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General : Halloween Havok [esther borden]  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 10/25/2008 5:47 PM

W A R N I N G This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!

AARv3.png picture by MojoxPin

the duchess of detroit.

i make headlines;__;;Bitch, say what?
behind the scenes; soo, i'm just saying that if this sucks, i'm sorry lol because i have two other rps to make today and i gots to do that lame college stuff..anywhoo...enjoy the rp, and good luck...i dont know ur name, but good luck
get inside my head;  Sting had a niece?...
thee hardcore record; 1-0-0

__;; The scene opens up showing Adalyn Raine shopping inside of the Northgate Mall, one of the few good shopping centers in Seattle, Washington, which is also the home to wcw's pay per view Halloween Havoc. And for those of you that were unaware, Adalyn was scheduled to have her very first pay per view match against Esther Borden. A girl that Adalyn once again had never heard of, nor did she really care to know anything about...why? Because she already knew that she was going to kick this girl's ass! It didn't matter who Esther was, or how long she had been apart of the company because Adalyn hands down was better than her. Which is why we see Adalyn shopping right now instead of training in a smelly gym. As the cameras focus in on Adalyn we see her picking out a couple of dresses when a couple of fan girls start to cautiously approach her. As they get closer, Adalyn gets that weird feeling that your being watched and turns around to see two girls, probably no more than the age of seventeen standing there timidly looking at her. Adalyn raises an eyebrow at this and slings the clothes over her arm as she speaks.

Adalyn Raine;; Um...can I help you girls?

Tweedle Dee;; Well, we were just wondering if we could get your autograph.

__;; Of course that's what they wanted. That's all anyone wanted when they saw autograph and if they were lucky then they also sometimes got a picture with her, but that was saved for only the most rare occassions. Adalyn sighs slightly and places her hand on her hip as she looks at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb...they looked desperate to get this autograph, and Adalyn couldn't stand people looking so pathetic.

Adalyn Raine;; Alright, fine...but make it fast, there are other stores that I would like to shop in before I have to go back to the arena for my match.

Tweedle Dumb;; Oh my gawd thank you sooo much Adalyn! We love you so much!

__;; The girls then pull out an Adalyn Raine t-shirt, one that they most likely got off of the wcw website. Adalyn can't help but smile at this but then gives them a skeptical look as she speaks.

Adalyn Raine;; So, I hope one of you have a pen or something, because I certainly don't.

Tweedle Dee;; Oh I got one right here!

__;; Tweedle Dee then pulls a marker out of her purse and practically shoves it in Adalyn's face as she reflexively steps back a bit before taking the pen out of the girl's hand. She then proceeds to sign their shirts but in the process Tweedle Dee starts to speak up again.

Tweedle Dee;; Okay so I have a question for you Adalyn..

Adalyn Raine;; Alright...what is it?

Tweedle Dee;; Well I just wanted to know how you felt about going up against Sting's niece tonight.

__;; Adalyn instantly stops signing the other girl's shirt as she looks up at Tweedle Dee. Please tell me this chick wasn't serious...Sting's niece? I don't even think Sting himself knows he has a niece...

Adalyn Raine;; Um...Esther Borden is Sting's niece?

Tweedle Dee;; Yeah, you didn't know that?

Adalyn Raine;; No, because I'm not a teenage loser that feels the need to know everyone's background...but all the same that is rather amusing. *she smirks* Last week on Nitro I had "the mob princess" and now at Halloween Havoc I'll be facing Sting's niece...damn, that place is just filled with losers.

Tweedle Dee;; So do you really think that you can beat her then?

Adalyn Raine;; Do I think? How about...I know I can beat her tonight. I personally never thought Sting was that great...and any kind of offspring from that loser is just going to mean that they too are destined to be pretty much useless. Which is just fine with me, keep the losers coming...just means I get an easy night.

Tweedle Dumb;; Well I hope that you do win tonight Adalyn, your like my favorite diva ever!

Adalyn Raine;; Aw, well thank you sweetheart, but really there is no need to hope...because I am going to win tonight despite what some morons may think.

Tweedle Dee;; I'm not a moron but I can't help but think that Esther just might kick your ass...I think your underestimating her.

Adalyn Raine;; Oh really now? Is that what you think? *she laughs* I know you don't think your a moron, but hunny you sure are sounding like one...I havn't even seen Esther in the arena since I've debuted here, so I would be surprised if the bitch even decided to show up tonight. And if she doesn't, well then smart move on her part because the girl has no chance in hell against someone as talented as me.

__;; Adalyn smiles arrogantly and then finishes signing Tweedle Dumb's shirt before handing the marker back over to Tweedle Dee.

Adalyn Raine;; Okay, so are you two finished with wasting my life, because your annoying and redundant questions are starting to bore me.

Tweedle Dumb;; Oh yeah we're done...sorry for taking up so much of your time Adalyn, but thanks for the autographs! Oh, and good luck tonight!

__;; The girls start to walk away when suddenly Tweedle Dee stops and turns around to look back at Adalyn before speaking again.

Tweedle Dee;; Wait, wait...I have just one more question.

Adalyn Raine;; Which is what?..."How do you plan on kicking Esther's ass if your so great?"...and if that's your question, then I'm going to start off by first breaking the bitch's fat ugly nose, then I'm going to..

Tweedle Dee;; That wasn't my question...what I was going to say...

Adalyn Raine;; Woah, did you just seriously just interupt me? That is so fucking rude! *she laughs cold heartedly* Alright Tweedle Dee...I'm so not answering whatever lame ass question you had now...see you losers later!

__;; Adalyn then brushes past the girls and makes her way over to the cashier to pay for her items, as they stand there looking a little upset. Not that I blame them, they just got dissed by Adalyn Raine, the fucking Duchess of Detroit!...Well, that's one story that they can share with their grandkids one day...The girls finally leave the store, deciding to be smart and not talk back to Adalyn as the scene starts to fade out allowing wcw to cut to a commercial break.

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