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General : __;; cant read my poker face  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 12/21/2008 4:24 AM;; This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!


dear diary;; can't read my poker face
get inside my head;; damn, i'm good!
behind the mask;; so as you can probably tell, i'm bored out of my mind right someon reply please? lol i really dont care who but she needs a storyline, all of her others have kinda...fizzled out.
musical inspiration;; poker face-lady gaga <3

__;; So, since defeating a supposed "icon" in this business, that goes by the name of Sharmaine James...Adalyn Raine hasn't been seen around WGEF very much. The reason for that is very simple...its fucking boring there. Lately the place seems to be full of nothing but people she cannot stand and not even some crazy drama with them seems appealing to her. Some would say that maybe Adalyn is just becoming bored with the whole wrestling scene...and perhaps that is part of the problem. But can you really blame the girl? She has defeated pretty much everyone worth mentioning here, the only thing she has yet to do is claim a championship and yeah okay...she had her "shot"...then Ivy took it..and boy did that last! what, a whole week? Ha, good job Ivy...what a great champion you made. But whatever, the title is now in the hands of someone that actually deserves it and to be quite honest, Adalyn was in no hurry to get back in the ring and try for the Womens Title again. To her, that title seemed almost over rated. What about the Intercontinental Championship? never really heard much about that one and for the most part Trish has seemed to hold on to it quite easily, seeing as how no decent competition has yet to come her way. Perhaps that will soon be changing...but we'll see to that later. Right now Adalyn isn't concerned with gold belts...she has three in her closet at home. And no, she couldn't care less about them bitches back at the arena talking shit about each other so that they can look "the best", what she was worried about right now was keeping a hold of her money, because as we speak she is sitting inside the Motor City casino playing Texas hold'em. So far, she had won quite a bit of money, but staying in the game was addictive and Adalyn was far from done...for now.

Adalyn Raine;; Woo! Fuck yeah! Now thats what I'm talking about! Pass those chips over this way Gino!

__;; The rest of the people at the table sigh a bit as Gino rolls his eyes before passing over her winnings. Adalyn laughs and then reaches for her drink as she takes a long sip before slamming it back down on the table with a smirk plastered to her face.

Adalyn Raine;; Well, damn you all don't look too happy. Like, you guys look like you just lost a shit load of money or something....*she laughs*...oh wait...I guess you guys did just lose a shit load of money huh? *she laughs again* Soo...are you all ready for the next round? Or have you guys had enough?

Gino Davis;; Nah, let's go ahead and have another round...I'm determined to win my money back!

Taylor Cast;; Chyeah...says you! I'm totally broke. I'm out of here guys...peace.

__;; Taylor then stands to leave, pushing in her chair as Adalyn looks after her for a moment before shrugging her shoulders and looking back across the table at Gino and the other player, who goes by the name of...wait for it...Bob. And yeah, we asked if it was short for something like Robert...but it isn't. Just. Bob. So...Just Bob and Gino were the only two left at this particular table, and things were starting to get a bit interesting. Adalyn smiled at the two guys as she spoke.

Adalyn Raine;; So, let's get this shit rolling...

__;; The cards were then dealt out as the round went on just like any other round of poker. Raising bets and matching them and trying to get people to believe your bull shit. A.K.A....your poker face. And believe me when I say that Adalyn has a wonderful poker face. How else do you think she stayed in the game this long? She had the ability to get them to believe anything...or to make them not believe anything. And damn was it paying it off. As the round came to a close, Adalyn began to smirk, setting her hand down in victory.

Adalyn Raine;; Sorry boys, but I have a full house..kings full of fours. *she smiles* So come up!

Just Bob;; Damnit!...every fucking time!! I can't take this shit!

__;; Throwing...and yes I mean literally throwing, not passing or tossing...the chips over to Adalyn, Just Bob stood to his feet cursing Adalyn and anyone else that was within ear shot to hell. Adalyn's eyes widened just a bit as Just Bob finally turned away and stomped off leaving Gino and Adalyn at the table alone.

Adalyn Raine;; Okay, so it's official...Just Bob has a severe case of tourettes.

__;; Gino couldn't help but laugh even though you could tell that he too was more than slightly upset about losing yet another round to Adalyn. However, unlike Just Bob he passed over the chips in a calm manner before he too stood to his feet to leave.

Gino Davis;; Well, it's been fun...kinda...if losing money is fun....*he smiles*...but it's getting late so I'm gonna go ahead and head out. But congratulations on the game, hopefully you'll by yourself something nice with all them winnings.

Adalyn Raine;; *she laughs* Oh, dont you worry...I'll definitely be buying me something amazing!

__;; Gino smiled and nodded his head before bidding her good night and then walking away. Adalyn then placed all her chips in a bag before heading over to the counter to cash them in. It was getting late...really late. Like, it was nearing three in the morning. Damn, where had the time gone? After Adalyn got her cash back she headed over to the lounge to get a final drink before calling it a night and going across over to the Motor City casino hotel. Just as she placed in her order for a margarita she heard a familar voice come from beside her. Turning to her left to see who it was she saw _____ sitting there. Adalyn gave the person a small smile as they now directed their attention towards her and began to speak.

TBC by in really, anyone! lol just wanted to see if ANYTHING could get started off this cuz i'm bored. =]


Yeah Baby, There's a Venom in Me...So Sexy, Sour and Sweet;;

©forbidden.goddess. Made for Alleena by Jen at DAF dont be stupid and steal... just come on by and request one instead of claiming it as your own.

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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 12/22/2008 5:13 AM

warning ;; This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situation. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsy Johnson heels down your throat!

AdalynRaine.jpg picture by ItsxInxThexBlood

?She's coming over like a suicide...

i make headlines ;; __;;cant read my poker face
thee inspiration ;; Fireman-Lil Weeezy haha
the duchess' thoughts ;; well damn, that wasn't random at all
behind the scenes ;; yay to this storyline! =]...and i hope all of this was okay haha.

__;; As Adalyn watched Bridgette leave with Mr hot shot she smiled to herself and shook her head. Then setting her glass back on the counter she jumped down from her stool. She paid the bartender and then started to walk away, glancing down at the hotel room key that Bridgette had given her before disappearing with the man that she had previously had called a tool. What the hell Bridgette had in store for that drunk soul was beyond her, but no doubt it would be interesting. Two men standing near by watching Adalyn noticed her looking down at the room key and started to make their advances on her.

DRUNK b a s t a r d;; Hey sweetie...wana maybe take me back to your room for the night?

DRUNK d o u c h e bag;; Yeah baby, i'm sure that key grants access for more than just one what do you think?

__;; Adalyn smirks a bit thinking about what Bridgette had just told her moment ago...then looks up at the two idiots standing before her before speaking.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Actually guys, this key only grants access to one person. And that would be me.

DRUNK b a s t a r d;; Aww, come mean you dont wana have a little fun?

__:: He reaches out to put his hand around her waist but she slaps it away before he even gets the chance to feel her yellow chiffon mini dress. She gives him a look of utter disgust before rolling her eyes and speaking once again.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Try that again, and i swear i'll slap that stale michelob taste right outta your mouth.

DRUNK d o u c h e bag;; Oooh, fiesty...i like that...

__;; Idiot number two tries for a similar move, but only this one is a bit bolder and tries to grab her ass. This results in Adalyn pulling her arm back only for her hand to come forward and connect on douche bag's face fast and hard...just how he seemed to like it. Grabbing his face, Adalyn smirks and then shrugs her shoulders before speaking.

ADALYN r a i n e;; I warned if you'll excuse me, there's a hottie waiting for me back at the hotel.

__;; It was obvious that the idiots thought Adalyn was speaking of some other male, which made them overly pissed off and jealous. But like if Adalyn would be caught dead with either of them losers. I mean damn Adalyn was typsy...but even if she was shit faced, she would still have enough sense not to sleep with such low class bastards. Placing a confident smile on her face she heads out of the casino and heads across over to the hotel that is convienently attached by a long enclosed hallway. After reaching the hotel lobby, Adalyn steps inside the nearest elevator and presses the number four button, that would obviously take her to the fourth floor....and yeah, Bridgette asked her to come meet her in room 635, but she also asked her to wear something sexy. And even though Adalyn always looked drop dead gorgeous, especially in this little yellow mini dress...somehow she still didn't think that this was the look Bridgette was wanting to go for. Which is why we see Adalyn walking into her own hotel room, instead of Bridgette's so that she can slip into something 'sexy'. The cameras go down for a few minutes, giving her some privacy as she changes out of the dress, hanging it in the closet before opening up her dresser to pull out some baby pink and black lace lingerie. To give it an added touch, she also puts on some black nylon stockings with garters to hook on to them. Over all of this she slips on a little black dress that easily slides on over her slim and sexy body, showing off every one of her curves. Moving over to stand in front of her full length mirror, she smiles back at her reflection before doing a little twirl. Then, grabbing Bridgette's room key and slipping on a pair of black , ankle strap platforms she briskly exits her hotel room. The cameras are now back on as they capture Adalyn's every move as she heads back over to the elevator and now presses the number six button. As the elevator ascends she looks down on her outfit and can't help but smirk but also wonder why the hell she was doing this. Bridgette really never gave her any details other than show up and be sexy. Odd instructions from someone she hadn't ever really held a full conversation with before tonight. But whatever...the night was so it was actually late, not young, but whatever...Adalyn wasn't one to pass up interesting opportunities. Not to mention she was curious. And that saying 'curiosity killed the cat' obviously meant nothing to her as she exited the elevator and headed down the long, luxurious hall searching for room 635. ....633...634...635. Finally, she found it and then stood there for a moment in silence and started to put the key in when she heard a giggle escape from inside the room along with some faint rustling noises that left one wondering "what in thee hell is going on in there?" Pursing her lips together in a little smirk she slid the key into the slot and then as the light turned green, she pushed down on the handle and in turn pushed the door open before pulling the key back out and looking up and over to see the blonde 'tool' sprawled out on the bed, with Bridgette straddled over top of him, wearing nothing but her bra and panties with a blind fold in her hand. She was laughing at something and as Adalyn looked closer she noticed that the tool was handcuffed to the bed...and when I say handcuffed, I don't just mean his hands were restrained to the his feet were also in shackles and now that Adalyn noticed all this, it surprised her that it wasn't the first thing she took notice too. The handcuffs were fuzzy and blood red....something that isn't too hard to miss really. As the door slammed shut on its own, Bridgette and the random blonde man turned to look at her and she also noticed that the man's eyes widened a bit at the sight of Adalyn, a woman who he no doubt recognized from being with Bridgette just a few minutes ago. Bridgette had a sly smile on her face as she spoke to Adalyn.

BRIDGETTE p r y o r;; Ady dear, as hot as that dress is...I hope what you have underneath it is even sexier.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Oh, don't worry Bridgette, I came prepaired....

__;; Adalyn gives Bridgette a sly smirk of her own before reaching down to grab the hem of her dress and then in one swift motion, she seductively lifts it up and over her head, only to toss it to the side. Thus, revealing her sexy pink and black lingerie. The man's jaw dropped ever so slightly as Adalyn only winked and smiled at him before slowly making her way over to the bed where both him and Bridgette were located. With the blindfold still situated in Bridgette's hand, Adalyn motioned to it as she spoke.

ADALYN r a i n e;; So, did I miss anything or is the fun just beginning?

__;; Bridgette looks down at the man underneath her and then over at Adalyn before giving her a small wink. She then leans down to place the blindfold over the man's eyes as she answers Adalyn's question.

BRIDGETTE p r y o r;; Trust me, you didn't miss a got here just in time.

__;; Once the blindfold is properly fixed she then sits back up, still straddling the blonde tool as she gives Adalyn a mischievious smirk before speaking once again.

TBC by Bridgette Pryor only


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