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General : Kylee Layouts [past]  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 6/8/2008 2:00 AM


Roleplay Title Allow me to introduce you
People Used / Mentioned wtf, read it!
Achievements i'm not listing right now, in a fucking rush.
Out of Charachter  thank you kimmie! sorry it's shit. but i got many rp's to make. remember that you can't judge on first impressions people.
Dating/Managing no one/Adren St. Jaymz


__% Adren Jaymz raises his hand up towards the ramp as "Pretty Handsome Awkward" hits the PA system. The fans all look confused as a woman with black hair steps out from behind the curtains. She has a smug look on her face as she walks down the ramp and slowly steps into the ring. Once in the ring, she asks for a microphone of her own and then once she has it, she looks over at Adren as the music cuts off.

ll::Kylee "Your Sweet Little 666" Oliver::ll So, it's true ladies and gentlemen. The rumors that have been circulating for the past couple of days have finally come to a head, and I am here. Your new queen bitch, your one and only poison girl, and your sweet little six six six. *she smirks* I hope you all realize quickly that I am not here to play games, I am here strictly on business, and that business is to make life a living hell for a bitch that goes by the name of Lillith. Aww, what a cute name. It sounds like a flower. Too bad she isn't pretty like one, nor does she smell nearly as attractive. Trust me, I walked by her in the hall backstage and...phew! Hygiene technics anyone? *she chuckles to herself* Anways, i'm not here to talk about how it's been three years since Lillith has brushed her teeth, I'm just here to show you all that i am here, and let my presence by known. *she turns and looks ar Adren* Darling, I don't mean to cut this short, but have you got anything else left to say, because I am a busy woman and have many things to do, other than let these pathetic fans bask in my glorious presence.

__% Kylee waits slightly impatiently as she crosses her arms against her chest and waits for Adren to speak up.

 TBC by Adren or whoever else



Wrestler Name Kylee Oliver
Height 5'9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hometown LasVegas,Nevada
Finishing Move Tourniquet (widow's peak), One Last Breathe (sleeper hold)
Theme Music "Pretty Handsome Awkward" by The Used
:: Disclamier ::

This Layout was made by Broken Media aka Rob for Aleena and her use as Kylee Oliver in the Federation EGWF-Rebirth, So do not steal it this is for her use only and if you do steal it i will report you to MSN....

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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 6/8/2008 2:03 AM


.WARNING.  This roleplay may contain scenes that could be considered unsuitable for young children. It is strongly advised that you do not read this roleplay if you are offended easily by things like this. If you do complain about what you have seen - I will tell you to get a fucking life bitch - you were warned. This is just a roleplay so fucking enjoy


:x: Roleplay Title :x:

my RAW r/p #2

:x: Out Of Character :x:

i have such a fucking head ache!

:x: People Used/Mentioned :x:

me,Nikki Hilton,Trish Stratus,Triple H,Ric Flair,Faith

:x: Achievements :x:

Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontinential Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (current with Amy Weber),Defeating Chris Fehn :P,EGWF's Superstar of the week (4-11-05),Stealing Triple H away from Faith :P

:x: Win/Loss/Draw :x:  10/04/00 :x: To Be Continued By :x:


{#} Well tonight is the night! Tonight on RAW the undisputed Womens Champion,Kylee Oliver will be taking on the newbie, Nikki Hilton. My predictions for this match are quite obvious....Kylee Oliver will be sure to win this match hands down. Nikki Hilton stands no chance in hell against Kylee. I'm still puzzled as to why the RAW general manager would even book this match. Christina Layfield knows that Nikki is nowhere near Kylee's league...and never will be. But hey these are just my predictions, to see what really happens we will have to wait till later tonight! {#}

-The show starts off with Kylee Oliver backstage sitting on a table swinging her legs back and forth,looking quite bored as fellow RAW superstars and divas scurry around preparing for their matches tonight. She watches Trish come walking down the hall and Kylee suddenly remembers that Trish has a match against Faith. Kylee would have much rather been placed in the ring with Faith,then some reject like Nikki Hilton,but I guess Kylee's turn to kick Faith's ass will come soon enough. Right now it was Trish's turn. And even though Kylee cannot stand Miss Stratus....she decides to call her over.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Hey,Trish! Come over here for a second!

-Trish pauses for a moment and looks at Kylee blankly wondering why in the hell Kylee would want to talk to her. But she slowly starts to make her way over to Kylee as Kylee stands up and smiles.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Hello Trish.

ll::Trish Stratus::ll Um hi? Why are you talking to me again?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Listen Trish, I didnt call you over here to argue or anything like that. I just wanted to tell you that I hope that you beat Faith's ass tonight. I hate that bitch and since I can't be the one to kick her ass, I hope you do.

ll::Trish Stratus::ll Oh. Well I dont really have anything personal against Faith but, I'm sure I'll kick her ass anyway.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she smiles* Glad to hear it. Good luck tonight...and oh watch for her little friend.

ll::Trish Status::ll Her little friend?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Kristen Helmsley. I really wouldn't be surprised if she decided to 'pop' up in the middle of the match. She is a sneaky little bitch, but make sure that Faith doesn't get a win tonight because of her.

ll::Trish Stratus::ll I can guarantee that won't happen. Thanks for the tip Kylee.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll No problem. *she smirks* Have fun out there.

-Trish smiles and nods her head as she walks off down the hall. Kylee watches her leave for a moment and then turns her head away as she starts to walk down the opposite end of the hall. She still has a couple more hourse to blow off before her match against Nikki Hilton so she decides to go pay someone a visit. She comes up to a locker room door with the name "Evolution" on it. Kylee knocks on the door as she waits for someone to answer. Seconds later the door opens as Ric stands there with a smile on his face.-

ll::Ric Flair::ll Oh hey Kylee. *he then turns his head back as he starts to speak to someone inside the locker room* Hey, Hunter Kylee is here! *he then looks back at Kylee* You can come in if you want.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Ok,thanks.

-Ric then lets her inside the locker room as she steps inside and looks over at the couch to see Triple H sitting down. She smiles at him as she walks over to him and sits down on his lap. Kylee gives him a little kiss on his lips before she starts to speak.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll So are you and Ric ready to go out there and kick Slipknot's ass?

ll::Triple H::ll Of course we are! Slipknot stands no chance against me and The Nature Boy.

ll::Ric Flair::ll Thats right! Mick Thompson and Sid Wilson are nothing but a couple of wanna be goths.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well I'm glad that you guys are confident. I really do hope that you two kick their ass tonight.

ll::Ric Flair::ll Dont you worry about us Kylee. Just you worry about that pathetic bitch Nikki Hilton. *he laughs* That loser actually had the guts to ask me to train her!

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she laughs* Training her would just be a waste of time. There is no help available for that girl. Her and Paris are both destined to remain hopeless jobbers.

ll::Triple H::ll You said it Kylee. Nikki stands no chance against you tonight, and I can't wait for you to go out there and kick that slut's ass.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll To be honest though I am not really looking forward to this match.

ll::Triple H::ll Why not?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Because I know that I'm going to win. I'm EGWF's undisputed Womens Champion, I shouldn't have to go againt people like Nikki Hilton. I should be going out there tonight in a match against Faith.

ll::Triple H::ll Well if you was going against Faith, you would be sure to kick her ass too.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll True, but at least Faith would put up some sort of a fight. Going in a match against Nikki is like playing ring around the rosey with a five year old....its boring. No excitement. I'll just be glad to get this match out of the way so I can move on with my life.

ll::Triple H::ll Well even though you don't need it...Good Luck tonight.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Thanks. Good luck to you guys as well. I'll see you guys after tonight, I'm going to go give one last promo before tonight.

-Kylee then gives Triple H another kiss as she stands up and starts to head for the door.-

ll::Triple H::ll See ya later Kylee.

ll::Ric Flair::ll Ya,later!

 -Kylee smiles and waves as she leaves the locker room. She then heads back down the hall as she prepares to go out to the ring. As Kylee turns a corner the cameras go out to the ring area and show all the fans sitting in their seats waiting axiously for something to happen...just then "Down With The Sicknes" hits the PA as Kylee Oliver emerges from the black curtains. Most of the fans boo while some of her loyal followers cheer her on. She smirks and taunts the crowd a bit as she walks down the ramp. Kylee then goes over to the metal steps and walks up them as she climbs into the ring. Once in the ring Kylee goes over to a worker and asks for a microphone,he gives her one as she takes it and goes back over to the center of the ring and prepares to speak. The crowd still continues to boo as Kylee raises the microphone up to her lips and speaks.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll So are you all looking forward to the Kylee Oliver versus Nikki Hilton match tonight?! *crowd cheers* Well guess what? I'm not! So you all can shut the hell up! *crowd boos* I dont care, you all can boo me if you like but I'm just being honest I am not looking forward to my match tonight. And before you all start getting any ideas, let me clarify why I am not excited about tonight. The reason why I am not looking forward to my match is because of my opponent,and not because she is an intimidating, kick ass diva-because she isnt. But It's because Nikki is the exact opposite of what I said. Nikki is a prissy little skank that somehow found her way into this business. But sweetie, this is not where you belong. Just like Flair said, your a nobody and you are not worth anybody's time...including mine. So take Flair's advise and go back to modeling, if they will have you back after tonight *she smirks* because if I have my way,your going to be left out in the middle of the ring in your own pool of blood. And if you take a look at my win/loss record Nikki,you will notice that I almost always get my way! So I hope you dont get squeemish when you see blood,because your going to be seeing a lot of it tonight...and it won't be my blood either. *she winks into the camera*

- Kylee pauses for a moment as she starts to walk around a bit.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well Nikki, our match is only a couple of hourse away. I doubt that is enough time for you to get prepared for the biggest ass kicking of your life, but tough luck because at nine o'clock the opening match will be me versus you. *she smiles* And hopefully you will know your place after I'm through with you. So ready or not, I'll see you tonight Miss Hilton.

-Kylee then smirks as she drops her microphone and lets it fall to the canvas. She then looks into a nearby camera and blows a kiss as "Down With The Sickness" hits the PA once again. The fans all boo as she starts to exit the ring and head backstage as the scene starts to fade out and EGWF cuts to another commercial break. -

~*TBC by NO ONE!*~


This Layout was made by me, Charli for Alleena, and her character Kylee Oliver. So get it right... it's not yours. If you dare steal her shit, I will hunt you down like the lowly fithly animal that you are. And slowly torture you until you shriek for my mercy. Which you still will not recieve. You will suffer a fate worst than death itself said I find out you have taken from her. Don't like it? Deal with it, biatch!!!! 

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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 6/8/2008 2:05 AM
Kylee Oliver Roleplay


Roleplay Title 

{{::RAW r/p #2::}} Kylee's r/p 

 People Mentioned

 me,Elektra,Amy Weber,Kim Hart,Carrie Hayes


 System Of A Down is coming to town!


 Triple H,Amy Weber/Misti Lee,Elektra,Slipknot




 Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontential Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (current with Amy Weber),defeating Chris Fehn

*This is where the ass kicking begins*

 {#} Raw is only two days away,and Kylee is very anxious to step into the ring with  Elektra. But sadly Elektra has not made an appearance for this match. Kylee is really starting to get fed up with her competition. I mean Kim Hart still hasn't shown up to talk about their match on Heat...and Elektra hasn't shown up to talk about her match against Kylee. Has everyone went on vacation? Or do they think that Kylee is no competition? If so,Kylee is just the woman to give them a huge reality check. It's time that Elektra gets put in her place,and gets off her high horse. She thinks she is the shit just because she got signed over to be the Heat GM.  But so far she has done a crappy job. And it hasn't even been a week! She booked Kylee in a match on Heat versus Kim Hart. But Kim is no match for Kylee,and neither is Elektra. Dont believe me? Watch this.....{#}

-The scene opens up showing a scenery of tables,ladders,chairs,sledgehammers and every other weapon imaginable. A couple of the tables are set up along with a ladder. The camera focuses in over by the set up ladder where the Coach is seen standing in front of it with a microphone. The Coach looks into the camera as he prepares to speak.-

ll::The Coach::ll Hello,I'm the Coach,and I'm here to do an interview with the Womens Intercontential Champion--Kylee Oliver. *he looks around* But it seems that she is running a bit late.

-Just then a voice is heard saying "Look up" The Coach glances up as the camera follows his view. And there on top of the ladder is Kylee Oliver. She is sitting at the top and is smiling down at the Coach.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll I'm not late Coach,in fact I've been up here for quite a while.

ll::The Coach::ll Oh. Well what are you doing up there?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oh I thought that I show Elektra just how high up a twenty foot ladder is. Because in our match on RAW it will be completely legal to use ladders. Which means I can use this *she pats the ladder* to hit Elektra in the face. Or I can set it up,just like it is now...and climb to the top as Elektra lies lifeless at the bottom. Then I'll jump off and hit Elektra with some death-defying move. *she smirks* Now doesn't that sound like fun Coach?

ll::The Coach::ll Fun for you...or fun for Elektra?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Fun for me of course! *she chuckles* Unless she likes getting the wind knocked out of her.

ll::The Coach::ll Well in that case,yes. But would you mind coming down here Kylee?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll I guess not.

-Kylee then climbs down the ladder and once she is on the ground,she looks over at The Coach and smiles.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll So are you ready?

ll::The Coach::ll Um yeah. Are you?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll If i wasn't ready,I wouldn't be standing right here in front of you.

ll::The Coach::ll Right. Well anyways,we have yet to hear from your opponent,Elektra. What do you think has happened to her?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well either she got scared and decided to forfeit,or she is going to show up at the last minute. Either way I find it rather pathetic. She is suppost to be EGWF's current Hardcore Champion,but she doesn't act hardcore when it comes to having a Hardcore match against me. She acts like a scared little girl. *she shakes her head* Elektra is suppost to be the "number one bitch on RAW" And maybe she was....back before I arrived. But since I've arrived,things have changed and tables have turned. I'm not the bitch that everyone should respect and fear. Not Elektra. She is so pathetic,that she resorted to teaming up with a rookie for an alliance. How sad is that? And you know something else thats ironic? Just like Elektra hasn't shown up for our match....her "partner" Carrie Hayes hasn't shown up for her own match against my partner Amy Weber. So it looks like my RAW predicitions are going to come true.

ll::The Coach::ll Yeah I guess so. But your not worried the least bit about Elektra?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Worried? Ha! Whats there to worry about?!  Elektra sneeking up on me? Whoooo! *she pretends to be scared* I'm soooo scared! Elektra's the big bad Hardcore Champion. I'm going to get my ass handed to me on RAW. Oh no! *she laughs* Uh yeah right. Not going to happen. Elektra wishes it could happen,but it wont.

ll::The Coach::ll You sure do sound confident.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Why shouldn't I? I'm the first ever Womens Intercontintial Champion and I am also the Womens Tag Team Champion with Amy Weber. Why in the hell should I be intimidated of Elektra?! I'm so much better than her. She is barely in my league. And I prove that each and every time I step into the ring with her. I always beat her ass,yet she refuses to learn from her mistakes. *she shakes her head* But maybe Monday will be the night that Elektra wakes up and realizes that she is nothing but an old,washed up goth.

-Kylee smirks as she crosses her arms across her chest.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Coach, I have no worries about Elektra or this match. And I think that any further questions concerning this match would just be a waste of my time.

-Kylee then unfolds her arms as she walks off past the Coach.-

ll::The Coach::ll Well you heard it from Kylee Oliver herself. She is not worried about facing Elektra on RAW. What will Elektra have to say about this? Stay tuned to find out!

-The Coach then motions for the camera to shut off. The scene then fades to black as EGWF cuts to a commercial break.-



Disclaimer: The following layout was made by Exotic Dreams for Alleena's rp purposes only at Diamonds Are Forver, so what that means is its my shit so no touchies or no stealing! If caught with my shit you will burn in hell and your ass is mines! Dont be a dick and steal! I have eyes everywhere...

 Message 7 of 19 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 6/8/2008 2:06 AM

||:: Wa r n i n g ::|| In this roleplay you may see reference to sex,violence, and curse words. If you have a problem with any of those things, I suggest you exit this roleplay right now. If you can tolerate it then enjoy the roleplay. Please no whining!


Roleplay Title {{::RAW r/p #2 ::}} Kylee's r/p
People Used/Mentioned read the fricken rp
Managing/Dating whoever can handle me
Win/Lose/Draw 05/03/00
Achievments First EGWF Intercontential Womens Champion (1x) (current),Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (With Amy Weber) (current),Triple H's personal assistant
Out of Charachter  here we go again....

:::Kylee Oliver ::


-The scene starts off showing Kylee Oliver backstage in her locker room. She is packing her bag so that she can leave as soon as her match is over tonight. Kylee finishes folding the last of her clothes and puts them in the bag as she zips it up. She then sets the bag on her couch as she grabs her Womens Intercontential title and puts it up on her right shoulder. Kylee goes over to her full length mirror and smiles at her reflection as she runs her hand through her hair. She then backs away from the mirror as she goes over to her door and exits her locker room. Kylee steps out into the hall as she closes the door behind her. She starts walking down the hall when she sees Misti Lee walking in her general direction. Kylee smirks as Misti looks over and sees Kylee,as soon as Misti caught eye sight with Kylee she stopped in her tracks as she started to walk away. -

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Hey Misti,wait up!

-Kylee then runs to catch up to Misti. Misti sighs as she comes to a stop and looks at Kylee as she slows down to talk to her.-

ll::Misti Lee::ll I dont want to talk to you right now.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Thats to bad,because I have something to say to you.

ll::Misti Lee::ll *she folds her arms across her chest* Oh really? Like what?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well I just wanted to make sure that you were clear on the fact that I said 'no' to your stipulation idea.

ll::Misti Lee::ll Yeah I heard everything you said. *she laughs* Not that I expected you to say yes,I mean its ok to admit that your scared of losing to me.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oh thats just hilarious Misti! Me scared you? You must be on crack. Because if anyone should be afraid,it should be you....not me.

ll::Misti Lee::ll Well Kylee I hate to break it to you,but I'm not scared of you. Sure you talk a lot of trash,but you are nothing in the ring.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she laughs* Nothing in the ring huh? Well if I am 'nothing in the ring' then how in the hell did I beat you,Trish,Stacy,Christy,and Faith all in the same match last week?

ll::Misti Lee::ll Sure you beat me Kylee,but if I remember correctly,I did make you bleed after that match. *she smirks* Did you forget that little detail?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll No Misti,I didnt. I realize that you did make me bleed,but thats only because you jumped me from behind like the little cowardly bitch you are. So until you learn how to really fight someone of my league,I refuse to have a First Blood match with you. 

-Kylee then pushes herself past Misti as Misti calls out to her.-

ll::Misti Lee::ll Kylee your just scared of bleeding your own blood,and you know it.

-Kylee stops walking as she slowly turns around and glares at Misti.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll You seem to like blood a lot,and if thats the case. I'd be more than happy to bust you wide open tonight. *she smirks* Who said we have to have a First Blood match to make our opponent bleed? So Misti,I hope you dont get sick when you see people bleeding,because I can promise you that your going to have to get stitches after tonight.

-Kylee then smiles at Misti as she turns back around and continues walking down the hall. EGWF then cuts to a quick commercial break.-

-EGWF comes back a few moments later as the cameras show Kylee standing backstage getting a drink from a fountain as The Coach walks up to her. Kylee sees someone out of the corner of her eye and stops drinking as she looks up to see The Coach.-

ll::The Coach::ll Hell Miss. Oliver! Do you have time for an interview?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Um yeah sure,I guess.

ll::The Coach::ll Ok,great. So what do you think about your match tonight against Misti?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Honestly,I think its a waste of my time. I mean Misti is a rookie,and for management to put me in a match against her is just disgraceful. *she rolls her eyes* But if management thinks she can beat me,then they got another thing coming. Because I can promise everyone that I will be the winning diva tonight.

ll::The Coach::ll So do you think that anyone will come out to the ring to interfer in your match tonight?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll No,not really. I think everyone knows that I can definetly handle Misti Lee by myself. But as far as Misti's buddies coming out to the ring to help her,I wouldn't put it past them. But Misti can bring all the freaks to the ring that she wants,because they wont be able to help her tonight anyway. All her friends would do is prolong the inevitable. But as I said before,they all got an open invitation to come out to the ring. *she smirks*

ll::The Coach::ll Have you trained at all for this match?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well I went to the gym,like I always do before any match. But I definetly didnt do any "extra" training for tonight. I mean why should I? Its just Misti Lee,she is nothing that I can't handle. How many matches has she won here anyway? The only one that I recall her winning was the tag team match where me and her had to team up to take on Faith and Elektra. Other than that,I think she has got a pretty long line of losses on her record. And after tonight she will get to add another loss to her list.

ll::The Coach::ll Well thanks for taking a few moments out of your time to do this interview Kylee.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll It was no problem. Now if you will excuse me,I got a match to get ready for.

-Kylee then smirks as she walks past The Coach and out of camera view. She starts to head down the hall as the scene begins to fade out as EGWF cuts to a commercial break.-


~*TBC by no one*~


:: Step Up. Sit Down. Get Ready Let Me Show You Who's The Boss Now. ::


Name Kylee Oliver
Hometown LasVegas,Nevada
Height / Weight 5'9"/130 lbs
Finishing Move Kiss Of Death (chick kick) One Last Breathe (sleeper hold)
Entrance Theme "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed

:: This Layout was made by Broken Media for the use off Alleena only so dont steal it ::

 Message 8 of 19 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3sSent: 6/8/2008 2:21 AM


WARNING! The following roleplay will contain sexual content,violence,gore and words that your mommy always taught ya not to say. But who gives a fuck? I know I don't. I'm a grown girl and I suggest that you don't read this roleplay unless your all grown up too. I don't want to get any calls from your mommies and daddies complaining about my profanity. It's time for you all to grow up and suck this kind of shit up! So please remember that you have been warned about this roleplay. Which this means I better not hear any bitching or I swear I will give you something to actually bitch the fuck about!  


|Roleplay Title| ll::So Intimidating::ll

 |People Mentioned| just read the roleplay

 |OOC| sooooooooooo fucking bored!

 |Allies/Enemies| me,myself,and I :P,Joseph Pellegrini,Bryan Cormier/Faith,Trish Stratus,Kristen Helmsley,Slipknot,Anastasia Hardy,Elektra,

 |W/L/D| 16/04/00

 |Achievements| Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontential Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (current with Amy Weber),EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (current),Defeating Chris Fehn :P, EGWF's Superstar of the week (4-11-05),Stealing Triple H away from Faith,Being EGWF's current Undisputed Womens Champions,

 |Next Fucker to go Down| Trish Stratus,Dawn Marie and Kim Hart. (three for one deal!)

 {#} Holy shit! Do my eyes deceive me...or did Dawn Marie actually show up at the arena?! Well I guess miracles really do happen. But unfortunatly Dawn is going to need another miracle in order to take Kylee Oliver down. And the same goes for Trish and Kim. None of those bitches stand a chance against Kylee and the fact that they think they do is just so fucking hilarious! Dontcha agree? But hell let them think whatever they like. No skin off my bones. Because once the night is over they are going to be the losers lying out cold in the center of the ring. So bitches get ready for the fight of your life! Because thats exactly what End Of The Line is going to be.....The fight of your fucking lives! {#}

-The scene opens up showing Kylee Oliver standing backstage with her Womens Title over her shoulder as she looks up and watches Trish Stratus on the monitor. Kylee watches patiently as Trish eventually finishes up her long ass speech. Kylee then smirks and adjusts her title up on her shoulder before walking down the hall. She looks like she is on her way out to the ring but then stops in front of the gorilla area as she leans up against the wall. Kylee then smiles as she stands there. She is obvisouly waiting for something,but soon enough everybody's questions are answered because within seconds Trish Stratus shows up from exiting the ring area. Kylee looks at her and smiles as she starts to clap. Trish hasn't noticed Kylee yet but now jerks her head over into the direction which the clapping is coming from and looks at Kylee funny. Kylee smirks as she stands up straight and walks over to Trish as she starts to speak.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well done Trish. You really know how to get those people chanting 'slut.'

ll::Trish Stratus::ll Oh thats hilarious Kylee. *she pretends to smile* What do you want anyway?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Trish, I just wanted to tell you that you're right.

ll::Trish Stratus::ll I'm right? About what?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll About Dawn not being able to beat me. Because she cant. Me and you both know that. Even I'm big enough to say that you are better than her. Hell,she is a fucking jobber compared to you. *she shakes her head* Honestly Trish I'm really starting to think that you are going to be the only decent competition in this match. Dawn's got nothing on her mind except for Shane. And as for Kim,well uh I havn't seen her for a few days. She must have booked a one way ticket out of here. But well I guess that it just means that its less work for us,huh?

ll::Trish Stratus::ll Kylee,are you trying to suck up to me So I wont beat your sorry ass tonight?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she laughs* Oh please Trish. You may be good,but that just makes me great. I don't need to suck up to anybody to win a match. I just thought I'd be a bit nicer and let you know that you are better than Dawn. But hell I could be wrong. I mean I've never really seen the bitch wrestle. I just know she hasn't accomplished anything here. And unlike you,she didn't accomplish anything in the WWE either. So to me she is nothing but fucking eye candy. So Trish I guess you are actually better than someone arond here. I'm just sorry that its Dawn. Because everybody is better than her. So really now that I think about it, I guess I wasn't giving you much of a compliment was I? *she chuckles* So Trish just forget what I said. You arn't talented at all,you just SUCK! And you suck more in one way too. *she smirks and then looks down at her watch* Well Trish I must be going. Got a few last minute things to take care of before our 'big' match up. *she smiles* But I'll see you in a couple of hours,ok?

-Kylee then smiles before brushing past Trish and patting her on the shoulder. Trish looks annoyed as she just watches Kylee walk off down the hall. Kylee continues walking down the hall until she finds the locker room she was looking for. This locker room in particular she had never stepped foot in. Kylee looks up at the door as the cameras reveal the name "Dawn Marie" plated across the top. Kylee smirks as she opens the door and steps inside. Dawn Marie is shown inside packing her bags as Kylee walks up behind her and starts to talk.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Leaving so soon?

-Dawn jumps as she drops the shirt she was holding. She then spins around as she sees Kylee standing right in front of her. Dawn breathes a sigh of relief as she picks up her shirt and starts to speak.-

ll::Dawn Marie::ll Jesus Christ you scared me!

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Sorry about that. *she smiles and then looks back over at Dawn's suitcase* So have you decided to just quit and pack your bags? Is this match too much for you?

-Kylee smirks as Dawn watches her walk over to a nearby chair and sit down as she places her Womens Title in her lap. Dawn puts the shirt she was holding in her suitcase as she leans to one side and folds her arms as she looks at Kylee and starts to speak.-

ll::Dawn Marie::ll No,Kylee I'm not leaving. Though I bet you would like that. I'm just getting my stuff packed up so after I'm done kicking your ass I can get out of here.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll But Dawn here's the thing....your not going to win. Though it is a  good idea to pack your bags,because once I am done with you tonight your going to have to be carried out in a stretcher as the ambulance rushes to your hospital. And with your bag all ready to go all the paramedics gotta do is pick it up and take it back up to the hospital for ya. *she smiles*

ll::Dawn Marie::ll Kylee you only wish you could send somebody to a hospital. But I bet you've never done it,have you?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she laughs* Silly girl. Its quite obvious that you are indeed from the SmackDown brand. Because you don't know my history of making my opponents bleed while they are in the ring with me. But I guess you'll get a first hand experience on that tonight,huh Dawn? *she smirks* Along with Trish and Kimmy. Tonight that ring is going to be full of all three of your bitch's blood. It's going to be like the Red Sea in there and I can't wait to witness it. *she smiles* So Dawn I would suggest that you don't wear anything that you wouldn't want to get stained.

-Kylee then stands up as she walks back over to Dawn as Dawn looks at her not too impressed as she starts to speak.-

ll::Dawn Marie::ll You always try to act like some sort of bad ass. But Kylee your more of a slut than anything else.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll A slut?! *she laughs* OH boy is that a new one *she rolls her eyes*

ll::Dawn Marie::ll It may not be new Kylee but it still sticks to you true just like it did the first time you heard it. *she smiles*

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oh does it now?

-Kylee smiles back at Dawn for a brief moment before grabbing her by the throat and backing her up against her wall. Dawn gasps for air as Kylee speaks.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Listen here you little bitch,you can call me a slut all you want. But just like the old saying goes....sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never fucking hurt me. So hopefully you bring some stones tonight to back up your pathetic trash talk. Or better yet bring your little hubby,Shane McMahon. If he is even around here. Because your going to need all the help you can get tonight. I dont have mercy on anyone especially preppy pieces of shit such as yourself. So watch your mouth and your back tonight. Or you just might end up in a coma. *she smirks*

-Kylee chokes her a bit harder as Dawn grows weak. Kylee then leans in and puts her mouth by Dawn's right ear as she whispers something to her.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Dawn, tonight you become my bitch. *she laughs softly* Sweet dreams Miss Marie.

-Kylee then lets go of her before kneeing her in the stomach and grabbing her by the hair and slamming her down to the ground. Kylee looks down at Dawn struggling to get her breathing back to normal while she cringes in pain from the impact of her head hitting the cement. Kylee smirks as she turns without a little though of pity or sorrow on her mind as she leaves the locker room and closes the door behind her. Kylee then starts walking down the hall as she heads outside. The scene then fades to black as EGWF cuts to a commercial break.-




Warning: The following layout was created by Exotic Dreams for my chicka Alleena at DAF, if you feel as thought you need to steal you might wanna think twice! I dont think you wanna steal anything of mines cause I will hunt and do anything thats possible to get your ass! Think I'm playing go ahead and steal and see what I mean! You have been warned...

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Roleplay Title

ll::Payback is a Bitch::ll

People Mentioned

me,Triple H,Kristen Helmsley,Faith,Amy Weber


Hunter,Amy Weber,Rick Flair/Elektra,Carrie Hayes,Slipknot

W/L/D Record





Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontential Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (current with Amy Weber),Defeating Chris Fehn :P,EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Superstar of the week (04-11-05),Stealing Triple H away from Faith,







{#} Who does this dumb bitch think she is? She obviously has no fucking idea who she is messing with. For a Helmsley this girl is retarted. The Helmsley I am talking about is Miss Kritsten. The little lesbian that Faith has been hanging out with lately. Kylee never really paid much attention to Kristen. Who should she? Kristen is a nobody, a worthless piece of shit that made it through the doors because of her last name. But now Kristen has pissed Kylee off. The little girl needs to learn to stay out of adult business. And maybe little Kristen will learn that after the pay back that she gets from Kylee.   {#}

-The scene opens up showing Kylee just pulling into the EGWF parking lot. She quickly parks her car and gets out as she slams her car door and looks highly pissed off as she walks into the arena. She passes Amy Weber on the way, and Amy can see that Kylee is upset. Amy runs up to Kylee and stops her.-

ll::Amy Weber::ll Woah, whats wrong? You look upset.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she smiles* Oh Amy, I am beyond upset, and I am beyond pissed. Words cannot describe how I feel right now...but my actions can.

ll::Amy Weber::ll What does that mean?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she laughs* Oh you'll see, you'll see. Just do me a favor and have some paramedics standing by.

ll::Amy Weber::ll Why?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Because Kristen is going to need to go to the hospital once I am done with her.

ll::Amy Weber::ll Damn, what did she do?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll I'll tell you later. Right now I have some 'business' to take care of.

-Kylee then walks past Amy as Amy runs off down the hall to go get some paramedics. Kylee continues to walk down the hall until she spots the two lesbians themselves. And yes, I am talking about Faith and Kristen. They sure do look like lesbians, holding hands and linking arms all the time. Not to mention they live in the same house. Kylee smirks as she walks up to the two lesbos, who happen to be linking arms at this very moment. Faith looks at Kylee disgusted as Kristen smirks.-

ll::Kristen Helmsley::ll Oh look who it is. *she smiles* So how did you like your new house?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she pretends to laugh* Oh yes! It's just great! I really appreciate everything that you did. *she then looks at Kristen seriously* No, actually I thought you did a crappy job. Your little 'fun' was pretty redundant.

ll::Kristen Helmsley::ll What does that mean?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oops I'm sorry. *she smirkss* Is that word to big for you? *she clears her throat* Ok lets try this....what you did to my house was a replay of what I did to Faith's locker room.

ll::Kristen Helmsely::ll Whatever.

ll::Faith::ll Kylee, your so pathetic. You know what she did to your house pissed you off.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well it did make me mad...but thats aside the point. You need to tell your little girlfriend to stay out of adult business.

ll::Faith::ll GIRLFRIEND?!

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Yes,girlfriend. You two are always around each other. In fact you two have done everything but kiss, which I am glad. Because I really,really dont want to see that.

ll::Faith::ll Kylee, just shut up and go away.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oh I'll go away....after this!

-Kylee then bitch slaps Faith across her face. This causes Faith and Kristen to break apart as Kristen screams. Faith holds her face as Kristen goes to hit Kylee, but Kylee blocks the shot and then knees her in the gut as she holds Kristen's head and then slams her back into the wall. Kristen now collapses to the floor as Faith comes charging at Kylee. Kylee sees her out of the corner of her eye and turns around as she right hands Faith in her head...this brings Faith to a halt as she stumbles back. Kylee then steps back a bit as she lines up for a kick. Just as Faith lifts her head up,Kylee delivers the Kiss Of Death. The kick connects perfectly as Faith falls back to the ground. Both woman are knocked out as paramedics suddenly coming rushing to the scene.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she smirks* I guess Amy went ahead and got those paramedics.

-Before Kylee walks away she kicks Kristen in the head before gettting down in her face and saying something to her.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Kristen,sweetie...I dont know if you can hear me,but if you can...take heed to this little warning. What I did to you is minor, I am capable of a lot more. And if you are smart you will stay the hell away from me, Hunter, and my house. You only get one warning live life wisely, next time you fuck with me I wont be so nice.

-Kylee then smirks as she stands up and walks away from Kristen letting the paramedics take care of the two lovers. Kylee then walks off the scene as she heads down to Hunter's locker room. A few moments later she is standing in front of the door as she knocks and then waits for him to answer. He comes to the door a couple seconds later and smiles as he lets Kylee in.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well you missed some great entertainment.

ll::Triple H::ll What do you mean?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll I mean, that you missed me kicking Kristen and Faith's ass.

ll::Triple H::ll *he smirks* Oh really? That sounds like fun.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oh it was. *she smiles*

ll::Triple H::ll Well I'm sorry that I had to miss that.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she smirks* It's ok. I'm sure that they will show replays of it.

-Kylee then goes over and sits down on his couch as she motions for Hunter to come and sit down next to her. He smiles and goes over to the couch and sits beside her as he starts to speak.-

TBC by Triple H only








Kylee Oliver


5'9"/130 lbs




Kiss Of Death (chick kick),One Last Breathe,(sleeper hold)

Entrance Music

"Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed



This layout was made by Angel at Diamonds are Forever for Alleena playing the role of Kylee Oliver. If you are caught with this layout, you will either burn in Hell or get your ass kicked by me. Instead of stealing, just request one by clicking on the button to your left. Have a nice day!

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..::Official Kylee Oliver Roleplay::..

..::Roleplay Title::. on to number 3!
..::People Mentioned::.. me,Kim Hart,Trish Stratus,Dawn Marie
..::Allies/Enemies::.. Joseph Pellegrini,Bryan Cormier/Faith,Trish Stratus,Slipknot,Kristen Helmsley,Amy Weber,Anastasia Hardy,Elektra
..::OOC::.. the heat sux lol its like 98 degrees outside...that is just way to damn hot!
..::Achievements::..Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontential Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (current with Amy Weber),EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (current),Defeating Chris Fehn :P, EGWF's Superstar of the week (4-11-05),Stealing Triple H away from Faith,Being EGWF's current Undisputed Womens Champions
..::Managing/Dating::.. Triple H

 {#} Oh my god! Whats this? Trish actually graced us with her 'pretty' face? Wow! Now that is definetly a shocker! I honestly didn't expect anyone else to show up,especially Trish....the woman that got her ass handed to her last Monday by Kylee Oliver. But maybe Trish actually believes she stands a chance at End Of The Line. But little does she know that she is going to fucking bleed come Sunday. Along with Kim Hart and possibly Dawn, if she ever decides to show up. Maybe yet another miracle will happen and Miss Marie will show up. But I'm not holding my breathe for it. {#}

-The scene opens up inside Kylee Oliver's locker room as she stands in the middle of the room watching her monitor. She has an amused look on her face as she adjusts her Womens Title on her right shoulder. The cameras then focus over on the monitor to reveal that Kylee is watching Trish Stratus give her first little promo. Kylee smiles as Trish finally leaves the ring after torturing the fans with her horrid looks and babbling tongue. Kylee shuts the monitor off not wanting to see anymore of Trish than she really has to. She then smirks as she turns around and heads over to her locker room door as she opens it and steps out into the hall. For once in Kylee's life she is actually looking forward to a possible interview. And the reason why is because she can't wait to shoot down all of Trish's ridiculous comments. But wait? Why should Kylee do an interview....when she can just as well confront the "Queen Of Stratusfaction" herself. Oh that sounds like a much better idea dont it? Kylee smirks to herself as she turns a corner and heads down a familar wing of the EGWF arena. Kylee walks all the way down the hall until she stops in front of Trish's very own locker room. Kylee then raises her hand to knock on the door before stopping to herself as she remember she has never been one to be polite and knock on a door before entering. So why start now? Kylee smiles as she lowers  her hand down to the door knob as she turns it and opens the door a bit as she peeks her head in and looks around. Sure enough Kylee finds Trish sitting on her couch reading through a magazine. Kylee smiles as she opens the door all the way as she steps inside the locker room and slams the door behind her causing Trish to jump up in her seat. Trish looks over at Kylee as she just chuckles.-

ll::Trish Stratus::ll What the fuck is your problem? You really need to learn how to knock.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well Trish the way I see it, I'll learn how to knock....when you learn how to stop running your mouth. And with the stakes so high for you I doubt that I will ever knock on your door before entering.

ll::Trish Stratus::ll Whats that suppost to mean?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Trish we both know very well that you are never ever gonna shut that big trap of yours. So just stop bitching about the whole door thing. I would think that you'd be used to it by now....but I guess not. *she shrugs her shoulder* Oh well. But anyways how are ya sweetie? I havn't seen ya since I kicked your ass on RAW. *she smiles*

-Trish smirks a little as she puts her magazine to the side as she stands up and walks over to Kylee as she starts to speak.-

ll::Trish Stratus::ll Kylee you may be right about you kicking my ass. But what else should i expect when you are the one sleeping with the owner of this place?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll You see Trish because of that kind of shit right why I'm here right now. I am so sick and tired of you using the excuse of me being with Triple H to cover up for your shitty wrestling skills. Because truth be told its nothing but a damn cover up for you. You have never admitted defeat even though I've beat you more times than I can count on my two hands. You just always blame it on the fact that since I'm with Triple H I can get anything I want. Well news flash Trishy dear! I was famous,talented,skilled and undefeated before I even started to date him. So just get over yourself and try to come up with another damn excuse concerning my winning streak. Because the whole Triple H thing is getting on my last damn nerve. Besides,how can you call me a slut when he is the ONLY man that I've ever been with since I've arrived here. *she pauses* Oh wait I know what the problem call me a slut because I stole him away from little ole' Faith,right? *she chuckles* Come one Trish! Use your head! That bitch didn't care about him and their relationship was on the rocks since the day it started. She obvisouly didn't know how to satisfy him,so thats why I'm with him as of now. All in all Trish, I think your just jealous of what I have. I mean I own all the Womens Titles,I'm dating Triple H and I have a right to challenge for any other title in this business if I wanted too because I've earned it! What have you done Trish? All you've accomplished,outside of running your spray painted 'Slut' on almost all of the divas. But who gives a fuck?! You want recognization for that? Well then here you go....*she claps her hands for a few seconds and then stops as she looks back at Trish* There,you have now offically recieved that gratitude and praised that you deserved. So do us all a favor Trish,and shut the fuck up! No one cares about your so called success in the WWE. Because we all know the only way you could get that popular is giving Vince McMahon a little something on the side. And don't try to deny it because there are video tapes and photos around the world to prove it. Which is saying something. Because you aint got no proof about any of the shit you say about me. So Trish basically now is the time to either put up or shut up! The choice is yours this Sunday,and hopefully you'll make the wiser decision of the two. *she smirks* So until then Trish,take care.

-Kylee then smiles at Trish as she backs up and exits Trish's locker room. But on the way out she calls out "See you on Sunday bitch!" Trish looks highly pissed as she clenches her fists by her sides and lets out a little scream of aggravation. She then blows her breathe out before rolling eyes and turning around to go back over to her couch to sit down and relax. While outside of Trish's locker room....Kylee is walking down the hall with her head held high as she smiles. Deep down inside she knows that she has this match covered and there isn't any force in Heaven or on Earth that can stop her. So ladies bring it on Sunday! Kylee will be waiting for all three of you bitches! The scene then starts to fade out as Kylee heads back down the hall as she retires back to her locker room.-

OOC: not my best, but it'll do for now




Disclaimer:The following layout was created by Exotic Dreams for Alleena at Diamonds Are Forever, like what you see? Then do me a favor and go find your own design site and request! No stealing it is just stupid and eventually you will get caught! If caught and I see you your ass is mines! Trust me I have a lot of friends on MSN to tell me when my shit comes up stolen, my advice...just dont do it!

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Roleplay Title: my PPV roleplay #1

 People Mentioned: me,Kim Hart,Dawn Marie,Trish Stratus

 OOC: why is this a fatal four way match? Me and Kim are like going to be the ONLY people roleplaying lol

Allies/Enemies: Joseph Pellegrini,Bryan Cormier/Faith,Trish Stratus,Elektra,Amy Weber,Slipknot,Kristen Helmsley

 W/L/D: 16/04/00

 Achievements:Triple H's personal assistant,EGWF's first Womens Intercontential Champion (1x) (current),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (current with Amy Weber),EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (current),Defeating Chris Fehn :P, EGWF's Superstar of the week (4-11-05),Stealing Triple H away from Faith,Being EGWF's current Undisputed Womens Champions

 Managing/Dating: Triple H

 {#} Fatal Four Way my ass! This Sunday at End Of The Line there is suppost to be a "Fatal Fourway" match that involves Kylee Oliver,Kim Hart,Dawn Marie and Trish Stratus. But where the fuck are Dawn Marie and Trish Stratus? Trish barely made it in time last Monday to take on Kylee for the Womens Championship. Oh and guess who won that match? Kylee Oliver of course! I told you all Trish was no match for Kylee and she proved that when she totally destroyed Miss Stratus on RAW. So if anybody thinks that Trish stands a chance against two Womens Champions then they must be smoking something funny because Trish honestly stands no chance in hell against Kim and Kylee. Hmm I think I'm forgeting somebody though. Oh yeah,Dawn Marie. Sorry but its just so easy to forget little Dawn...considering she is never fucking around! Good God this match is pointless! They might as well of just made it a singles match. Kylee Oliver versus Kim Hart. Because thats what its going to come down to anyway. In fact I bet that Trish and Dawn don't even show up. The dumb bitches arn't worthy of this match and that fact will be proven this Sunday at End Of The Line! {#}

-The scene opens up backstage where Kylee is sitting in her locker room in a chair with her feet propped up on a table. She looks bored as hell as she looks over at her three championships laying over on the couch. There has hardly been anything happening around EGWF for the past few days which also means there has been no action going on. Which sucks for Kylee because there has been no one to beat the hell out of or torment. Faith has supposedly returned but if so then where is she? Kylee hasn't seen her since the day of her 'return' the same goes for Kristen Helmsley. Not to mention Amy Weber,Trish Stratus,Elektra, or anybody for that matter have been at the arena lately. Elektra disappeared after Kylee turned on her. Who knows? Maybe it was too much for the poor girl to take. And as for Amy and Trish? Meh Kylee didn't really care about those two sluts. Truth be known they probably are at the arena at this very moment having sex with some janitor in a closet. Kylee's thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a knock on her door. She sighs and mumbles the words "Come in" as the door opens and Triple H walks in. Kylee looks up and over at him as he smiles at her. She smiles a little bit but he can tell that she isn't really happy. He walks over to her and sits in a chair next to her as he starts to speak.-

ll::Triple H::ll Whats wrong Kylee?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Nothing is really wrong Hunter. I'm just bored as hell. In case you havn't noticed nothing has been happening since like the past week. And I'm getting fucking sick of it. Hardly anybody shows up to their matches and its annoying.

ll::Triple H::ll I know. I've been getting fed up with it as well. But at least you have a fatal four way match coming up. That should give you something to do.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she chuckles* Hunter please. It's hardly a match at all....much less a Fatal Four Way. So far only Kim Hart has shown up and even she didn't have much to say about this match. All she talked about was her fucking relationship with Bobby Roode and the Impact Playerz. That right there proves that this match is a true dull and there is hardly anything to say about the whole matter. In fact I bet you that only me and Kim show up for this match. I mean Trish hasn't been here in ages and Dawn Marie? I dind't even know EGWF had a Dawn Marie until they booked her in this match. But all in all I guess the match couldn't get any better because no one is here! It wouldn't matter if they put Faith,Amy Weber,Elektra,Misty Lee,Anastasia Hardy or even fucking Paris Hilton in this match....none of those sluts would have shown up! Its just so aggravating that nobody seems to care about this business anymore. Yet they all whine and complain because I have all three Womens Titles. Come on,if any of them had the titles it would be pathetic. They would never be around and a champion should always be here. Which I am always here for all of my matches...and that is why I am the Undisputed Womens Champion around here and no one else is.

ll::Triple H::ll Everything you said is true Kylee. But in all honesty there is really nothing we can do about the lack of people around here lately. I guess they all decided to go on fucking vacation...thinking that they need a break. When the people that are still here are the ones that actually need the break. So just don't worry about it Kylee. Just focus on your match even though it will probably turn out to be just another easy win for you. Just stay focused and promise me that you'll kick Kim Hart's ass along with those other bitches.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll *she smirks* Well that doesn't sound like a hard promise at all to keep. I know that I'm going to win this Sunday and there aint nothing anybody can do about it.

-Kylee and Triple H smile at each other before Kylee leans in and gives him a quick kiss on his lips before standing up and grabbing her titles. Triple H looks at her questiongly as he speaks.-

ll::Triple H::ll Where are you going?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well just like you said,I need to stay focused. So I'm going to go out to the ring and talk about my match.

ll::Triple H::ll Ok,but why do you need to take all your titles? *he smirks* I think everybody here knows that you hold them all.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well everybody but Kim Hart. She failed to mention that along with being the Womens Champion,and Womens Tag Team Champion, I am also the Womens Intercontential Champion. So I think I should make that little fact known to her, *she smiles*

-Triple H nods his head and smiles back as Kylee tells him that she will see him later as she walks out her locker room door and out into the bare halls of the EGWF. Like I made mention before,hardly anybody is here. Which can be a plus right now because that way there are less idiots to come up and ask her questions about her match at End Of The Line. Oh wait I think I spoke to soon because out of the corner of Kylee's eye she can see Jonathan Coachman making his way over to her along with a camera man and microphone. Kylee groans as she tries to act like she doesn't notice him. But to no prevail Coach walks up to her anyway.-

ll::The Coach::ll Hey Kylee! Got a few minutes?

-She continues to walk as he walks with her talking.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll No Coach I dont.

ll::The Coach::ll Well you always say that. But I always think that you really do have time for interviews. I just think that you don't like me.

-Kylee smirks and stops as she looks Coach in the eyes.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Wow Coach you caught on faster than I expected! Because your right! I can't fucking stand you! Your so annoying and you ask dumb your going to try to do today. Oh and let me guess what one of your questions are going to be. *she mimmicks his voice as she speaks* "So Kylee,how do you feel about your Fatal Four Way match coming up?" *Kylee stops as she looks at him with a raised eyebrow* Am I right Coach? Is that what you were going to ask?

ll::The Coach::ll Well that was one of the question but there are more.

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Oh I know there is more! You always have more questions. One question is never enough for you,because you obvisouly dont have a life so you got nothing better to do but ask questions!

ll::The Coach::ll *he stands there quietly for a moment before speaking up again* Soooo...does that mean that I can interview you?

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll NO!

-And with that Kylee turns on her heel and walks away from Coach as fast as she can. But guess what? The Coach doesn't stop his little pursuit there. Nope. He decided to follow Kylee. Kylee can hear his footsteps behind her and she stops as she slowly turns her head towards him and starts to speak.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Coach,you have five fucking seconds to turn around and leave or I swear to God I am going to kick your fucking ass!

-The Coach finally taking the hint widens his beady little eyes and takes off running in the opposite direction of Kylee. Kylee watches him leave with a slight smile on her face as she turns back around and heads out to the ring as the cameras cut out to the ring. All the fans are waiting anxiously for something to happen when suddenly all the lights start to dim down and white strobe lights start to flash throughout the arena. "Down With The Sickness" hits the PA and Kylee Oliver makes her way out from behind the curtains with a big smile on her face as she raises all her titles into the air. The crowd boos her like crazy as she just smiles at them and waves to a few lucky fans. Kylee then walks over to the steel steps as she climbs up them and steps into the ring. Once in the ring she asks for a microphone and gets passed one by a worthless stage worker. Kylee grabs the microphone with her right hand and then walks back over to the center of the ring as she raises her microphone up to her lips and starts to speak.-

ll::Kylee Oliver::ll Well hello everybody! As you all can imagine....I am out here to talk about my match at EGWF's upcoming PPV which is of course,End Of The Line. Now I know you probably saw Miss Hart's interview concerning this Sunday. But for those you that failed to watch it. Let me just tell ya that you didn't miss a thing! *she smirks* God that had to be the most boring and useless interview ever! I mean she barely talked about the match at hand. All she cared to talk about is the Impact Playerz and Bobby Roode. Who gives a shit about them? Your suppost to be preparing and talking about your match this Sunday Kim! Not preparing for another love affair with Bobby. *she shakes her head* You obvisouly still have a while to go until you truly learn the ins and outs of this business. And you also have a while to go until you know everything about me. And what I mean by that is you obvisouly don't know too much about me,which is probably why you didn't have much to say. *she pauses* But I did notice that you happened to make mention about a couple of my titles. Like you said I was RAW's Womens Champion....RAW's Womens Tag Team Champion...and oh wait! You forgot that I hold yet another title! Silly Kim! You see Miss Hart, I also hold the Womens Intercontential Title on RAW. In fact I was the first one ever to hold that title and since that day no one has been able to take it away from me. Same goes for my other two titles. Ever since I claimed them no one has been able to beat me. Which is saying a lot considering everytime you get a title you can barely hang on to it for a full month. *she smirks* In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you lost that title within the next couple of weeks. Because you are just that pathetic Kim. But as pathetic as you can be you are definetly not as pathetic as the likes of Trish Stratus and Dawn Marie. I mean serisouly,management actually considered them worthy enough to be in a match with us? Puhlease! Kim,like you have beaten Dawn multiple times. Which I also have beaten Trish Stratus on many different occasions. Including just last week on RAW! I mean I fucking beat her to retain my Womens Title in a strap match....yet she still gets to take part in this so called "fatal fourway match?" Kim lets be real here. Me and you are going to be the only divas that show up for this match. In fact this shouldn't even be a fatal fourway match. It should be a singles match with just as taking on each other. At least that way we could have added some sort of exciting stipulation. But there is nothing that we can do about this mess now. So I guess I'm just going have to deal with this lame ass match. But in the end Kim its just going to be you and me. This will truly prove who is the better Womens Champion. Whether it be me or you,this will be slightly interesting. So good luck Kim. Your going to need in order to pull off something over me!

-Kylee then smirks as the drops her microphone and allows it to fall to the canvas. "Down With The Sickness" hits the PA once more as Kylee blows a kiss out to the fans and a nearby camera. She then exits the ring as Kylee walks back up the ramp the scene starts to fade out and the show cuts to a commercial break.-




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?/FONT>warning?/FONT> This roleplay is rated "R" for use of foul lanhuage, blood, violence, and sex. Unless you happen to be a mature person, I highly suggest not reading on any farther, because I do not wish to be held accountable for any disturbances that you may have. Thank you, and have a nice day.

kyleeoliverjv6.png picture by ItsxInxThexBlood

dear diary :: here
next bitch to die :: here
the record :: here
out of character :: here

Alleena, wb :P You got some funky colors going on with your banners >.< I THINK I got it right with this one. I went with the blues in the background and added just a little bit of the green-blue in her name. Originally I made it teal-oriented to match her name, but then it didn't work -- at all, lol. So I hope this one's okay. If not, PLEASE let me know in two days and I'll fix it pronto. Otherwise, thanks for requesting!

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warning :: This roleplay is an original creation of Kylee Oliver. Since you were nosy enough to open this roleplay and read it, you should be prepared to see swearing, excessive ass kicking, and an abundance of sexual situations. If these sort of actions are unacceptable to you, then I implore you to please leave this roleplay. Because, I refuse to hear any whining or bitching later on. Thank you.

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dear diary :: __xxLosers In The Back
the record :: 00/00/00
the accomplishments :: EGWF's first Womens Intercontential (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's second Undisputed Womens Champion, TWA Womens Champion (1x),Former EGWF Smackdown GM,Former RAW GM of wwe,Former Smackdown GM for XHW, XHW Hardcore Champion (1x), Wxe Womens Champion (1x)
out of character ::
yo mel....gimmie,gimmie, MORE

__xx So, i

__xx The scene opens up showing Kylee Oliver sitting on top of a wooden crate backstage while she looks up at the monitor. There they are showing a playback of Lexi's open challenge to anyone brave enough on the TEW roster. I still find it severely laughable that Alexa Thorn was the first to show her diseased face. I mean didn't Lexi state that someone other than Alexa Thorn, someone with actual talent should come out and challenge her? But no, little miss Alexa deemed it necessary to embarass herself and tried so desperatly hard to put Lexi in her place, wherever that is.....

Kylee Oliver:: Aw man, what the fuck was this girl thinking? I honestly hope she doesn't think Lexi is a waste of her time....I mean isn't it the other way around?

__xx Kylee shakes her head and laughs as she picks up the water bottle beside her and takes a swift drink. She then quickly sets it down as she sees the next "challenger" popping up on the screen. Ladies and gentleman, let's hear it forrrr.....Ryan Cage! ....Alright, so I think compared to Alexa, we upgraded from like a negative eight to a negative five. In other words, Ryan is still shit compared to Lexi. God, was this all the locker room could manage to spew out? If these were the "best of the best" here, then Kylee and Lexi must be some sort of goddesses. Because these pieces of shit needed to go back to wrestling 101 and pronto.

Kylee Oliver:: Your kidding, right? Ryan Cage?...The "Mega Star" of TEW? *she laughs* Right, what the fuck ever.

__xx Kylee pauses as she hears the next part of Ryan's speech, which consumes of him trying to sound I guess like some sort of bad ass when he pretends to forget Lexi's last name. How original, like we havn't seen that cheap gimmick before.

Kylee Oliver::'s so cute when boys still think its hardcore to pretend that they are man whores. *she smirks* Aside the fact that I highly doubt he's even slept with someone, other than like his sister or some one cares to hear about someone's sex life. Like I care about how many STD's you carry? Puhlease, all I wana know is how much pain you can tolerate. *she smiles*

__xx Kylee leans back against the wall and folds her arms across her chest as she listens to Ryan accept the challenge. ...wait he accepted? Seriously? He is actually willing to die in the hands of Lexi Sheckler? Oh well, everyone one has gotta go out sooner or later, why not make it memorable, right? That poor soul probably has no fucking clue what he's in for, and I stil say this after Lexi took time out to explain the match to him, because by the looks of his response, everything she said went in one ear and out the other, which means that he is so beyond dead once this match rolls around. Kylee takes another sip of her water when she sees something moving in her peripheral vision. She moves the water bottle down and then smirks as she sees Lexi Sheckler moving towards her. She has a grin on her face as the distance closes in on between her and Kylee.

Kylee Oliver:: Well, well, well if it isn't Miss Lexi Sheckler. *she smiles* I just saw your open challenge, and let me tell ya, you got your work cut out for you. I mean, between Alexa and Ryan....your career might by finished.

__xx The sarcasm is dripping off of Kylee's every word, and Lexi knows this. She smiles back devishly as she sits down on a crate opposite of Kylee.

TBC by Lexi Sheckler

This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't be a dumbass; just request your own.

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warning ;; This roleplay is an original creation of Kylee Oliver. Since you were nosy enough to open this roleplay and read it, you should be prepared to see swearing, excessive ass kicking, and an abundance of sexual situations. If these sort of actions are unacceptable to you, then I implore you to please leave this roleplay. Because, I refuse to hear any whining or bitching later on. Thank you.

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burnt pages ;; __xxLosers In The Back
next whore to die ;;There are many
things you'll never do ;; EGWF's first Womens Intercontential (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's Womens Champion (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's Womens Tag Team Champion (1x) (never defeated),EGWF's second Undisputed Womens Champion, TWA Womens Champion (1x),Former EGWF Smackdown GM,Former RAW GM of wwe,Former Smackdown GM for XHW, XHW Hardcore Champion (1x), Wxe Womens Champion (1x)
ooc ;; ayo mel, Gimmie, gimmie...more!

__xx For those of you that need a little bit of a flashback, the other night while out on the roof, during a private conversation between Lexi and Kylee, Joseph showed up out of no where, which in itself is pretty typical of him. However, before departing from the duo, Joseph placed a kiss on both Lexi and Kylee's cheeks. Some of you may be reading this, thinking "yeah, so? what the fuck is the big deal?" Well, my friends....this is very unchararistic of Mr. Pellegrini, so unchararistic of him, that it lead Lexi to ask Kylee of her opinion on the whole matter. Sure, Kylee had powers in dark magic, and had a good idea of knowing things before anyone else, but this was not one of those times. She, herself was just as confused.

This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't be a moron; just request your own.

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warning ?place here

KyleeOliver-1.jpg picture by ItsxInxThexBlood

The Poison ?here.
The Nightmare ?here.
The Dream ?nbsp;here.
Behind the Mask ?here.

God, your banner of Mrs. Simpson-Wentz is AMAAAAAAAAAZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING. lol. And those colors...good grief. I had fun with this layout, to put it in short terms :P The pinkish in the banner was a little hard to work with, but otherwise than that, everything was perfect. Woo! Hope you like it Leena :P If you have any sort of problem with this, PLEASE let me know in two days and I'll fix it pronto. Otherwise, thanks for requesting!

This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't be an ass; just request your own.

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warning :: This roleplay is an original creation of Kylee Oliver. Since you were nosy enough to open this roleplay and read it, you should be prepared to see swearing, excessive ass kicking, and an abundance of sexual situations. If these sort of actions are unacceptable to you, then I implore you to please leave this roleplay. Because, I refuse to hear any whining or bitching later on. Thank you.

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burnt pages :: here.
things you only dream of doing :: here.
next bitch to die :: here.
ooc :: here.

Please, Alleena, the day I get sick of you requesting is the day I get sick of making layouts -- which is never :P So this was another weird one, lol. I like it, but the colors are a bit crazy. Either way though, it works, I think >.< Hopefully you like it too. If you have any sort of problem with it, PLEASE let me know in two days and I'll fix it pronto. Otherwise, thanks for requesting!

This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't be ridiculous; just request your own.

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Warning: This roleplay is an original creation of Kylee Oliver. Since you were nosy enough to open this roleplay and read it, you should be prepared to see swearing, excessive ass kicking, and an abundance of sexual situations. If these sort of actions are unacceptable to you, then I implore you to please leave this roleplay. Because, I refuse to hear any whining or bitching later on. Thank you.

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dear diary ;; here.
next bitch to die ;; here
the record ;; here
out of character ;; here

Lmfao I posted this without this message. WHOOPS! Ok, so, Alleena, that blue is whacked out -- all thanks to James over there >_> Damn ho, lol, so I tried my VERY BEST to match it with the layout, but I ended up with more blue than the...not so blue, lol. I also found the borders to kind of match her shirt XD I think it's edgy and weird, but cool :P If you have any sort of problem with this, PLEASE let me know in two days and I'll fix it for you pronto. Otherwise, thanks for requesting!

This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't be ridiculous; just request your own.

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