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General : __;;oh,hot DAMN [fnfn i]  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 12/12/2008 6:27 PM

warning.|| This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!


I make headlines;; __;; oh, hot DAMN
thee amazing record;; 6-0-1
the duchess' thoughts;; this bitch betta back the fuck off
behind the mask;; so, i'm sorry that this is getting up rather late =/....didn't mean to take this long but eh...i've been busy with finals.


__;; The scene opens up showing Adalyn Raine standing in her locker room looking up at her monitor with her arms crossed against her chest and a smug smile on her face. Just a little while ago, she had a slight confontation with her opponent tonight, Sharmaine James, and before the bitch finally backed off she made mention that Adalyn should "tune in" to watch her in-ring promo. Typically, Adalyn would of just blown off the 'offer' and went on about her business, taking care of things that...well, actually mattered. However, there wasn't much for Adalyn to do so she decided to go ahead and watch little miss Sharmaine give her crappy speech. No doubt it would at least humor her.  As Adalyn watched the promo unfold before her on the monitor she couldn't help but laugh at certain points and then shake her head. Redeem herself? Was the bitch serious?...obviously she didn't know who Adalyn Raine was. The only thing she seemed to know is that she lost in the Womens championship scramble, and well whoop-de-fucking-doo to that. Did she also notice that Kia Mitchell and Tapanga Britt lost as well? So...seeing as how three of the top divas got screwed over by Ivy Stratus, i guess that means that we "blew it." But what-the-fuck-ever. That was so last month, so can we please move on? As Sharmaine finally finished up her pathetic speech, Adalyn reached up to turn off the monitor before quickly exiting her locker room. There were only a few hours left before Fight Night and she had yet to cut a proper promo, which meant that she needed to find one of them worthless idiots that we like to call interviewers. It didn't take long for her to find Kris Dawson standing at the end of the hall taking a drink from a bottle of water, looking bored and useless...gee, what else is new, right? Adalyn swiftly approached Kris and as they made eye contact she began to speak.

Adalyn Raine;; Alright, so look...we both know I can't stand you interviewers. I think you all are over paid and amount to nothing more than dead weight in this company, but I need to cut a promo before my match tonight against Sharmaine James...

Kris Dawson;; would like me to interview you?

Adalyn Raine;; Ding,ding, ding! Give her a hand ladies and gentleman, she just figured it out and won a fabulous prize, which includes an exclusive interview with yours truly, Adalyn Raine! *she smirks* Alright, so I'm assuming that you saw Sharmaine's promo, yes?

Kris Dawson;; Yeah, I thought it was pretty good..short, sweet and to the point.

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs* Yeah, short is right...but I wouldn't say sweet...more like redundant and boring. But one cares about that washed up bitch, it's time for the spotlight to be directed on stop standing around and get out your damn microphone so we can get this interview started!

__;; Caught off guard at Adalyn's sudden outburst, she fumbles around a bit before finally getting a grip on the microphone placed on the table beside her. Raising it to her lips and looking into the camera she begins to speak.

Kris Dawson;; Alright, so here we are tonight at Friday Night Fight Night, and there are still a couple more hours to go before the first match takes place, but standing here beside me I have Adalyn Raine, a diva that you all know as The Duchess of Detroit. And this Duchess will be taking on the infamous Sharmaine James tonight in Sharmaine's return match. *she now turns to Adalyn* So, Adalyn what do you think about getting a chance to step into the ring with Sharmaine?

Adalyn Raine;; You say that like it's some kind of honor or's just Sharmaine James....not Jeanette Salazar or anything like that. I mean sure the girl has been around a long time, but who cares? She's been MIA basically since I debuted here and for her to come back thinking that she is the shit or something is truly laughable. There is a lot of new talent here now and quite of few of them are better than Miss James, so she better lose that cocky attitude fast before someone...mainly me, slams her words back down her throat.

Kris Dawson;; Well obviously your confident in your abilities to take on Sharmaine tonight, but she called this match a chance to "redeem" yourself from your loss against Ivy Stratus. What did you think of that comment?

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs a bit* Well, really if the bitch paid attention she would notice that it wasn't technically Ivy that beat me. That bitch wouldn't be able to lay a finger on me if placed in the ring againt moi! And to be honest, I think the whole thing was a fluke. Both Kia and Tapanga were twice as good as Ivy so for her to have beaten them both just shocks the hell outta me. *she shrugs her shoulders as she smirks* But whatever, little Miss Ivy is about to get what she deserves tonight when she takes on the former Womens Champion, Jeanette Salazar...and I'm willing to bet my fabulous wardrobe on the fact that Jeanette will be kicking her ass tonight. Ivy doesn't stand a chance in hell against her, so congratulations Jeanette! At least someone with some actual talent and class will now be holding the Womens Championship.

Kris Dawson;; Well, in all fairness, seeing as how you did lose at On The do you expect to take on a self-proclaimed "icon" in the business?

Adalyn Raine;; Icon? *she smiles* Man that girl is just full of herself, isn't she? What the hell makes her an icon here? Oohh let me guess! She was the Womens a decade ago! Right? Am I right?

Kris Dawson;; Yes, she was the Womens Champion back in the day....

Adalyn Raine;; Ha! See? That right there is what I'm talking about! She was the Womens Champion back in the day! But this isn't the past sweetheart, and unfortunately for her, I'm the fucking future of this business. So, really I don't wana hear about past championships that she claimed years ago...because I'm willing to bet she doesn't have what it takes to become a champion against the talent that is here now. So as far as being an "icon" goes...that shit is just laughable. And I'll prove tonight that Sharmaine is not the icon that she claims to be when I hook her with the Promise Ring and leave her lying flat on her back. *she smirks* So, Sharmaine bring your best bitch, because your going to need it taking on someone as great as me....Now, I wouldn't be so bold as to call myself an 'icon' in this business, but I am fucking fabulous. If you would of done some proper research, you would have figured that out with a quickness. However, no need to break out the Wikipedia now girlie, because you'll be witnessing my talent first hand tonight when I have you begging for mercy. *she now turns to Kris as she speaks* Now, you have any more questions for me? If not, then I would like to finish this up so I can go get ready for my match against an icon tonight.

Kris Dawson;; Uhm, no I think we are finished here...unless there is something else that you would like to address before we end the interview?

Adalyn Raine;; I think I've covered everything. *she smiles* Thank you for taking time out of your monotenous schedule to do this interview with me Kris, it's

Kris Dawson;; Monotenous?...I'm not sure I know what that means...

Adalyn Raine;; Augh...boring Kris! As in lacking in variety, as have no freakin life! So thank you so very much for finding time in your non-existant life to do this interview.

Kris Dawson;; Wow...uhm...thanks?....

Adalyn Raine;; Oh, your welcome...but do me a favour Kris...

Kris Dawson;; Yes Adalyn?

Adalyn Raine;; Get a fucking life! I'm tired of seeing you standing around with Fiji water bottles, looking so god damn boring. Go shopping! Get a man!...just do something! I mean at least Katrina Parker has been caught with a couple men before...whereas you...your only caught with Fiji water. But hey if you like their water so much, why don't you go to Fiji and take a break from this place, yeah? *she smirks* While your at it take Johnny Malone with you.

Kris Dawson;; Johnny Malone?...Isn't that your boyfriend?

Adalyn Raine;; Correction Kris...was my boyfriend. I can't be with someone that obviously doesn't give a damn about me and can't learn how to use a freakin phone. But hey seeing as how he likes going MIA so much, perhaps he could accompany you to Fiji! I'm sure you two would have thee greatest time together! Just make sure he doesn't leave you there....*she smirks*, if you'll excuse me Kris...I need to go change for my match tonight. Toodles!

__;; Adalyn smiles as she waves good-bye to Kris, exiting the scene as Kris continues to stand there looking a bit confused. The scene closes with Kris shaking her head and setting her microphone back down before once again picking up her infamous Fiji water bottle.


.I Make Walking Look Like Modeling.

©forbidden.goddess. Made for Alleena by Jen at DAF dont be stupid and steal... just come on by and request one instead of claiming it as your own.

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