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General : vs. Cherry  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 1/24/2009 5:31 AM

..::Official Kylee Oliver Roleplay::..

..::Roleplay Title::. __;; POP goes the cherry
..::People Mentioned::.. me, cherry,
..::Allies/Enemies::.. Ville Valo/everyone else
..::OOC::.. alrightyyyyyy, match number threeee! wooo!
..::Achievements::..Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontential Champion (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (undefeated with Amy Weber),EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (never defeated),Defeating Chris Fehn :P, EGWF's Superstar of the week (4-11-05),Stealing Triple H away from Faith,Being EGWF's second Undisputed Womens Champion, RWA Womens Champion (1x), Former EGWF Smackdown GM,Former RAW GM of wwe, Former Smackdown GM for XHW, XHW hardcore champion (1x), Wxe Womens Champion (1x), wwr Womens Champion (1x)
..::Managing/Dating::.. Engaged to Ville Valo

 __xx Holy fucking hell. Where do these idiots keep coming from? First up, we had Dahila Black a stoner that apparantly has a thing for them asians. Then we have Midnight, a women that basically didn't even show up last week, also known as a waste of my fucking time. Now, this week we have the lovely...Cherry? What the fuck? Okay, I'm about to talk to the creative department next week and ask them where do they come up with these names, like can we be a bit more original? Midnight, and Cherry...both named after either food groups or time zones. Augh, but whatever. I'll face Mr. Snuffalupagus if I really have to, as long as it means it's bringing me a step closer to some gold in this shit hole.

__xx The scene opens up showing Kylee Oliver standing outside the arena, wearing a long black trenchcoat to keep warm in this crazy ass cold weather while she takes a hit from her cigarette. They were in Boston, Massachussets this week and damn did it show! It was fucking freezing in this god forsaken state. Not that Kylee cared for the heat all that much either, but at least she would be able to feel her fingers. Shaking ever so slightly she takes one last hit before giving up on her "smoking break" and tossing the cigarette aside. The tiny flame is instantly exstinguished as it hits the snow covered ground. Kylee now steps back inside the arena, unbuttoning her coat, but still leaves it draped around her as she walks down the halls. She passes various people along the way, some she had seen before, others...she didn't know who the hell they were, nor did she really care. In a couple of nights she was booked in a match against a woman named Cherry, and that's who she was on a mission to find right now. If only her appearance was as obvious as her, too bad she just didn't wear cherry costumes all the time or some shit to make herself stand out just as much as her name. However, lucky for Kylee she had actually seen a picture of this bitch before and had a vague idea what she was looking for. She continues to walk on until finally she spots a woman that appears to be Cherry from the back. She was about five foot six inches, blond hair pulled back into a ponytail, and she was wearing some retro looking outfit....okay, yeah that had to be her. Smirking a bit, she confidently walks over to her and taps her lightly on the shoulder before spinning her around to face her. Cherry looks taken back as she stares at Kylee confused and almost angered but after getting a good look at Kylee, she decides to shut her mouth and just stand there for a moment before politely speaking to her.

ll::Cherry::ll Uhm...can I help you?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll No, not really. *she smiles* In case you didn't already name is Kylee...Kylee Oliver.

ll::Cherry::ll Hmmm, why does that name sound so familiar?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well it could be because I'm a multiple time Womens Champion along with Tag Team and Hardcore Champion or it might just be because I'm your next opponent on Anarchy. *she smirks* Which in turn, makes you my next victim. So tell me Cherry, how does it feel knowing that this will probably be your last match in IWF?

ll::Cherry::ll *she laughs a bit* What are you talking about? This isn't going to be my last match! I'm already scheduled to take place in the Womens Championship match at the next pay per view.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she smiles devishly* Yeah...if you can even manage to walk after I'm through with you, because you see Cherry, I have a history of shutting my opponents up for good. Sure Dahila Black still speaks up every now and then, but have you heard from Midnight at all since our defeat? Hell, have you even seen her? It's because I tore her down Cherry....and that's what I plan on doing to you Tuesday at Anarchy. *she smiles and pats Cherry lightly on the head before continuing* So you better train hard little girl, otherwise you won't be able to even tell people about how I kicked your ass.

__xx Kylee flashes one of her brilliant evil smiles at Cherry as she starts to cower back a bit, obviously feeling a bit threatened by Kylee's words. Kylee only laughs at this and then turns away quickly before walking back down to her locker room, where her fiance', Ville Valo is waiting for her.

TBC by me;; if i have time or need to...because this was shit lol but we'll see if she even shows up first

Disclaimer:The following layout was created by Exotic Dreams for Alleena at Diamonds Are Forever, like what you see? Then do me a favor and go find your own design site and request! No stealing it is just stupid and eventually you will get caught! If caught and I see you your ass is mines! Trust me I have a lot of friends on MSN to tell me when my shit comes up stolen, my advice...just dont do it!

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