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General : Vindication Threads (cont.)  
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  (Original Message)Sent: 5/26/2008 3:15 AM
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 5/26/2008 4:15 AM

.back your shit up with more than good looks.


The Literature: __% I'll make it feel right
Inspiration: Paramore. =]
w/l/d: 0/0/0
ooc:going out of my effing mind.
status: Single....and ready to mingle


Private Caller

__%  The scene opens up showing Gisele sitting on her hotel balcony. The patio door is open allowing the breeze to blow through the room as she sits in her chair smoking a cigarette. Typically, she doesn't smoke, but it's been a long day and she needs to relieve some of the stress. She takes another drag when her cell phone starts to ring. She slowly reaches over to grab it and looks at the caller ID. The caller ID reads "private caller" as Gisele lets out a breathe of aggravation. Not really sure if she wants to answer the incoming call, she allows the voicemail to catch it. Her voicemail alarm then sounds seconds later, signaling that she has a new voicemail. She cautiously opens her phone and then puts the speaker up to her ear as she listens to see what the voicemail says, and who the call was from.

XxXxVoicemail:: Hey, Gisele this is your father. I was just calling to see how your doing. Your mother called and told me about the great news! I'm so happy that you finally accomplished your dream sweety. But yeah, if maybe you could call me sometime and we could talk, that would be nice. My call back number is 323-479-0873. Okay....I guess I'll talk to you later. I love you. Bye.

__% Gisele looks a little confused as she replays the voicemail again. After having it run through two more times, she sets the phone down and sits there for a moment in silence. What the hell? Why would dad call from a private number? Did they install another phone line at home? And why would mom have to call and tell him about our conversation, why not just tell him in person? Maybe he's on a business trip. I guess I should maybe call him back, but first I got to get back to the arena. Gisele finishes off her cigarette and throws the rest in the ash tray as she stands up, pulling her bathrobe around her. She heads into the bathroom to change into some proper clothes and then lightly curls her hair to add some body to it. After sticking a little clip in her hair at the crown of her head, she goes back to her bed, where Jack is sleeping near her pillows. Gisele bends down and scoops him up in her arms. She then places him in his leopard dog carrier and slings it over her shoulder, along with her purse before heading out the door to head out to the DXCW arena to do an interview for her first upcoming match at Vindication.

Born For This

__% Gisele arrives at the arena a half hour later. She begins to walk down the halls, when Todd James approaches her. The only reason why she knew who it was, is because she had seen Damien Diamond's interview with him for Massive Reckoning. He has a rather goofy smile on his face as he approaches her. Oh God, don't let this guy be as annoying as Damien portrayed him to be. Gisele returns the smile, as he begins to speak.

XxXxTodd James:: Hello Gisele! I don't believe we've met before. I'm Todd James.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Oh, I know already.

__% Todd seems to straighten up just a bit as his goofy grin spreads across his face, making him look like a little boy that just saw their first set of boobs.

XxXxTodd James:: Oh really? Hmmm, well I should of figured. I mean I kind of am a big deal around her, being DXCW's main interviewer and all. Which is actually why I need to speak to you. Would you mind being interviewed for a couple moments Miss. Mortenson?

__% Gisele smiles to herself knowing that this interview will be way longer than just a couple minutes. She has a strong feeling that from now on she'll be avoiding him as her interviewer. Shit, why didn't I go with Kandi?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Um, okay sure. That sounds fabulous! But could we go somewhere comfortable and sit? I would like to sit Jack down.

XxXxTodd James:: Oh, alright. Follow me, we'll go and sit inside the V.I.P lounge. *he smirks* Which I can totally do that because well...I'm V.I.P of course. No need to thank me, just think of it as a welcoming gift.

__% Todd starts to walk off as Gisele follows him wondering what the hell a "V.I.P" lounge is. I didn't even know that they had one of those. Moments later they stop in front of a door that doesn't seem to look any different than any of the other doors. I mean, Gisele half expected it to be plated with gold. She gives it a second glance and notices a name tag on the door.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Wait, I think you have the wrong room.

__% Gisele motions up to the name tag, only to have Todd quickly reach up and remove the sign before she can really get a good look at it. She gives him a skeptical look as he smiles sheepishly.

XxXxTodd James:: Sorry, they have been meaning to take that sign down for ages, so I thought I would do it for them right now, since we're here and all.

__% Todd then opens the door and lets Gisele step inside. Gisele stops in her tracks as she looks around the room. She is rather speechless because the fact of the matter is....the room looks office? What the hell? There is a big black desk, and pictures of Ray and Essence Cena all along the walls. She feels a little uncomfortable in here, like they shouldn't be here.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Um, are you sure that this is the V.I.P room?

XxXxTodd James:: Oh, yeah of course. Here have a seat.

__% Todd motions to a big comfy pink chair. It does look rather inviting, so Gisele has a seat, and then sets the carrier down on the ground letting Jack climb out to walk around a little bit. Todd sits across from Gisele in a black chair almost identical to her's as he pulls out his notes preparing for the interview.

XxXxTodd James:: Alright, so are you ready Miss. Mortenson?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: As ready as I'll ever be. Go ahead and start.

XxXxTodd James:: Okay, my first question is how do you feel about being placed in a match for a title run as soon as you enter through the doors of DXCW?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: I feel rather honored actually. I mean there are plenty of other bombshells here that possibly deserve it more than me, but for some odd reason I was apart of the chosen few for this match. So that is one of the reasons that I will be sure not to disappoint management or anyone else for that matter. I plan to show everyone that I'm not just some new bombshell looking for some ass and t.v time. I'm actually here to become someone, a name in an industry that won't soon be forgotten.

XxXxTodd James:: So, you mean your not here just to get famous? I mean you are a Cali girl. Isn't that the California dream?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Todd, who doesn't want to be famous? I mean yeah, I want to be famous, in fact I will be famous, but it won't be for how many dicks I manage to suck on while being here. But it will be for how many bitches I was able to leave in the dust, or even for how many titles I was able to capture. I hope that the other bombshells figure out quickly that I am not someone that they should over look, or they might find themselves looking like real asses when Vindication rolls around. Even if I have to win the match with no help from my partner, I'll be okay with that because it's time for me to prove myself, and if I fail, who knows the next time when management will book me.

XxXxTodd James:: So, speaking of partners...what do you think of having Melina for yours?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Well I can't say too much, I havn't even met the girl. In fact, i don't even remember seeing her debut. Maybe her official debut will be at Vindication. So who knows if I'll even get to meet her until later this week. But I do really hope that she is ready to pull her load in this match. Because it is for a shot at the Womens Tag Team Titles. And even if I were to win this match, without her help, it wouldn't really be right because it's supposed to be a team effort.

XxXxTodd James:: Okay, well if that's your thoughts on your partner, then what are your thoughts on your competition?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Once again I don't know much about either of the girls. The only thing I really know about Eve Guerrero is that she lost to Jade Lethal and Candy on Massive Reckoning this past week. And so with that said, I think that I should be able to beat her pretty easy in a match as well. However, as far as Katie White goes...I've never even really seen her around the arena. I mean I don't know, maybe she likes to stay away from the rest of us, but even if I dont really know much of anything about anyone yet, at least I've seen their faces. Katie White on the other hand seems to be pretty much non least in my book. So, with that said, I guess I'm not really too worried about any of my competition. In fact, I can actually see me being champion quite soon without much of a problem.

XxXxTodd James:: But don't you think that it just kind of not right for a new girl to be in possession of a title when so many other woman deserve this chance?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Well Todd, I'll make it feel right. Because the way I see it, these bitches have been here a hell of a lot longer than I have, just like you mentioned, which means if they really wanted those titles, they could of had them by now. So, since they decided to now seize their opportunity, I'm going to take mine, and I'm going to fulfill my dream of become a champion whether anyone here approves or not. I don't need anyone's approval, I mean did I ask for it? I don't think so. So all the whiny ass bitches can keep their petty little opinions to their selves.

__% Jack now walks up to Gisele, as she picks him up swiftly letting him sit in her lap. Just then the door bursts open as Essence Williams-Cena walks in, She gives Gisele and Todd a double take with a look of confusion and anger on her face. Oh shit. V.I.P room my ass!

XxXxEssence Williams-Cena:: Why the hell are you two in my locker room? Take your interview somewhere else!

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: *sarcastically* Oh, so you mean this isn't the "V.I.P" room?

XxXxEssence Williams-Cena:: Not unless you consider my office V.I.P status.

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Todd, is that why you took off the name sign from the door?

__% Essence's eyes grow large as she backs up looking up at her door outside to see that the name plate is indeed gone. Looking even more pissed off she re-enters the room.

XxXxEssence Williams-Cena:: Todd, you moronic ass hole! Where is my name plate? Put it back right this instant, unless you want your ass fired! *she pauses* I suppose the whole "V.I.P treatment" was his idea Miss. Mortenson?

XxXxGisele Mortenson:: Pretty much nailed that one on the head.

__% Todd stammers, trying to form a coherent sentence as Essence shoves him out of his seat making him replace the name plate. Gisele takes this as her cue and gathers Jack up in her arms and picks up her purse and carrier as she quickly exits the room, deciding that the interview is least for now.

©.pure seduction. Made for Alleena by Jen at DAF dont be stupid and steal... just come on by and request one instead of claiming it as your own.

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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 5/26/2008 4:16 AM
word count: 2,024