so you can join there.  ...
Kat   01-09-09
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