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General : new kylee debut  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 7/1/2008 8:21 PM


?/FONT>warning?/FONT> This roleplay is rated "R" for use of foul language, blood, violence, and sex. Unless you happen to be a mature person, I highly suggest not reading on any farther, because I do not wish to be held accountable for any disturbances that you may have. Thank you, and have a nice day.

kyleeoliverjv6.png picture by ItsxInxThexBlood

dear diary :: __xxDid somebody say bitch? [Kylee debut]
next bitch to die :: who the hell knows
the record :: 00/00/00
out of character :: It's been a while, so cut me a little bit of slack. =D

__xx Not so long ago, Kylee Oliver was on top of it all. She could walk into a federation, and be feared by the on-lookers with just one glance into her bitter-cold eyes. She has captured every title that was ever available to her, and has even ended a couple of careers in her day. ....However, that was two years ago. Most of the people that Kylee ever came in contact have either retired, or moved on with whatever pathetic existance thay may yet still hold. She doesn't like the idea of no one knowing of her just by a whisper of her name, she isn't used to that. She wishes for people to fear her, to know the force that she brings to the table every time she enters a match. Here, at ulimate pro wrestling, Kylee will be forced to start over, begin a new leaf if you will and re-build her name. She anticipates this moment however, because the only thing better than people fearing you, is instilling a new fear in a batch of new souls. Hopefully upw is ready for this force of nature, the ultimate bitch that is Kylee Oliver.

__xx The scene opens up showing Kylee Oliver standing in the shadows of the upw parking lot. As the cameras close in on her, it is clear that she is smoking a cigarette. Kylee takes another drag before swiftly flicking it off into the grass. A little flame starts to ignite on the dry grass and Kylee smirks slightly.  She looks down at the small flame and then back at the arena.

Kylee Oliver:: If I had any insight at all as to whether or not this federation was going to be a fucking waste of my time, I'd let it burn to the ground right now.

__xx With that said, Kylee stomps on the flame with one of her black combat boots and extinguishes it. Kylee pulls her foot back as she looks back up at the arena and makes her way towards it.

Kylee Oliver:: However, I suppose I'll give it the chance that it probably doesn't deserve.

__xx Kylee walks up to the back doors of the arena and pulls them open as she steps inside. The door swings closed as she heads down the hall. Some heads turn to see who has just entered the building, Kylee gives them all a half-smile as she turns a corner. Towards the end of the hall, Kylee finds her locker room and steps inside to find a couple of what seem to be janitors chilling on her couch, eating some popcorn and watching that distgustingly attrocious film, SuperBad. Kylee takes one look at them and scowls before walking over to them, blocking their view of the television.

Tweedle Dee:: Hey, mind moving over a little? We're trying to watch a movie here.

Tweedle Dumb:: Yeah, but you can join us if you wan't...I mean you are pretty cute.

__xx Kylee smiles and laughs at tweedle dee and tweedle dumb's comments. She hasn't even been here five minutes, and already she is surrounded by idiots. How pleasant.

Kylee Oliver:: Well, actually are in my locker room. And I suggest that you take this movie premiere night somewhere else, if you value your life at all.

__xx Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb look at each other and share a laugh as Tweedle Dee sets down his popcorn bowl.

Tweedle Dee:: Oh man, looks like we got us a fiesty one here.

Tweedle Dumb:: Mmmhmm, baby you don't gotta act like that...really, have a seat.

__xx Kylee places her hands on her hips as she smiles devishly. She then suddenly reaches up and pulls the television off of the stand and throws it to the ground. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb jump back in their seats as the television shatters into a few pieces.

Tweedle Dumb:: Woah, what the fuck?!

__xx Kylee now walks over to them and pulls Tweedle Dumb up by the collar of his blue Dickie's shirt. She gets in his face as she speaks, with venom dripping off of every word.

Kylee Oliver:: I don't think you two heard me correctly, so I'm giving you one last chance....get the fuck out of my locker room! NOW!

__xx Kylee tosses Tweedle Dumb aside as Tweedle Dee remains in his seat. Kylee glares over at him, and then getting the point, he rushes off and trips over the coffee table in the process, spilling the popcorn bowls on the floor. Both idiots run out the door as Kylee looks after them.

Kylee Oliver:: What fucking morons. I hope the "talent" here isn't as stupid as them two.

__xx Kylee now picks up the remnants of the broken television and popcorn bowls and tosses them outside of her door. Hopefully, they hit someone along the way. Kylee straightens up her locker room for a little longer, and then deciding that it will probably get trashed even more as time goes on, gives up and then goes over to her dresser drawers. She had already came earlier and set up most of her things, after having her official contract signed with upw. Inside the top drawer she pulls out many candles. She then sets them all throughout the room and pulls out her trusty zippo from her back pocket. Kylee then lights all of the candles, and once she is done, shuts off the main lights. For those that remember Kylee, should also remember that candle lit rooms are her specialty. Kylee places the zippo back in her pocket before having a seat on her couch. She lets out a deep breathe before reclining back into her seat.

Kylee Oliver:: Now this is more like it.

__xx Kylee now reaches down her shirt and pulls out her heartagram necklace. The heartagram is plated with metal on the front side, but on the back the wood shows through. And on the wood is many slash marks, or at least what appear to be slash many markings have been carved in, that it now just looks like badly injured wood. She fingers the necklace with her thumb before letting it rest against her chest.


This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't even try to steal this one; just go request your own.

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