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General : __;;Bitch, I told ya!  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 10/8/2008 4:30 AM
warning here;; This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!
Dear Diary;; __;; Bitch, I fuckin told ya!
Get Inside My Head;; __;; told you all that i would fuck angela up..again
Behind The Mask;; __;; so i'm excited that i won, and wanted to post something about it. chyeah boii.
Word Count;; biiitch count!

__;; The scene opens up showing Adalyn Raine walking around backstage with a smug look on her face. She has just won her second, yes that's right second match against Angela Stewart. Finally, this should prove something to that for example, that Adalyn is better than you! Adalyn continues to walk on down the hall until she comes across the infamous Katrina Parker, who at the moment is applying some lipgloss to her disgusting botox injected lips. Adalyn smirks at this as she approaches Katrina, who looks up and over at her with a raised eyebrow. The last time she came across Adalyn, her and her friend wound up tossing her out of a moving who knew what she had up her sleeve this time. Katrina slides her lipgloss into her pocket as she folds her arms across her chest, looking at Adalyn skeptically.

Katrina Parker;; Adalyn, if your here to try and make me look like an ass...please just go away, I'm not in the mood to be treated like shit.

Adalyn Raine;; *she smiles* Actually, Katrina...I'm here to ask a favour.

Katrina Parker;; Your joking right?...A favour? From me? What the hell could I possibly do for you?

Adalyn Raine;; Oh gee, I dont know...maybe do your job properly for once and interview people that really matter...such as moi! *she motions to herself dramatically* Katrina, you are now looking at the main event winner of Rampage...who managed to kick Angela Stewart's ass so bad that I'm sure that it sent her father's soul into the underworld.

__;; Adalyn smirks as she focuses back on Katrina, who just continues to stand there, looking clueless as ever. Adalyn scowls at this as she rolls her eyes...what, did she not have ears? Obviously that line was cue for her to bust out the microphone and conduct the interview right here, and right now. So, what the hell is up with this little delay?

Adalyn Raine;; Um, hello! This is the part where you start acting grateful that I'm even in your presence right now and beg for a chance to interview Adalyn Raine. Has the bleach seeped so far down into your brain that it's fucked with your motor skills? Because you sure as hell don't seem to be catching on to what I'm saying.

Katrina Parker;; No, I get what your saying...but I just don't feel like interviewing anyone right now...I'm on my break.

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs bitterly* Oh, your on your break are you? Well how about this....*she leans forward, making her nose almost touch Katrina's as she speaks* about I break your fucking arm so you can have a real reason to just stand around and do nothing? Because this bull shit about "being on break" and "not feeling like interviewing anyone" is just exactly that...bull shit! *she backs away now as she continues* If you don't change your thought process immediately and do your job, don't even think that I would stop to hesitate to put in a word to the managers to get your lazy ass fired.

__;; Adalyn smiles devishly as she now folds her own arms across her chest as she continues.

Adalyn Raine;; So, girly...what's it gonna be? Interview the Duchess of Detroit or lose your pathetic little job?

__;; Katrina is obviously not happy about this situation as she lets out a breath of air and then unfolds her arms across her chest. Grumbling a bit, she walks over to a nearby table, where she had placed her microphone, apparantly giving her arm a rest from holding it while she took her 'break'. She then returns to face Adalyn, placing a noticeably fake smile on that plastic face of hers as she looks into the camera and begins to speak.

Katrina Parker;; Joining me tonight, we have the one and only Adalyn Raine, who happens to be the winner of the Last Woman Standing match tonight on Rampage. *she turns to face Adalyn, still using that fake smile as she speaks* So, Adalyn how does it feel to walk out of your first headlining match victoriously?

Adalyn Raine;; Well, Katrina it feels fantastic! Because not only did I win my first ever headling match...but this match was against none other than Angela Stewart, who has done nothing but talk shit since the first time that I kicked her ass, saying it was just luck and that it would never happen again. *she smiles and shakes her head* But here I stand, the winner of our match...and in a bed somewhere lies Angela Stewart, recovering and resting from any injuries she might have gained in return for running that big ass mouth of hers.

Katrina Parker;; So do you think that after winning tonight and defeating Angela twice that she will finally let your fued die out?

Adalyn Raine;; You know, I'm not really sure Katrina...if she is as dumb as she is defiant then I'm sure that she'll try to drag it out for a couple more months, laying out some lame excuse as to why she has now found herself pinned by me two consecutive times. *she shrugs her shoulders* But whatever, if the bitch still needs more proof of me being better than her, then I'd gladly hop back into that ring and throw her around like a little rag doll. *she smiles deviously* However, for right now my next target is set to be Michelle McCool at Showtime in a falls count anywhere match...which as "intimidating" as that may sound, that match is going to be easier than getting Brooke Adams to lie flat on her back for a man....which from what I've heard from various backstage conversations between the superstars, it is quite an easy task. *she winks as she looks into the camera* Hey, you hear that Chris Orton? Since you can't have thee absolute best *she points to herself* how about you go try with someone that might actually give you not just a second glance, but perhaps a blow job as well. *she smiles as she laughs a bit* Oh man, I swear I'm like fucking cupid setting these people up...those two would be absolutly perfect for each other. *she now turns to look at Katrina* Don't you agree Kat?

Katrina Parker;; Um well...wait...did you just call me Kat?

Adalyn Raine;; Yeah I did. You like it? Because it's now your new nick name. And before you should feel honored that I would even give you a nick name. Besides, it suites you....Kat...*she thinks over the name thoughtfully*...because you are a lot like a cat in an alley....

Katrina Parker;; What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Adalyn Raine;; Shit Kat are you that dumb? *she smirks* Well in regards to our younger viewers I dont think it would be very considerate to stand here and describe to you the relationship between you and an alley cat...but if you want, I'm sure you can Wikipedia that and figure out real quick exactly what I meant. *she smirks* But for now Kat...I have some other things to take care of before I blow this joint and...*she pauses and looks back at the camera*...wait, just to clarify something Angela, because I'm sure your watching, that was not a reference to weed, I was actually referring to leaving the building...just so we're clear. *she smiles* But like I was saying, I have some shit to do before I leave for the night, so until next time...*she blows a kiss out to the camera*..peace bitches!

__;; Adalyn then makes a peace sign with her fingers and throws it up to the camera and Katrina before walking away out of their sight as she continues on down the hall.

TBC by anyone =]

OOC: bored, wanted to roleplay, left it open in case anyone feels the need to jump on the bandwagon haha.

I serve it up in a shot so suck it down like a man;;

©forbidden.goddess. Made for Alleena by Jen at DAF dont be stupid and steal... just come on by and request one instead of claiming it as your own.

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