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General : tew general rp  
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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 7/25/2008 4:20 AM

warning ?This is an official Kylee Oliver masterpiece. By opening this roleplay you have decided to subject yourself to the following::use of foul language, ass kicking, gore, sex, and use of illegal substances. If any of the above mentioned things offend you, then I highly suggest that you take your sheltered ass somewhere else, because obviously your virgin eyes won't be able to handle this work of art.

KyleeOliver-1.jpg picture by ItsxInxThexBlood

The Poison ?__It's kinda like babysitting....seriously
The Nightmare ?bitches betta brace themselves because i'm about to be back in the ring.
The Dream ?FONT color=#ffffff> The inspiration is pretty much my imagination

Behind the Mask ?i'm tired, but i soooo had to do a rp to show off this awsome banner/layout combo haha.

__xx Not too long ago Kylee Oliver and Lexi Sheckler were found backstage talking about the trash in this company and how easy it is going to be to take it out, but after talking so much about how your going to kick someone's ass, one does become bored. Especially if you don't have an option of kicking that someone's ass at this very moment. So, before going crazy with a blood craving rage, Kylee and Lexi decided it might be best to go out and have a night off. Kylee still being out of action in the ring, due to not being medically cleared at her most recent psychiatric clinic is especially becoming restless.  But no matter, because as of July 30th Kylee Oliver will be back and she will be bringing hell and anarchy to unleash upon TEW as well. Its just however a matter of time.

__xx The scene opens up showing Kylee Oliver standing outside the TEW arena with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth as she texts a message on her cell phone.

Text Message:: Lexi, where the hell are you?

__xx Kylee puts her fingers up to her mouth as she pulls the cigarette out and exhales smoke as she places her cell phone back in her pocket, however her hand barely leaves the side of her jeans before it signals that a text message has been received.

Text Message:: I'm right here...

__xx Kylee frowns and raises an eyebrow at her phone before looking up and seeing.....nothing. She then turns around to see Lexi standing there. Kylee jumps back slightly as she curses under her breath.

Kylee Oliver:: Shit Lexi! How long have you been standing there? I've been waiting out here for half an hour...and I'm almost out of cigarettes!

__xx Kylee pulls out an almost empty case of cigarettes and wiggles it in front of Lexi's face. Lexi smiles a little as she steps towards Kylee.

Lexi Sheckler:: I just showed up, I was walking out the door when you texted me. *she pauses briefly* Believe me, I'm sure you would of sensed me sooner if I was lingering and Joseph both seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to that kind of shit.

Kylee Oliver:: *she smirks* Very true.....however, are you ready now?

Lexi Sheckler:: Yes, I'm ready. So, who's car are we taking?

Kylee Oliver:: We can take mine, but I have a feeling that by the time the night is over we will be needing a designated driver to take us back to the arena. *she smiles*

Lexi Sheckler:: Ah, well the night is never really complete unless your having to blindly find your way back home.

__xx Kylee nods and laughs a little in agreement as she leads Lexi over to the parking lot. There they find Kylee's midnight blue lamborghini. Kylee pulls out her keys and presses the button to unlock the doors as they both hop in. Kylee then starts up the car and quickly peels out of the parking lot. They pull out onto the main road as Kylee relaxes back in the driver's seat as Lexi starts to speak.

Lexi Sheckler:: So, Kylee don't get me wrong....but I never really pictured you as the club kind of person. Like, seriously I probably would of bet a million dollars that you have never even danced before.

Kylee Oliver:: Well, I'm not that big on dancing...I mostly go for the atmosphere....but that just shows you that we still have much to learn about each other. *she smiles devishly* But what about you Lexi, do you dance?

Lexi Sheckler:: If I'm feeling it, or if I have one too many drinks running through my veins....then yeah, I'll dance. But it's not someting I do on a regular basis.

__xx Kylee continues to drive on for a little while longer before finally pulling into another parking lot. This one beloning to Onyx, apparantly one of the hottest night clubs in Atlanta, which is currently where they were stationed right now. Kylee had been here twice before when passing through, so she remembered where it was. She pulled up to the front doors where the valet boys were waiting. Kylee and Lexi then get out of the car before Kylee tosses the keys to the nearest employee.

Kylee Oliver:: This car better be back in the exact same condition that I'm leaving it in.....because believe me when I say that it costs way more than what you jokers make in a year.

Valet Boy:: Oh, don't worry, it will return in mint condition.

Kylee Oliver:: For your sake, I hope so. Because let me put it this way....*she walks over to the employee to make their conversation a bit more personal* ...if that car comes back with any new scratches or dents, then I'll give you ones to match it.

__xx The valet boy's eyes widen with fear and shock as he stutters a reply to Kylee.

Valet Boy:: T-that w-wont be n-necesary. I p-p-promise.

__xx Kylee smiles wickedly as she raises an eyebrow at him. How pathetic, the boy quivers at just the sound of a threat. Clearly, he wasn't used to such treatment. Kylee laughs lightly as she walks away and re-joins Lexi at the front doors.

Kylee Oliver:: Alright, I'm ready to let loose and relax.

Lexi Sheckler:: Same here, I was about to shoot myself if I seriously had to endure another lifeless day in that arena.

__xx Kylee and Lexi walk into the club, skipping the long waiting line, to much protest from people who had obviously been waiting half the night, just to catch a glimpse of this place. But their complaints went unheard as Kylee and Lexi were instantly swept away by the heart pulsating beats and deafening sounds of club Onyx. They move over to a more dimly lit part of the club, a VIP area of sorts as a waiter brings them over a couple of beers to start them off. Kylee instantly takes a drink of hers before resting back in her chair and scanning the crowd. So far, she hadn't run into anyone she knew, which was probably good seeing as how her and Lexi came here to pretty much get away from all the bullshit. Kylee looks back at Lexi to notice a stange look of absence on her face.

Kylee Oliver:: Is something wrong Lexi?

TBC by Lexi Sheckler, like duh!

This layout was made for Alleena by Burnt Halo at DAF. Don't be an ass; just request your own.

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