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General : Vindication Threads  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 5/24/2008 6:30 PM
.Title.  __% I'll make it feel right
.OOC.  good luck everyone =]
.w/l/d.  0/0/0
.TBC.  me, only!

Gisele Tyler Mortenson//no.longer.overprotected.


Bottles in the club

__% The scene opens up showing Gisele at Envy, a hot club in Detroit, Michigan the home to DXCW's pay per view, Vindication.  Gisele has two drinks in her hand as she glides across the room, looking as if she is in search for someone.  As she makes her way alongside the bar, guys cat call after her, looking her up and down...most likely undressing her with their eyes.  Gisele smirks to herself as she moves into a more dimly lit part of the club where she finds a brunette woman sitting at a table by herself. Gisele smiles at the woman, and the stranger returns the gesture as Gisele sits down next to her. Gisele passes the extra drink over to the woman as she sits back and relaxes in her chair.

XxXx Gisele Mortenson:: Tara, only you would pick the table farthest from any form of civilization.

__% Gisele smiles coyly as the woman brushes her off with a grin.

XxXx Tara Bledel:: Alright, listen...I figured you'd maybe want some peace and quiet. I mean arn't you stressed about your first ever proffesional match coming up later this month?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Tara, I'm at a club! If I wanted peace and quiet, I would of invited you over for a movie night back at my hotel... but I didn't do that because I'm tired of peace and quiet. I'm tired of beeing cooped up in my hotel room, or the locker room backstage not knowing anyone. I'm tired of being ignored, I feel as if half the bitches there are ignoring me because I appear to be a waste of their time. But if that is where their faith lies, then boy are they in for a day of reckoning when I move on to be a number one contender for the womens tag team titles. And as far as being stressed about my match, the answer is no. Anxious is more like it, I just can't believe that this all becoming a reality for me, you know?

XxXxTara Bledel:: *she nods her head in agreement* I know, I'm so happy for you. Have your mom or dad said anything about it? Or have you even told them?

__% Gisele doesn't answer straight away thinking about the thought of her parents. Honestly, she had kind of forget to call and tell them about her first match. In fact, she can't even remember if she even informed them that she was working at DXCW. But who can blame her? Would you bother to take time out of your schedule to call people and inform them about how your dreams became a reality, when you know that they won't give a shit? I didn't think so. Gisele breaks free from her thoughts as she looks over at Tara.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Actually, Tara...I havn't even told them that I got signed on to be apart of DXCW's roster.

XxXxTara Bledel:: What?! Gisele, you can't be serious! I know that they gave you a hard time about even pursuing a career like the one you finally have, but my God, they are still your parents! They have a right to know about what your doing with your life. *she pulls out her cellphone* Here, call them. Right now.

__% Tara shoves the cell phone in Gisele's face as she smiles a little. Mostly to herself. Good ole' Tara hasn't changed. She's still just as irrational as I can remember her. Why doesn't it surprise me that she would want me to call my parents on the drop of a dime, right here and right now?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Um, Tara...I don't know if you've noticed yet, but...we are in a club! *she motions her hands to guide Tara's eyes over the sea of bodies grinding on each other* I'm not going to call them right now. Maybe later tonight once we get back to the hotel.

XxXxTara Bledel:: *she sighs* Alright, it's your call. But it will only get harder the longer you wait to tell them.

__% She's right. I know she's 100% right. Almost always is. But I'm trying to enjoy myself here, the last thing I want to think about is my parents. Just then "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne starts to blast on the speakers. Gisele perks up, looking over at Tara.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Okay spare me the Dr. Phil speech. Let's go dance!

Is there an easier way?

__% A limo pulls up in front of the Marriot and it's no surprise that seconds later both Gisele and Tara emerge from behind the closed door. Gisele tips the driver and sends him on his way as both her and Tara head inside the hotel lobby. They laugh and giggle the whole way up the elevator, apparantly having a bit too much to drink. Seconds later, the elevator door opens up as Gisele and Tara step out into the hall and make their way down to Gisele's room. Gisele pulls out her hotel room key from her purse and unlocks the door. They both step inside and Gisele runs over to her bed, jumping on it and giggling as she falls back on the pillows.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Oh, what a night! I can't believe that you didn't go home with that guy Tara!

__% Tara is now sitting on the bed next to Gisele's as she laughs and throws a pillow at Gisele.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Um yeah right! You can't just go home with any random guy these days. They might be rapists!

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Hello?! You can't rape the willing!

__% Tara throws another pillow at Gisele, initiating an intense pillow fight between the two. Gisele ducks the next blow as she swings back with a pillow to knock Tara down on the bed. The fight continues on like this for a few more minutes before both of them collapse with exhaustion. They continue to giggle as Tara lets out a big sigh, catching her breathe.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Okay, I'm done. You win. *she continues to laugh* I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for bed, because if I don't now, I'm gonna pass out in the next five minutes.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Alright, but hurry up. I would like a shower some time before tomorrow!

__% Tara glances over at the digital clock on the nightstand and laughs as she stands up.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Too late for that!

__% Gisele also looks over at the clock and notices that it is four a.m. Gisele groans and puts a pillow over her head as she lays there silently. The shower water starts to run as Tara shuts the bathroom door. Gisele listens to the shower water for a moment, nearly falling into a deep sleep when suddenly she remembers...I never called my parents. I wish there was an easier way to break the news to them.. I think maybe it was a mix between both the guilt from earlier, and the many glasses of consumed alcohol that caused Gisele to make a phone call to her parents at such a time as this. I don't even know if she comprehended the fact that if this would be the first time her parents would be hearing about DXCW, maybe she should at least wait till a decent hour. Gisele doesn't even second think the idea of making a phone call however, as she reaches over and grabs her purse off of the nearby nightstand. She fishes around for a couple of seconds, looking for her cell phone. She pulls it out moments later and tosses her purse to the side as she starts to dial her old home phone number. She places the phone up to her ear as she listens to the dull ringing noises. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings....Voicemail. Gisele listens to the voicemail, suddenly becoming nervous as she thinks about what she should say. Beep! That's her cue, time to speak! Gisele clams up though and slams the phone shut just as the bathroom door opens, and Tara walks into the room. Tara notices the cell phone in Gisele's hand and decides to point it out.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Who were you going to call?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: I was trying to get a hold of my parents, but no one picked up the phone. But what should I expect? I havn't talked to them in almost a year...I doubt they would want to hear from me.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Um,'s almost five in the fucking morning! I wouldn't even want to hear from you at this hour! *she laughs* I think you must of had more to drink than me. Just go take a shower, and don't worry about calling them till at least later this afternoon.

__% Gisele lies there for a moment longer realizing her mistake. Wow, I'm an idiot. And Tara, once again is right...always right.

Wake up call.

__% Gisele lies motionless on her bed, fast asleep. Tara in the same state of mind as the alarm clock flashes Two p.m. It doesn't look as if either of them plan on getting up any time soon, when suddenly a phone starts to ring. It continues on as Gisele starts to stir, showing the first sign of life since Five a.m. last night. She groans as she rolls over and reaches, blindly, with her eyes still shut across the night stand table. She fumbles a little as she finally grabs a hold of her cell phone. She lazily presses "Talk" before putting the phone up to her ear. She takes another pause as she groggily speaks into the receiver.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Hello?

XxXxWoman's Voice:: Hello? Gisele, that you?

__% Suddenly Gisele's eyes pop open. Aside from her major case of bed head, she looks like she wasn't just recently knocked out in a deep sleep. She mumbles something lightly under breathe before speaking coherently.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Mom? Is that you?

XxXxMother:: Yes dear, it's me. I was so worried about you. We havn't heard from you in practically a year, and then I checked the caller ID this morning and saw that you called at four-thirty. Is everything alright?

__% Wow, she actually sounds...worried. So, she's not mad? I bet her mood will change once I tell her why I wanted to call last night.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Yeah, everything is fine. I'm sorry about that phone call. Me and Tara went out to a club last night, and didn't get home till real late.

XxXxMother:: Oh, so Tara is there with you? How is she doing?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Yeah she's here. She's still asleep actually. But she's doing great.

XxXxMother:: Asleep?! It's two o'clock! Gisele, were you asleep when I called you too?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Um yeah. Mom, we didn't get home till four a.m.!

XxXxMother:: Oh right. Well, maybe you shouldn't do that anymore. It's not good for you, you need your sleep.

__% Unbelievable. I moved out two years ago, and she still insists on trying to protect me from the world. I'm 21 years old for Christ's sake! Gisele sighs, apparantly loud enough for her mom to hear it.

XxXxMother:: Are you alright? You seem aggravated dear.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: That's because I am mom. I didn't call last nigth to get lectures from you. I called to tell you and dad what I've been doing for the past year.

XxXxMother:: Oh, well please tell me that you decided to abandon that silly little dream of yours. The one of becoming a pro-wrestler or something.  

__% Well, here come the fireworks. It's now or never.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Actually mom, I called to tell you guys that I finally got signed on to a company.

__% Silence. Awkward silence. Not that she expected anything less than this. Gisele continues on..

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: But not just any federation. It's a pro-wrestling federation. DXCW. It's televised and everything! *she pauses realzing her mom hasn't said a word yet* Mom, are you still there?

XxXxMother:: Yes, I am.

__% There is an icy tone to her voice now. Not the happy, bubbly "I love you so much and miss you" mom voice that she had just two seconds ago. She must be bi-polar.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Well mom, arn't you happy for me? I mean say something! I know this wasn't your dream for me, but it's mine. And now it's all starting to fall into place.

XxXxMother:: I'm sorry hunny, but I have a call coming through. *pause* Oh, that's your father's lawyer. I have to go. Talk to you later. Bye.

__% Before Gisele can even get the chance to say bye, or even a simple 'i love you mom' the phone clicks off. Gisele sits there with the phone still in place next to her ear as the phone starts to beep that annoying little sound it makes when the other person has obvisously left the line. Gisele slowly hangs up the phone, still in complete shock at her mom's behaviour. She expected maybe an arguement then possibly a smooth ending to the conversation. But I guess not. Gisele lies back down silent in her thoughts, when she thinks about something her mom had said..."thats your father's lawyer, I have to go." Lawyer? Since when does dad have a lawyer? I mean he's always "had" one, but never actually used his assistance. I wonder what's going on. Is he sick? Injured? I might never know at this rate. Next time I call my mom might even block the call. Splendid. Tara starts to stir as she looks up at Gisele.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Did I hear voices?

__% Tara looks around the room, half expecting there to be a random person lying around in there. She looks a little confused, and then sees the distraught look on Gisele's face.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Gisele, what's wrong?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Tara, my mom called a few minutes ago, and...

__% Gisele voice trails off as Tara pushes her to talk it out.

XxXxTara Bledel:: And, what? What happened? Is everything settled between you guys?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Not hardly. As soon as I told her about DXCW, she claimed she had a call waiting and hung up on me.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Oh, ouch. Gee, I'm so sorry. *she pauses* What a bitch. Okay, maybe you were right for once, maybe you shouldn't have called her.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: No, your the right one Tara. I should of called. Maybe not at four a.m. but it was the right thing to do. But my mom said something about my father's lawyer...

XxXxTara Bledel:: What did she mean by that?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: I don't know, she hung up before I could even let her words register in my head. *she pauses* Oh well, maybe I'll try to call her again...later. Not anytime soon though.

__% Silence fills the room momentarily until Tara speaks up once again.

XxXxTara Bledel:: Okay, so what time is it?

__% Gisele looks over at the clock and then smirks.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Three o'clock.

XxXxTara Bledel:: What the hell? Seriously? Augh. We are such bums. Okay, so what do you say to a shopping trip?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Alright *she laughs* That sounds perfect.

__%Both Gisele and Tara get up and start to change their clothes and prepare for the day as the scene fades out.

tbc: by me...only!


©sorrow tears Made for Alleena by Jen at DAF dont be stupid and steal... just come on by and request one instead of claiming it as your own...


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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 5/24/2008 6:32 PM
word count: 2,565