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General : vs. Eryn Newman vs. Kirsten Stratus  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 10/21/2008 8:15 PM

 [Warning] This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!

 AARv2.png picture by MojoxPin

Dear Diary;; __;; two for the price of one!
Inside My Head;; ah, i knew Kaylee would want me back on her show after that amazing performance 
Behind The Mask;; let me just say...that if this is shit i'm sorry but this has been hell week thanks to college.
Thee Amazing Record;; 4-0-0

xXx Adalyn Raine 


So let it be known that people can no longer use that bull shit that the reason why Adalyn Raine remains undefeated is because her 'toughest competitor' was Angela Stewart, because last Friday night she put those speculations to rest by dominating in her match against Serenity Chambers and picking up yet another win to add to her flawless record. Now, truly I am curious to see what kind of excuse the next bitch will come up with in order to justify Adalyn's record...especially since her next opponents are Eryn Newman, some new chick that debuted her only a few days ago and Kirsten Stratus, the bestie of Serenity Chambers. And I just know that these bitches are gonna try to be cocky as hell and say that Adalyn's winning streak will be ending here with one of them, and if they do say that then perhaps they need to do some background checks on Adalyn's other competitors and take notice to the fact that every single one of them said those exact same words and obviously Adalyn proved them all to be full of absolute shit. Kirsten in particular should take notice to the fact that her little buddy Serenity, who just tried last week to dominate against Adalyn got thrown flat on her back...and honestly, if Serenity couldn't beat Adalyn, then Kirsten isn't going to be able to even lay a hand on her. It's obvious to everyone that Kirsten just follows Serenity around to try and get whatever bit of spotlight Serenity might hold...which to be quite honest isn't much. With that being said, I hope both Miss Newman and Miss Stratus bring something new to the table for Adalyn to work with, if not then I guess she could always just use her "over active imagination" and come up with something to throw at them, yeah?

The scene opens up showing Adalyn Raine getting off of an airplane at the Los Angeles International Airport. For those of you that are uninformed, the setting for this week's Friday Night Fight Night is at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California...which turned out to work perfectly for Adalyn, because she was planning on going to Los Angeles anyway to visit her friend Jeffree Star. As she goes over to the baggage claim area to pick up her Louis Vuitton suitcase and then lets it roll out behind her as she makes her way over to the exit where she finds Jeffree waiting in his pink chrysler 300. He looks over and out the window and sees Adalyn making her way over to him and smiles at this. Jeffree then steps out of the car and walks around to meet Adalyn at the passenger side and gives her a huge embrace, pulling back he has another huge smile on his face as he speaks.

Jeffree Star;; Damn, it's about time you came out here and visited me for once bitch!

Adalyn Raine;; *she playfully rolls her eyes* Please, I come out here a lot...your just never in town.

Jeffree Star;; That's because I'm the Queen B and am constantly on tour now...*he smirks*...finally, my musical talent is really starting to get noticed! I knew the world would smarten up someday.

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs* Alright cunt, I'm not here to listen to you brag about are you gonna help me with my bag or what?

Jeffree Star;; Bitch please, you know you love talking about me...and I'm so not helping you sweetie, Jeffree just got a manicure!

__;; Jeffree now flashes his bright pink nails in front of Adalyn's face as she groans. I swear, sometimes he was more a girl than Adalyn...if that's even possible. She moves Jeffree over and opens up the back door and then tosses her suitcase inside before swiftly shutting it. He now moves back around into the driver's seat as Adalyn hops in up front beside him. Hardly seconds later, he pulls out onto the main road leaving the airport as he continues to speak.

Jeffree Star;; So you told me that there was actually another reason as to why you were coming out to LA...other than seeing my fabulous self. *he smiles* So what is it? *his eyes widen suddenly* Wait, are you going to Perez Hilton's party tomorrow night?...That's it isn't?!

Adalyn Raine;; *she smiles* Actually, that's not why I'm here...though I'm sure I'll make a quick appearance there....but the real reason why i'm in LA is because its the setting of Friday Night Fight Night this week...

Jeffree Star;; Wait, woah...I thought you just had a match on that show last week?

Adalyn Raine;; *she gets a smug smirk on her face* Yeah, I did...and after that amazing performance that not only proved I can kick Serenity's ass but also remain undefeated against one of thee "more experienced" chicks...Kaylee Adams obviously wanted me back on her show. Which just shows that obviously the girl has more brains than what some people give her credit for.

Jeffree Star;; Uh who's the unlucky bitch this week? *he groans a little* Augh, its not that skank Angela Stewart is it?

Adalyn Raine;; Fuck no! I think that bitch finally took a hike and got the picture...nah, this week I'm actually in a triple threat match.

Jeffree Star;; Ooooh triple threat?...That's kinda like a threesome right?...except for not pleasurable and mostly aggressive...

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs* Wow, great analogy there! But hey I don't know about it not being pleasurable...I personally think its going to be quite fun kicking both of them girls' once!

Jeffree Star;; *he laughs a little bit* Alright, so tell me! Who are these bitches?!

Adalyn Raine;; The bitches are Eryn Newman and...

Jeffree Star;; Who the hell is that?!

Adalyn Raine;; Babe, if I knew...I would tell ya.

Jeffree Star;; Oh, so it's another new bitch?

Adalyn Raine;; Mmhmm...which really I can't say much about that seeing as how I'm still kind of the "new girl"...yet I've managed to kick anyone's ass that has gotten into the ring with me.

Jeffree Star;; Yeah but...your different.

Adalyn Raine;; Different? How the hell am I different?

Jeffree Star;; You've actually got talent Adalyn...half of these bitches nowadays just now one thing and that's how to fuck! And seriously, if that's all you know how to do, why wrestle? Like, go be a fucking pornstar or something.

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs* Oh are you referring to people like hmmm....Brooke Adams?

Jeffree Star;; Thee one and only!!

__;; Jeffree and Adalyn both share a laugh as they continue on down their drive, finally making their way to Tarina Tarantino's warehouse, the place where Jeffree and Adalyn were both scheduled to do a quick photoshoot together for her new 'Barbie' inspired jewelry line. Jeffree pulls up to the main entrance of the building and then puts the car in park as him and Adalyn both give out and he then hands his keys off to one of the valet boys. Walking inside, Jeffree starts to speak again.

Jeffree Star;; Alright, so you never told me who the other bitch is that your facing...

Adalyn Raine;; Oh right! *she smiles* Okay, so brace yourself...because the other girl that will be trying to put a mark on my flawless record is....KIRSTEN STRATUS!

__;; Jeffree now stops walking, his black Gucci heels coming to a halting stop as he looks over at Adalyn, raising a perfectly trimmed pink eyebrow.

Jeffree Star;; Your joking right?...Like I thought you said Kaylee was smart....

Adalyn Raine;; I did...why would I be joking about this?

Jeffree Star;; Because sweetie, if Kaylee Adams was as smart as you said she is, she would know better than to place someone as helpless as Kirsten Stratus in the ring with you. It's obvious that the bitch doesn't stand a chance against you. *he shakes his head* Damn Adalyn...looks like this match is just going to let you get another easy win on your record.

Adalyn Raine;; *she smiles* Ha, I know right?...Not that I'm complaining. I'd like to have a record that consists of five straight wins.

Jeffree Star;; Well if they keep sticking you with dumb ass bitches like these, then you might be remaining undefeated for like...ever!

Adalyn Raine;; And once again, I'm totally okay with that! If dumb bitches is all they can throw at me, then so be it...not to say that there is really much 'good competition' in WGEF anyway...

Jeffree Star;; That is are pretty much one of thee baddest bitches there, whether them cunts want to recognize it or not.

__;; Adalyn smiles and shakes her head in agreement as they now walk through a side door where they find Tarina waiting for them. She looks over and smiles as she notices the pair, amd then starts to walk over to them as they approach closer.

Tarina Tarantino;; Hello Jeffree! *she hugs him and then pulls away to look at Adalyn and smile again* And hello Miss Adalyn! *she now hugs her as well before continuing* Are you two ready to begin? We're running a bit behind...these photos need to be up and running on the website by tomorrow night.

Adalyn Raine;; Yeah, we're ready! Just give me the pretty jewels and I'm set to go!

Tarina Tarantino;; *she laughs* Alright two follow me...

__;; Tarina then guides Adalyn and Jeffree back farther into the room where two platinum steel boxes are placed on an oversized vanity. Tarina takes a key out of her pocket and unlocks both boxes and opens them to reveal necklaces, braceletes and tiaras of many designs and sizes. Adalyn's eyes widen at this site as Jeffree reaches out to grab one of the tiaras and place it on his head and then do a quick, flirty pose.

Jeffree Star;; How do I look girls?

Adalyn Raine;; always!

__;; Adalyn now reaches over and picks out a couple of necklaces and bracelets along with the other tiara and begins to assemble them on her body. Jeffree does the same with the other pieces as Tarina continues to oversee it all. Once they are finished, Tarina then touches up on their make up and hair before leading them out of this room and into a back room where a couple sets are in place for the photoshoot. The one set has a simple light pink background with cotton and bits of glitter surrounding the floor around them to give the appearance that Jeffree and Adalyn are floating on clouds. The photographer, Gavin Resoue guides Adalyn and Jeffree across the set as continues to take picture after picture of the duo.

Gavin Resoue;; Alright now Adalyn baby...if you could just lean in a bit more towards Jeffree...yeah, you got it right hold it!

__;; Gavin shoots another picture and then Adalyn and Jeffree finally switch over to the other set which is basically a scene built to portay a simple kitchen with pink countertops and hello kitty icons for door knob handles. Adalyn climbs onto one of the counters, and positions herself to where her legs are hanging over the counter at odd angles as Jeffree stands beside her, contorting his body to fit like a puzzle piece beside her as Gavin begins to take some more photographs. This shoot doesn't last quite as long as the other, seeing as how Gavin found more successful photos in a quicker amount of time and soon releases them as workers now come in to help clean up the sets. Adalyn and Jeffree walk back to the hair and make up room where Tarina is on her laptop viewing the photoshoots on her online portfolio. She looks up when she hears them entering the room and smiles as she speaks.

Tarina Tarantino;; You guys performed so well out there! This has got to be one of the best photoshoots that I've seen all year. *she now stands to her feet* And because of that, I've decided that I would like you guys to keep the jewelry that you both modeled for me today.

Adalyn Raine;; Oh my gawd! Are you serious?! Aww, thank you so much Tarina!

__;; Adalyn rushes forward and gives Tarina a hug before pulling back and smiling as she speaks again.

Adalyn Raine;; I'm so going to wear this *she points to her tiara* during my next promo for my Friday Night Fight Night match!

Tarina Tarantino;; Oh well good! More advertisement for me! *she giggles* No, so have a match on Friday?

Adalyn Raine;; Mmmhmm...against two bitches that you probably have never even heard of.

Tarina Tarantino;; Oh really? *she smiles* Well try me, I am a pretty big WGEF wrestling fan..

Adalyn Raine;; Okay...well the first is Eryn Newman...

Tarina Tarantino;; Who?

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs* Exactly! Like who the hell is that, right? ....she's some new girl.

Tarina Tarantino;; Ah okay....explains that then. Okay so who is the other diva?

Adalyn Raine;; The one and only Kirsten Stratus...

Tarina Tarantino;; Um, isn't that the best friend of Serenity Chambers...the girl that you beat last week?

Adalyn Raine;; *she smirks* Mmhmm...guess I get to show her bestie how bad ass I am as well!

Tarina Tarantino;; *she laughs* Alright, well I'm sure you'll do great in your match, but all the same good, if you both could excuse me, I really have to let you both go because like I said, I need to get these photos up and running as soon as possible.

Jeffree Star;; Okay baby...we'll see you later than.

__;; All three of them exchange hugs once more before Adalyn and Jeffree both turn to leave the building and get back in their car. Once back in the Chrysler 300, Jeffree starts driving off in the direction of Adalyn's hotel...The Hilton. Ten minutes later they arrive there and Jeffree now parks his car in a parking spot before both of them get out and Adalyn grabs her suitcase and starts to head inside with Jeffree following close beside her. Once inside the hotel, Adalyn checks in and gets her room key and heads upstairs with Jeffree, while in the elevator the other people inside it can't help but stare...for obvious reasons. And both of them just smile at this as the door opens and they head out and over to Adalyn's hotel room...once inside the room, Jeffree closes the door behind them as Adalyn puts her bag down and then takes a running start and jumps onto her bed, bouncing up a couple times on the ultra soft mattress. Jeffree follows suite as Adalyn screams, quickly moving out of the way as Jeffree almost collides with her body. He then grabs a pillow and starts to hit Adalyn as she rolls off the bed and ducks, before swiftly reaching up for a pillow of her own. A pillow fight soon takes place as feathers start to fly everywhere. Adalyn and Jeffree finally find themselves in a fit of giggles as they both collapse onto the bed.

Adalyn Raine;; Why are we so fucking awsome?

Jeffree Star;; I would answer that, but we're on camera...and thats the one undying question that fans everywhere have been asking since we came into instead of spoiling the suspense, let's keep them guessing.

Adalyn Raine;; *she smirks* That works for, are you gonna stick around for my promo or what?

Jeffree Star;; That depends...when and where is it gonna be?

Adalyn Raine;; Right here and right now!

Jeffree Star;; Here? What the hell Adalyn...go to the arena if you wana do a damn promo! *she smirks as he hits her with his pillow once again*

Adalyn Raine;; Damnit Jeffree! Don't you know that going to the arena is freakin lame? Everyone does's so...cliche'. Besides, I can't be bothered with driving over there right now just to talk about a couple bitches I could care less about...I'll do a promo at the arena when it comes closer to showtime. *she pauses for a moment* Now, you know what isn't boring?

Jeffree Star;; What?

Adalyn Raine;; Well duh! But I was thinking more specific...something more like....THIS!

__;; Adalyn then pulls her arm back and hits Jeffree in the face with her pillow as he yells out "oh no you didn't bitch!" and then retaliates with a hit of his own. This results in yet another pillow fight as the scene fades to black for a moment letting WGEF take a commercial break.

__;;The scene opens back up showing Adalyn sitting on the edge of her bed as a camera crew worker from WGEF pins one of those mini microphones to her shirt. Obviously, she is getting ready to go back on the air to formally address her match on Friday night against Eryn Newman And Kirsten Stratus. As the camera focuses in on her, she shoves the crew member out of the shot telling him to get out of her face. She then looks back over at the camera and smiles as the camera man gives her a signal that yes, her microphone does indeed working after "testing" it on the crew member. For those of you that are wondering, yes Jeffree is still in the room...but decided to give Adalyn some much needed space for this promo and sit in a chair over by the window looking out over the beautiful city of Los Angeles. The camera man puts up three fingers and then slowly starts to take one away, signaling the countdown for when they would officially go on the air...3...2...1. He points briefly to Adalyn and then puts his hand back on the camera as she once again smiles directly into it before speaking.

Adalyn Raine;; Hello girls and you can plainly see I am not at the arena right now, and I would say that I miss you all and wish I could see your brightly shining faces...but you see, that would be a lie. Because we've been over this before and there are only a select few people back at that place that I actually care to see or associate with. However, I know that all of you, fans, superstars and divas alike are all just thrilled to see my gorgeous face on your television screens right now! *she smiles* I mean not that it has been that long since you all last saw me, seeing as how I was just on the air last week when I took on that bitch Serenity Chambers and put her in her place, and for those of you that missed that match...go youtube it or some shit because it was some high quality stuff...I mean, maybe not Serenity's bit of performance, but mine was flawless! *she smirks* And for those of you that would like to disagree, please take all comments to my agent because I'm so not in the mood for anymore petty bull shit. *she now flips her hair back out of her face before continuing* If I had a dollar for every time that someone called my winning streak "luck" or that it happened by the fact of me only being placed in matches with lame-o's....I would be able to buy a brand new Chanel hand bag. And that my friends is not me using my over active imagination and exagerating things, that's me laying down some cold hard facts. So, seriously I implore all of you to find something a tad bit better to throw at me than the previous mentioned things. I mean have you all seriously ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe the reason why I'm undefeated is because I happen to be fucking talented? *she places her index finger to her chin and purses her lips together as she pretends to think for a moment* Mmmm, I'm gonna go with a big, fat NO on that one because apparantly you all arn't that smart to figure it out...because if someone had, I would of heard it by now, rather than these lame ass theories as to why my track record is still perfect.

__;; Adalyn now scoots back up on the bed a bit as she places her arms out to her sides and leans her weight back onto the palms of her hands as she continues.

Adalyn Raine;; Alright, so enough addressing the 'general public'...let's get more specific. *she smirks* Let's talk about....Eryn Newman! Wooohoo! Yeah because we all wana hear about her, right? Ha...wrong! Shit, I know the girl is new and all, I mean hence the name..."NEWman"...but at least when I was really, really new here I got noticed fast and instantly had someone great like Chris Michaels showing me the ropes of the business. Whereas Eryn....well, last I recall no one even acknowledged her freakin debut. How sad and pathetic is that? I mean even low lifes like Brooke Adams and Serenity Chambers get acknowledged when they return or fact I even think Alex Cross got some acknowledgement for his debut...and sweet little Eryn got what?....Oh thats right! Nothing! *she laughs* Boy, I crack myself up honestly there isn't much more to say about Eryn. I hardly know the bitch, and the same goes for her knowing me...yet, I bet in her promo she'll come out saying that I'm a skank, and I'm a bitch and that all I do is talk about partying and fashion and blah blah blah! God, once again people, come up with some new freakin material, okay? But hey maybe Eryn NEWbiewoMAN will come up with some fresh stuff!....Ha, doubtful!...but it could happen. *she shrugs her shoulders* Whatever, not like I'm dying to find out...I just wana kick her ass.

__;; Adalyn smirks as she now leans forward, placing her hands back in her lap as she continues on with her promo.

Adalyn Raine;; Now speaking of kicking some ass...let's move on to Kirsten Stratus, the "BFF" of Serenity Chambers, also known as the woman I annihilated on Friday Night Fight Night last week. *she pauses for a moment* Soo I happened to see Kirsten's little in ring promo that she did earlier and I can't help but notice that it appears that the girl is actually trying to....well put it quite plainly, kiss my ass! *she laughs* And I can't help but wonder why she would want to do that when I'm the woman that knocked out her bestie! Perhaps she realizes that being friends with Serenity isn't exactly thee most career developing move and is looking for someone better to basically shadow around...and well sweetie, if your looking to hang on to my Armani skirt tails, you best come up with a better plan because I don't know if you've taken notice yet, but I don't allow myself to be associated with losers such as yourself. *she smirks* So sorry to say this, but I think that Serenity Chambers is the best shadow that your gonna find around here...and well, good luck with that! Because that girl can't even hold her own, much less help someone else. *she pauses* Now, Kirsten made note of something rather well...not profound by any means, because it was kinda obvious information, but I thought it was interesting none the less...she stated that me being undefeated has pissed off a lot a girls, chyeah I know big DUH factor there right? *she smiles* Now, here is the semi "interesting" part...she also said that she isn't going to disrespect me unless I do it first, and that it appears that I only 'diss' girls when they start it first....which I guess is true, but could it be that the reason why little Miss Kirsten Stratus won't call me out properly is because she's afraid of pissing me off and having to possibly deal with me making her life a living hell if she were to push the wrong buttons? *she smirks* Yeah, actually I think that is a great theory to explain Kirsten's blatant ass kissing. *she now pauses again and then smiles as she tries to force back obvious laughter* Okay, wait I just remembered the last part of Kirsten's promo...the part where she was all like, "I know i havn't won yet, but I'm already getting noticed for my niceness"....*she now laughs not being able to control herself any longer* Bitch, did no one ever tell you before? Nice people finish last. And there is a good reason for that...because no one cares about the nice people, the "nice" people don't get noticed or make it big. I mean seriously, name one diva that ever played the role of a saint that made it big? Hmmm, that's right! No one! So Kirsten...sweetie, get some backbone and learn how to be a fucking bitch! Otherwise your name is going to become nonexistant and when people speak of the Stratus family, no one is going to remember little Kirsten. *she smirks as she leans forward a bit, still looking directly into the camera as she continues* And yes Kirsten, this is me "messing" with have I pissed you off yet?...are those 'gloves' that you speak of coming off right now as you watch this? *she laughs* God I hope so, because I wana see what Kirsten Stratus is really capable of throwing at me other than some kiss ass compliments....because that shit gets boring real fast, not to mention annoying as hell.

__;; Adalyn smiles ever so slightly as she sits back now, tilting her head to the side as she draws in a breath to continue.

Adalyn Raine;; Well, I do believe that I've said enough for one least enough to keep these bitches making more stupid promos to try and defend their self-worth. *she smirks* So ladies, with that being said...let the bitch fest begin! Because I know both of ya'll are just dying to say something after this little work of art....*she laughs a little* man you girls are predictable....but hopefully, for once your promos won't be. *she now blows a small kiss to the camera* I'll see you soon!

__;; The segment then goes off the air as Adalyn looks over at Jeffree, who is staring back at her with a ginormous grin on his face.

Adalyn Raine;; So babe, how did I do?

Jeffree Star;; Fucking fantastic! Your totally gonna blow them bitches out of the water!

Adalyn Raine;; Aww, thank you Jeffree! *she then looks over at the crew member that she previously shoved* Hey you, come over here and take this shit off of me...

__;; Adalyn points to the mini microphone still clipped to her shirt as the crew member hastily walks over to her and quickly unpins it from her shirt. She scowls at him a bit before pushing past him and walking over to Jeffree who is now standing up from his seat.

Adalyn Raine;; So, that the bull shit is out of the way, wana go pick out some fabulous outfits for Perez's party tomorrow night?

Jeffree Star;; Bitch, I'd love to!

__;; Adalyn smiles and grabs her purse as her and Jeffree then exit the hotel room, the scene now fading off to black.



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