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General : vs. Serenity Chambers  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 10/17/2008 9:13 PM

 [Warning] This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!

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Dear Diary;; __;;lucky charms
Inside My Head;; i feel bad for NBC's ratings after that bull shit.
Behind The Mask;; last one...good luck lol this has been fun =]
Thee Amazing Record;; 3-0-0

xXx Adalyn Raine 


Friday, October 17, 2008

u p d a t e MUCH(?)
Current mood: amused 

 So, it's been a hell of a long time since I last updated this thing...and so I thought I would be nice and update all you lovely [and not so lovely] people on my life. Exciting yeah?...Ha, I thought so too. Alright, so let's start this entry off by saying that whatever rumors any of you might of heard about me hooking up with Trace [from metro station] are totally not true. I mean yeah, the boy is hot as hell, but let's not forget that I have a fabulous man all to myself...aka Johnny Malone. And unlike some whores in the wrestling businesses...I don't feel the need to spread my legs in order to get my name in the headlines. Case and point...I have a match against Serenity Chambers later tonight, which has got everybody talking. Everyone is holding their breath and crossing their fingers, waiting to see if little miss Serenity is going to be the big bad bitch that will be ending my winning streak. And to those of you that are holding your breath, waiting for that to us all a fucking favour and keep holding your breath...hopefully you'll pass out and die or some shit. Then the rest of us won't have to deal with lame ass idiots like you guys. Now, before any of you jump the gun and start shooting out comments...let me say something. To steal Serenity's own words, I know this won't be the easiest match, but it also wont be anywhere near the hardest. Serenity has been involved in the WGEF for quite a long ass time now, so obviously she is going to be the fan favourite in this match up. Which is fine, because I don't need to be the fan favourite, hell I don't even have to be liked by you guys....however, despite my sometimes bitchy attitude and brutally honest personality...some of you guys have stuck by me through both my successful modeling career and now my recent endeavors in the WGEF. And I do appreciate that, as crazy as it may sound because it shows that there is still some hope for humanity out there, seeing as how if people are smart enough to love me and my awsomeness, then this world can't possibly be filled with nothing but complete and total idiots. Which is lovely news, because I was starting to think that everyone other than me, and a select few had fallen off the 'smart people train'. And I only say that because you constantly have people like Chris Orton, Brooke Adams, Michelle McCool, Angela Stewart and Alex Cross running around proclaiming how they're the shit and how people are just jealous of them...and that makes me stop and think, and truly wonder if these ass holes have looked in a mirror lately. Like seriously, because all of the above mentioned people are nothing but thorns in this industry's side. Need some examples? Mmkay, let's try this...

Chris Orton::...Gee, where to start with good ole' Chris?  The dude is a hopeless wreck, and honestly someone should consider opening up a 'Losers Anonymous' clinic...just for him. Why? Because the prick walks around the halls, whining and complaining to poor Kaylee Adams [about everything], trying to reclaim whatever 'throne' he seems to believe that he once had in this business. And all I got to say to that is...god bless Kaylee for having as much patience as she does with that ass hole. If I were her, I would of fired his ass after what he did to her....and rumor has it that he recently told Kaylee that if she doesn't relieve his suspension, that he has "threatened" to leave the WGEF for good. And when it comes to that, I got to admit that I'm one of the people with my fingers crossed, praying that Kaylee just sends him out the door and on his way....this company would be a lot more peaceful place without his annoying ass walking around and pestering countless individuals...however, it wouldn't be completely peaceful, because we would still have...

Brooke Adams:: Alright, I swear on my vacation home in Italy that if you go to Wikipedia right now, and type in the word "worthless whore"...that Brooke's picture will pop up beside the definition. And that's all you need to say about that matter, because more than ninety percent of the industry would agree with that little sentiment. Next we have...

Michelle McCool:: The one and only bitch that I'll be tearing apart at Showtime in a falls count anywhere match. Man, I cannot wait till this match...Michelle has talked a lot of shit, stating that she is more than capable of beating me...and well, we shall put her empty little words to the test when we face off in just a matter of days. Hope the girl has been training hard, because she's going to need to have that nasty little body of hers in tip top shape if she even wants to last in that ring with me. But okay, enough about her, it's obvious that people must not like the girl, seeing as how the only other person I've ever seen her interact with is Ivy, let's talk about...

Angela Stewart:: The Jamaican Princess has been here about as long as me, yet she has managed to talk more shit than Chris Orton, Brooke Adams and Michelle McCool combined! And all for what? prove that she is one of the shittiest things here? Seriously, I anticipate the day when someone like Tapanga Britt finally gets a hold of her and knocks that cocky bitch ass attitude out of her system. This little girl needs to realize that sooner or later she is going to piss off the wrong person with all her shit talk...and man oh man, I cannot wait until that comes. Now, last but not least we have...

Alex Cross:: He's fairly new to this business...yet, somehow he has managed to think that just because he was on WGEF's homepage and featured in the 'top story' column, that he has become god's gift to all of us. Like please...I know I can be cocky...but shit, at least I'm still grounded on earth to realize that just because your name happens to get featured in a headline, doesn't mean your the greatest thing....or that you're going to make it in this company. Headlines come and go, but if you truly are as great as you claim to be Alex, then you will perhaps step your game up and take on someone that actually matters, instead of bringing up the damn X Factor in every promo that you do. Like, shit we get it left the fucking X Factor!...Next topic pahlease!...And I'm sure I'm not the only one that's already become tired of his bull shit with the 'X Factor'...Alex, we'll all bow down and believe your something special when you actually manage to do something other than talk shit. Kay? Thanks.

Alright, so now that I've summed up a quarter of the WGEF roster that has an IQ equal of seventy or below, let's get back to the real matter at hand, Serenity Chambers, because unfortunately there is only so much I can do to control the shit that spews out of people's mouths...but I can  however control how my match will turn out on Fight Night. How you ask? Well, it's real simple....see, for the remainder of today, I'll listen to whatever form of bull shit that Serenity can throw out there, you know, let her get it out of her system, but when it comes time for our match tonight, there is only going to be one thing on my mind. And that won't be anything that she said in her lame ass interview on that gay television segment, "The Tonight Show" the only thing that will be on my mind is figuring out the quickest possible way to kick her ass and get the match over with. Because seriously, I have more important things to do than wrestle around in a ring all night with some girl that doesn't even matter. Serenity is just another speed bump that I have to pass over in order to get to the real competition. And honestly, I think she knows that too, because she isn't the greatest thing that WGEF has to offer, sure she's been around a while, and yeah I will go as far to say that she knows what she's doing out in the ring, and knows how to deliver a great match, but then again, I've only been here for a few months and also know how to deliver a great ass match, and obviously I must know what I'm doing in a ring if I've managed to remain undefeated since my debut. And now that I mention that, it brings something to mind...I know that people have been talking, saying the only reason why I'm undefeated is because I've only been booked against lame ass competitors...and yeah, I'll agree with that, Angela and Mari were both pretty pathetic, but all the same when you compare just about anyone to myself...they all appear to be pretty lame. Then again, this is me talking, and I am pretty biased on that matter. But that's okay though, because until someone has managed to beat me, and taint my perfect record, the opposing view really isn't that valid now is it?

Now, a moment ago I mentioned briefly something about Serenity Chambers being on 'The Tonight Show', and no your eyes didn't deceive you...she really was scheduled to be a guest on the show. [believe me, it was hard for me to take seriously at first too, so feel free to laugh at that, I already had a good giggle earlier tonight when i received the news] And yes, unfortunatly I wasted an hour of my precious time to watch this segment, and god was it one of thee most boring, pathetic and embarassing things ever aired on television. Honestly, I wish I would of  just skipped out on the show all together and watched something a bit more entertaining...such as the presidential debates! Yeah, I said it...the fucking redundant ramblings between Obama and McCain would be more interesting than listening to that annoying ass Jay Leno and Malibu Barbie crack jokes and trying to sound educated. ...I really wish I would have had a drink or two before it aired, because maybe then it could of wound up being quite the comedic performance, and don't get me wrong it was rather amusing hearing her talk shit, but there were some boring ass moments that the alcohol could of made entertaining. And those of you reading this that are thinking "damnit man, I missed that tonight? I feel like a complete loser being thrown out of the social circle"... It's okay, don't feel too shitty, because just remember that no matter how much you may think your a nobody, Serenity isn't really that far ahead of you, seeing as how the girl is basically nothing more than a one hit wonder after her little three month "reign" as the hottest thing in WGEF about a year ago....but hey now-a-days what do you hear about Serenity? Nothing! In fact, the only headline in the past year that the girl has had is probably the one concerning this match with me on Friday. So why the hell Jay Leno would even want such a worthless bitch on his show is beyond me, unless his ratings have gotten so bad lately that he couldn't find anyone fact he probably asked to interview me, but couldn't afford the price of getting me on his show, meaning he had to settle for second best by getting Serenity Chambers. Which is fine with me, I'm not in thee least bit jealous...because as we all know, I'm not too fond of the WGEF interviewers and can barely keep my temper in check with the, much less some annoying old man that needed to retire from television a good couple years ago...All I need is for NBC to sue me for socking Jay right in his obese nose. Hey...then again, it sure as hell would of boosted up both NBC's and WGEF's ratings...but nah, I'm not too fond of all that legality bull shit, so it wouldn't of been worth it. Besides, I'm sure WGEF's ratings will continue to raise up as long as I'm present in the company, because people love to see Adalyn Raine on the show...they don't like to admit it, but I see the looks on the fans faces when I step out from behind that curtain, all of which hold a mixture of awe, jealousy and excitement. And I'd hate to say that the fans are a big drive in my matches, but they do motivate me to do my very best, because as long as I keep knocking out these bitches, people are going to love to hate me, people are going to continue to want to be me, and people are most obviously going to want to see me each and every night either gracing the ring or just the halls backstage with my fabulous presence.

Now, let's recap back to the Tonight Show...I have decided to be a saint and fill you all in with what went down in case some of you decided to get a couple more winks of sleep tonight and skipped out on watching that garbage. Basically, it started off with Jay's semi-perverted flirty comments, which I will give credit to Serenity for not dropping her dignity and acting like the typical girls on the show who flirt right back with him [major ew factor right there]...instead she just kindly thanked him and noted that she was married. Bravo to Serenity for not being a slut!..Seriously, I'm not being a smartass with that comment, it's refreshing to see another girl with more dignity than Paris Hilton every now and again....but alright, back to the Tonight Show...after Jay's failed attempts of trying to get into her pants, he moved on asking her the stereotypical question about whether or not the fact that i'm undefeated change her outlook at all on our match...which Serenity of course said that she wasn't intimidated of me, which I mean fine whatever, some people like to live in denial...and apparantly I'm a compulsive liar or some shit [insert hysterical laughing here]..haha,, in the next question, Jay asked Serenity if she was going to be able to provide me with a better challenge, and obviously she answered "yes"...but then she went on to say that I've labeled her as a "joke" and that I've written her off as "nothing more than a waste of my time"...Now, I will agree with her being a waste of my time, but she shouldn't take that personally, I tend to think that about everyone...but a joke?! Oh mah gawd, never! I would never say something as untrue as that...Serenity isn't a joke, even though I do find myself laughing at multiple things that she has to say about me...but no, she is certainly not a joke, but perhaps that's her lack of self confidence shining through that seemingly perfect skin of hers. And she says I have an over active imagination and makes shit up? Well damn...I'd like to know where the joke comment came from...obviously the girl must of been tired and a bit delusional during the show to make up some random crap like that.....well, that or she just happens to be fluent in professional bull shit....yeah, it's probably that second option, but before I sit here and dwell on that, let's move on to another humerous part of the show...when Jay asked Serenity to explain the supposed "tension" between the two of us, guess what kind of answer she came up with?...No seriously, guess, because I sure as hell didn't see this one coming, truly I thought she was more intelligent than the answer that hse gave him....give up? Alrighty, well Serenity responded with saying that the reason why there is so much tension between us two is because I think I'm something great since no one has been able to get a victory over me, and that my undefeated streak is the one thing that makes me feel important. Okay, first of all sweetheart, I don't think I'm something, I know I'm something fantastic....but not because no one has been able to defeat me, though that does add to the list, but also because A) let's not forget that I already had made a name for myself outside this little wrestling world, so obviously I was already something ten times greater than you before I even walked through WGEF's doors...and B) my personal trainer is Chris hello, how many times have you seen him take time out of his schedule to just sit down and talk with them [in a friendly manner]...much less agree to align himself with the new girl and take the time to train her? As far as I know, I'm the first person he's ever considered being a mentor too, and yes hunny, I am damn proud of that, because who's your trainer? who? Yeah, one knows who the hell that is, nor do they care. And now last but not least....C) despite the fact that I'm new here and people continue to say that I'm not that much of a threat...they can't stop talking about me! Hell, I think lately I've been getting more spotlight and attention that Jeanette Salazar....which shows just how fantastic I am if I'm getting more air time than the fucking Womens Champion. Now, seeing as how I think that's enough to back up my case, proving that I am indeed "Something"...let's go back to the undefeated streak is not, and I repeat not the only thing that makes me feel important, though it is quite a little accomplishment, and if I didn't know any better, I would say that Serenity is just jealous and wishes that her track record was as spotless as mine....yep, obviously that's the answer to that little comment of let's move on! When Jay asked Serenity what her take was on me saying that she's going to fall like all the others, she had thee nerve to laugh and then state that I have an over active imagination...damn, that's the part where I laughed so hard that I almost spilled soda all over my laptop....but she didn't stop there, nope the girl kept going just like the Energizer bunny rabbit and saying that she is the biggest competition that I've yet to have and that all I'm doing is playing a game of cat and mouse....again, I continued to laugh as I realized just how retarded this bitch must be. She's the biggest competition that I've had? I dont know, I think pot smoking Angela might of been a bit tougher than what she'll prove to be tonight. However, I could be wrong...she could wind up being the "best competition" that I've had so far, but she can claim to be as good as she wants, all she needs to do is remember that no matter how great she says she is...I'm just that much greater....and now next in the show, Serenity drops a bomb saying that she has "big plans" in store for me tonight, and I'm assuming that she was anticipating for that to be the part of the show when I turn off the television and run to a corner of the room and cower in fear...because oh no! Serenity has big plans in store for me tonight?! Noooo! Not that...anything but that!...Damnit people, I'm kidding....but seriously though, wasn't I the one that hoped Serenity would have a game plan for tonight? in that case, yay for Serenity for taking time out to figure out some "amazing" strategy!...and I'm glad the bitch didn't ruin the "surprise" and tell us all what her big plans'll just make the match more entertaining when she looks dazed and confused trying to figure out how to put them big plans into action against me, because as long as I have my way in the match, the girl will be lucky to be getting in anything more than a little kick and the occasional punch...which I think deep down inside she knows this because the next thing to happen on the show was Serenity admitting that I am not going to be easy competition [finally! some intelligence!]...and that she realizes that with me having Chris as my personal trainer that he has most obviously shown me some things that make me the tough competitor that I am today....and since we're on the subject of Serenity "admitting" things, let's jump ahead a bit in the show when Serenity practically admitted something else when she stated that she doesn't pay much attention to anything that I have to say....well duh! If she did, she would know that I never called her a joke, and that I did say that I'm sure she would be some good competition...but instead she would rather make the evening a bit more interesting and fill the general public's head with blatant bull shit, which is fine I guess, at least it produes ratings, yeah? And when it all comes down to it, it wont really matter what shit she has said about me, because the only thing that matter is me winning tonight, and then once that happens perhaps Serenity will learn to think a bit higher of Adalyn Raine, and not just assume that all Adalyn has is an over active imagination.

Okay, now this next part practically needs a paragraph all its own because it has to do with the quote on quote "imaginary" thing that I've been saying about Serenity....first let's recap to my interview with Kris Dawson, when she stated that Serenity is well established in the WGEF, and that I'm only a few months old in the wrestling business. Now, for those of us [aka me] that have yet to be diagnosed with alzheimers, let me put in quotations exactly what I had to say in response to that comment..."...Serenity may have been here for a long while, but I doubt her track record is all that she better throw a hell of a lot more at me than just the fact that she is a 'veteran' in this business. She better bring some actual talent to the ring to back her shit up..." Okay, now that my exact words are written here for proof of what I said, let's go back to Serenity's take on this during the Tonight Show when she said that she never once said anything about her being the veteran and if that's the best I can come up with against her than I'm in sad shape....bitch, your damn right you never said anything about you being the veteran! In my interview, when I threw out the 'veteran' comment that has apparantly so widely become a huge publicity subject for this match, remember that I said it before Serenity had even cut a single promo of her own, so of course she had no way of talking shit already about her being the 'veteran'...I mean unless course she was saying shit off camera, but that's why in my interview I basically made not that I hoped Serenity would use something a bit more creative than the whole 'veteran' gimmick, because anyone that's been in the business for a long ass time that goes up against a new girl uses that shit, and it gets old and repetitive...and thank god Serenity never quoted that word, unless of course she was using it to miss-quote me on my own "veteran statement", that never once insinuated that she had used the veteran thing against damn, yet another example of how Serenity obviously doesn't listen to anything I have to say. I suggest that the bitch actually open up her ears next time and listen very carefully to the words that come out of my mouth, because I don't say them for little girls like her to just try and twist them in their own promos, that's just wasting my time and causing me to correct their ignorance later on...because Serenity blowing that whole veteran comment out of proportion was just that...sheer ignorance. But hey, like I said earlier in this blog, there is only so much I can do to control the shit that spews out of people's mouths, which is why I'm not really gonna focus on Serenity's ignorant comments, let her go ahead and speak her mind if that's what makes her feel better at the end of the night, but she'll be eating all her words when I hit her wth The Promise Ring or Disturbia and leave her lying flat on her back like a little bitch.

Now, lets prepare to close this out by addressing the last thing that sweet little Serenity had to say on the show...just before the segment closed out, Jay Leno gave Serenity the opportunity to say anything that her little heart desired to say to me before she left the studio, and well out of all the things she could of said, all she said was that my interview with Kris Dawson was amusing and that she wonders how I'm able to tell such boldfaced lies while keeping a straight face the entire time without laughing. Well, that's stop there so I can say this...sweetie, the answer is simple. I'm able to keep a straight face the entire time through an interview because contrary to popular belief, the things that come out of my mouth are not boldfaced lies, they are actually nothing more than cold hard facts and I'm sorry that the bleach has obviously seeped so far down into Serenity's brain for her to realize that. Perhaps she should lay off the chemicals and go natural for a bit, if the bleach really has that bad of an effect on her cognition. Maybe I should of added her to that list of people in the WGEF locker room who has an IQ of seventy or below...hmm, sounds like a good idea for the next blog entry that I put up. But before I even put anymore thought process into the next entry, let me finish this one up first by informing you all what else Serenity had to say in her 'personal statement'....Serenity when on to say that she might be underestimating me and that I may very well be able to beat her tonight, or that perhaps it is I who is underestimating her. Well, let's see...what is there to truly underestimate about Serenity Chambers? The bitch was never that fabulous to begin with, so underestimating her is not really needed, all you gotta do is mention her to someone that's been here long enough to have seen her when she first debuted and people automatically remember that she wasn't, nor is she now that much of a threat. So, honestly sweetie, I swear...I'm not underestimating you, I'm just not going out of the way to give you any unnecessary credit to add to your list of accomplishments, that truly isn't that great to begin with. Like seriously, what has she accomplished that's worth mentioning? Last I checked the only thing that she has under her belt is being named the "diva of the week"...well damn, how long ago was that? Had to be before I was even born, because I havn't even seen her in the top fifteen recently. And then her other 'huge' accomplishment is of course the one thing that she still clings onto with dear life...the fact that she won the 2008 Royal Rumble. Well whoop de fucking doo! Let's have a party, shall we? Because we all really care about what you accomplished like six months ago...but seriously, other than those two things she has nothing to show for her illustrious and long ass career her...which is pretty pathetic if you ask me, and yet the girl thinks that I'm "underestimating" her...haha, pahlease! Like I said, that's clearly not needed, she's already practically worthless as it is....and that's not my over active imagination talking, thats the facts that every other employee in the WGEF knows as common knowledge. However, despite all the facts and evidence that we all have to show that Serenity isn't all that great, she will somehow find a way to twist it around in an interview on live television and try to make her opponent feel stupid, and if that was her aim, to make me feel ignorant, then damn she really failed because all she did was show how many brain cells she is missing...which almost makes it hard to believe that Serenity hasn't been hanging out with people like Angela Stewart lately and inhaling some hardcore marijuana. ...but now, lets go back to Serenity's departing words to me...where she next tried to make it very clear that me wishing her luck the other day was not needed and in turn, I'm the one that will actually be needing luck tonight in our match, stating that I've had it way too easy up until now and will soon see that she is not the 'easy target' that I've been making Serenity out to, she said a bit more after that, but before I recap any farther, let's touch base on this little piece of 'brilliant' information...first of all, i find it beyond mildly amusing that Serenity would believe that I'm the one in this match up that needs luck...obviously, she just felt threatened by my sincere 'good luck' comment the other night and felt the need to somehow defend herself in saying that it won't be needed, and that I'm sadly mistaken for even saying such a thing. ...So, I guess that's why Adalyn Raine has the reputation of being a bitch then, because if she even tries to do or say something nice like "good luck Serenity!" just back fires on her and the person takes it out of context. So for those of you that can't sleep at night because you wonder "why oh why does Adalyn have to be such a mean little bitch?"...there is your answer...because people like Serenity do not know how to just take a comment as it is and leave it alone. But whatever, the last thing I have to say before signing off is I can't wait for this match tonight, to show Serenity that the reason I didn't spend hardly any time at all preparing for this match is because I didn't need wasn't necessary in order to beat her, so excuse me for going out and having a good time instead...obviously that's just another sign that the girl is jealous. And on that note, I'm getting some sleep, peace bitches!



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