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General : vs. Angela Stewart  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 1/25/2009 9:41 PM
•?warning. This roleplay is an Adalyn Raine one-of-a-kind creation. You should use caution before reading on, because this roleplay will contain violence, bitchy attitudes, curse words, ass kicking and possibly some graphic sexual situations. If you find any of the above mentioned things revolting in any way, then I suggest you take your virgin ass somewhere else, and step the fuck away from this masterpiece. If you even so much as open your mouth to complain, Adalyn will shove her five-inch, Betsey Johnson heels down your throat!

•?I Make Headlines. __;; Third time's a charm [fnfn threads]
•?The Duchess' Thoughts. what the hell? Again? Haha, seriously?
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•?Thee Amazing Record. .08.00.01

__;; If you happen to notice the Friday Night Fight Night card for this week, you might find yourself doing a double take as you look over Adalyn Raine's match. The card says that she is to face Angela Stewart, but that can't be right, can it? Surely management wouldn't want to see a repeat of Adalyn kicking Angela's ass for a third time. But then again, isn't there a saying that "the third time's a charm?"...which is exactly what this match will be. A charm, well for Adalyn at least. Angela on the other hand will find herself once again adding another loss to her record thanks to Miss Raine. No doubt Angela is gonna try saying that her other two losses were just flops and that she wasn't on the top of her game. But if that's the case...when has she ever really been on the top of her game? I mean damn, I can't even remember the last time that bitch won a match. She lost to Jeanette at Civil War, and okay yeah she defeated Ivy Stratus for the chance to even face Jeanette...but damn, what kind of accomplishment is that? I would really hope that Angela could at least defeat Ivy, and I think she may have defeated Trish Stratus at some point as well...but once you've beaten one Stratus, you've beaten them all. So whoop dee do! And there may have been one other victory in there for little miss Angela, but unfortunately I don't keep good track of her pathetic record. All I know is that whenever Angela is placed up against someone that has some real talent, such as Adalyn or Jeanette...she can't handle it. She talks a big game, makes stupid shit up, smokes some ganja, compares people to George W. Bush, makes blow up dolls to look like her opponents, amongst other childish things that in the end don't amount to a pile of shit. I mean look how far her childish antics have gotten her. She came this close to possibly becoming the Womens Champion, yet still failed miserably. Why? Because she talks too much shit, and doesn't have the ability to back it up. At least when Adalyn talks, she obviously backs it up. Case and point, last week on Friday Night Fight Night when Adalyn defeated WGEF's curent Women Champion, Jeanette Salazar. And yeah it wasn't the easiest victory for Adalyn, but she did it, and it wasn't even by a close call...she did what she set out to do, which was kick some ass and make another headline. The scene opens up now with Adalyn Raine in her hotel room, sitting in the middle of her bed with her laptop situated on her lap with a pillow. She has a smug grin on her face as the cameras pan around to see what she is looking at. The audience watching this segment soon find out that Adalyn is actually on the WGEF homepage, looking at the most recent headline, which reads::: "WGEF Fight Night. Point Made:: Friday Night's usual show made some headlines as the current WGEF Womens Champion suffered a very rare defeat at the hands of one of her contenders, Adalyn Raine showed her credentials with a fantastic victory over the champion." Adalyn continues to smile as she looks away from the computer screen and into the camera as she speaks.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Do you guys see that? Like seriously, get a good view of this! *she then pulls the camera closer to her computer screen for a moment before jerking it back into focus on her as she continues* I told you all that I make headlines, that it was what I was born to do, and Jeanette didn't think it would happen...but yet here it is, in bold print that a point has been made, and that I have proven that I'm not just a girl filled with endless bounds of potential that is seemingly going nowhere. No, I'm the next best thing in this company and I can guarantee that me and Jeanette will meet again, but next will be for the Womens Championship, and after I defeat her once again and become the new Womens Champion, I will make yet another statement and headline in showing that I'm the Saviour that this place needs in order to bring the womens division back around to pure greatness. *she smirks* Now, I know what that little girl, Phoenix is saying about me, running her mouth about how I havn't proven a damn thing. *she laughs and shakes her head* Sweetie, what I've proven to everyone in this business is that I am more than just your average bitch that only knows how to run their mouth and suck on a couple of dicks. I have proven that I have what it takes to not only defeat the Womens Champion but to also one day soon become the Womens Champion. And I never asked you to prove anything to me, I couldn't give a damn what you do in this company as long as you make the smart choice to stay the hell out of my way. Oh, and as far as being a veteran goes...I never said I was one. In fact, I hate that term...makes a person feel old and washed up like Ric Flair of the wwe or some shit *she shudders in disgust* However, I also know what kind of respect and accomplishments typically come with being labeled as a veteran and Phoenix darling, that's not you. Sure you might have acquired a couple titles from previous federations but the fact of the matter is, no one here WGEF has heard of you before. So don't make the mistake of waltzing up in this place acting like your some wrestling goddess, because you are far from it and you have much more to prove, not to me, but to management that you are even worthy of a shot at any title here. *she smirks* Now as far as me not being able to recognize greatness....what the hell kind of statement was that? Of course I can recognize greatness! I see it every day I look in the mirror, but it's not my fault that you're obviously not as amazing as you want people to think you are. *she pauses for a moment* But enough about Phoenix, no one wants to hear about, what everyone wants to hear about is Angela Stewart! Right?....Mmm yeah actually, now that I think about it, no one really wants to hear about her either. But unfortunately I have the opportunity of kicking her sweet Jamaican ass again on Friday night, which of course means that I'll have to be talking about her in my promos. So all you guys out there listening will just have to bear with me on this one and remember that I don't want to talk about this bitch anymore than you all want to hear about her. Because we all know how the story is gonna end, we've seen it happen two times before, each time with me totally owning her ass out in the ring, and Friday night will be no different. I'll go out there, rough her up, maybe make her bleed a bit for fun and then finally pin her for the one, two, three. It's as simple as that. There is no need for some complicated formula or plan, because this isn't calculus that we are dealing with...this is Angela Stewart, a girl that can be compared to basic elementary math. Like, two plus two equals four. That's possibly the most basic problem out there, and you don't need a formula, you don't need to sit there and use problem solving for hours in order to figure out the answer. No, you just know what to do. The same thing goes for Angela Stewart. She isn't Jeanette Salazar, who you should train and prepare for, and she isn't a Tapanga Britt-James that you should learn more about before facing. No, she is just Angela Stewart, and beating her is something that pretty much everyone in this business knows how to do. Which is why for the rest of this week, you won't see me in some smelly gym, training day after day in hopes of beating this girl. No, instead you might be invited to come along to the mall with me or even a photoshoot, while I relax and have fun waiting for this lame ass match. And god, I almost wish that management would just cut to the chase and give me the win, so we wouldn't have to waste everyone's time, including my own. However, I know that won't be happening. So instead, I encourage you all to buy a ticket to Friday Night Fight Night, or if you can't get a ticket, tune in at nine pm sharp to watch the action live. I know as much as you all might hate to see a three-peat of this match,  you all gotta remember that a match involving Adalyn Raine is never, ever boring. Which is why as repetitive as the match may seem, I promise I'll still make sure you all get your money's worth and that you won't be walking out of that arena or your living room that night feeling like you just wasted your time. *she smiles* Now, in regards to Miss Stewart, I really cannot wait to see what kind of bull shit she comes up with this time. God knows it will be funny as hell to see how desperate she gets to try and make her promos at least semi-entertaining. We've seen her and her buddy Ace have a water gun fight and knock down cardboard stand ups of me, and then we've seen her set fire to a replica car of mine. We have also seen her blast fire estinguisher smoke all over one of WGEF's interviewers. I'm sure there are more childish little stunts that she has pulled on other competitors of hers, but those are just a few that stand out to me and all of them really make a statement. Not that she is some big, bad bitch that can kick my ass, but that she is nothing more than a little girl with some anger issues. *she smirks* Perhaps you should seek therapy for that Angela, because it sure can't be healthy.

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