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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  (Original Message)Sent: 1/24/2009 12:09 AM

•?/FONT> I Make Headlines.|| __;;the time has come [fnfn thread]
•?/FONT> The Duchess' Thoughts.|| sooo let's do this.
•?/FONT> Behind The Scenes.|| Okay, so miraculousy I found the time to put up a second rp. I'm in the middle of writing a couple papers but, i wanted to put up something else during my little writer's block for my paper lol. And ashley, like you said, may the best chickadeee win! I'm so happy that i finally have the chance to rp with tho that we BOTH have college gayness going on [auuugh] lol i want the semester over already and its barely started....and this ooc is getting long, so i'm shutting up now. Enjoy the rp. my title reminded me of that story from Lewis Carroll about the Walrus and The Carpenter, so i just kinda ran with that. =] Hopefully it pretty much makes sense. It's pretty basic, i'm sure you all can fill in the possible tiny little blanks lol
•?/FONT> Thee Amazing Record.|| 07.00.01

&| 100% Fucking Rockstar |&

__;; Tonight is the night. Finally, Adalyn and Jeanette will step into that ring and put their words to the test. Only one woman can walk out the winner and while half are placing their money on Jeanette Salazar, WGEF's current Womens Champion and one of the greatest women to ever grace the company...the other half are betting on Adalyn Raine to come out from under the ashes, and stop all this talk about how every chance she gets, she merely lets it pass her by....because people have seen what Adalyn is capable of doing and dont just dwell on her one loss. Really, it's not her fault that On The Edge was a complete and total screw job. Not just for her, but for Kia Mitchell and Tapanga Britt. Two amazingly talented women that are no longer apart of this company. Truth be told, for a split second Adalyn herself had even considered leaving but then after thinking it over and realizing there was still so much for her to do here, she decided to stick around and really start putting her heart and soul back into things, like she did when she first began wrestling. But I guess you could almost say that her loss at On The Edge did set her back a bit. It's obvious that after that match, her performance declined ever so slightly...the fire and passion just wasn't in her eyes when she faced off against Sharmaine James. And even though she won, it became crystal clear to everyone that Adalyn just wasn't feeling it. But can you really blame her? Sure, she may not have tried her absolute hardest to win that Womens Championship at On The Edge, but even after seeing two other women that did put their heart into it, only to have Ivy Stratus get a win over them was just a tad bit depressing. It became a battle in her head consisting of 'whats the point of trying anymore?' versus 'it's only a miner set back, my time will come eventually.' Apparantly, she convinced herself that On The Edge was just one of those things beyond her control and that next time, no matter what, she would try her hardest. Which led us into a match that I have already informed you about, against Sharmaine that would prove to be a great victory for Adalyn, even though she still wasn't putting one hundred percent behind her efforts. This match became almost a turning point for Adalyn's career as she played back the tapes and realized that as great as she looked out there in the ring, that she could of looked ten times better, if only she had given it her all. So, then we saw her booked in a match a few weeks later against her partner, Bridgette Pryor, which was soon cancelled due to promotional deals, not because Adalyn simply refused to show up and face off against her partner. But now with that in the past, we find Adalyn booked in a match tonight against Jeanette Salazar. A woman that you could I guess say needs no introduction, because let's be honest, the girl has done a lot of shit in this company and in turn has made quite a name for herself. However, tonight she will be taking on a challenge that she has yet to come face to face with. This challenge, despite what she thinks, will prove to be a great that may even find her losing her ground and in turn adding a loss to that sparkling record of hers. This challenge will take on in the form of a woman that you all know as Adalyn Raine. This girl has defeated a lot of famous faces in this business, but that is not enough to prove her worth to the Womens Champion. Which is what Adalyn will be setting out to do tonight, along with kicking her ass of course, but she also plans to show Jeanette just how deserving of a title shot she truly is. Jeanette needs to understand that Adalyn is not Angela Stewart. One glance at Angela's track record could tell you that. The girl has more losses than Michael Jackson has days to live...or at least that's according to the latest Enquirer magazine. Either way, you understand what I am trying to convey with that picture, that Adalyn is far greater than Angela will ever prove to be. Like Jeanette said, because Miss Stewart failed at Civil War, it will be quite a while before we see her face to face with the champion again. And with Angela well out of the picture, Tapanga gone, Kia Mitchell and Summer Fox no longer here...who else is there to really challenge Jeanette? I mean, I know that there are girls like Mari Saito, Destiny and Tegan Starr that could "challenge" Jeanette to a match, but come on, we all know how that would end up. With another easy win added to Jeanette's record, and a champion needs more stimulation than just going out there every night and beating the same bitches in under two minutes. A champion needs a could almost say that a true champion like Jeanette craves and lives for a challenge....a challenge like Adalyn Raine. Sure, Adalyn may not be the challenge Jeanette was hoping for or even expecting but it will be a challenge none the less. With few and fewer divas stepping up to the plate in this company, Miss Olympia will soon have to face the facts that one day soon, Adalyn will be coming for that title again, despite how incapable she may feel that Adalyn is of not only beating her, but also becoming a champion. Mark my words....Adalyn's day as a champion is coming. The scene unfolds showing a crowded conference room, with photographers and reports everywhere. Some are sitting, others are standing, while even more are actually standing on their seats all in an attempt to get Adalyn's attention when she walks onto the platform that is set up with a long rectangle table and three seats behind it. One obviously for Adalyn and the other two for her agents. Chaos is starting to fill the room as the people grow restless waiting. Finally, just a few moments later out from behind the curtain appears Adalyn Raine and as soon as she escapes from behind the navy blue fabric, lights start to flash in all directions taking hundreds of pictures. She smiles and waves at the crowd, even blows a couple of kisses before taking her place in the center seat allowing her agents to follow suit beside her. Until now no one had really taken notice to what Adalyn was carrying in her hand, but as she purposefully sets it down on the table in front of her, dozens of hands shoot up in the air immiedately aftewards in question. Adalyn calls on a reporter in the third row, one of the crazed ones that has decided to stand on her seat as she speaks out to the diva.

REPORTER n u m b e r one;; Excuse me Miss Raine, but I was wondering...what is that object that you placed on the table in front of you? It looks like a book but I can't be too sure.

ADALYN r a i n e;; *glancing down at the table she smiles before holding up the object, which is indeed a book* Yes, it is a book. A story book in fact, one written by Lewis Carroll. I'm sure you all know of him, right? The author of Alice and Wonderland, along with a handful of other crazy little stories for children.

__;; The crowd goes into an uproar, shouting things here and there, commenting on the book and some asking even more questions about the book. Like, why is it here? What does Lewis Carroll have to do with anything? Are you an Alice in Wonderland fan? Still leaving that precious smile plastered on her face, she calls on another person, this one situated in the front row to speak.

REPORTER n u m b e r two;; Might I ask why you decided to bring a book with you today Adalyn? Is there any significance behind it or the fact that you chose a story by Lewis Carroll?

ADALYN r a i n e;; Actually yes, there is quite a bit of significance behind the specific story that I chose to bring and show you all today. But before I go any further, please have a seat...all of you. Some of you are practically hanging off the ceiling trying to get a good look at moi! But I can assure you that if everyone would just calmly take a seat, that this would be much more relaxing and comfortable, just like the setting should be when one is about to tell a story. *she smirks as everyone reluctantly sits down and looks back at her curiously* Now, I know that everyone is wondering why the hell I would bring a children's story to a press conference. One that is supposed to be centered around my match for tonight against Jeanette Salazar. But the answer is actually quite preparing for my match tonight, a familiar childhood story came to mind. You might have heard it will growing up, but in my house, it was read to me practically every night....the story of which I am speaking is The Walrus and the Carpenter. *she now holds the book up again so the audience can get a better look* I assume that most of you, if not all of you know of this story and have heard it in passing during one point in your life, but I bet none of you have heard the sequel. *she gets a lot of blank stares at this comment as she just smiles and continues, not missing a beat* Yes, that's right. I said the sequel. There is another story, very similiar to this one. However, the title to this one is called The Duchess and the Champion. *while saying this she now slides off the front cover that read "The Walrus and the Carpenter" to reveal a book titled with the name that she had just mentioned and underneath the title is the author's name, which reads "Adalyn Raine"* Now, what you all are going to do is sit there and behave like civilized people as I read the story out loud. And please, whatever questions you may them until the end. *she smiles again and then clears her throat as she opens the book to the first page and begins reading* The Womens Title was shining on the Champion, shining with all it's might. The Title did it's very best to make the Champion look strong and oh so bright. And this was odd, because it was misplaced on the wrong diva that previous night. The Duchess was shining sulkily, because she thought the Title had got no business to be there, on the Champion, after it was all said and done. "It's very rude of the Title," she said, "To stay where it doesn't belong!" The arena was crowded that day, as crowded as it could be. And the fans were loud as they were annoying, and you could hardly see not a face behind the mixture of signs. With their banners flying overhead, there was no room left for rumors to fly. The signs made it obvious, whose side the crowd was on. With one half cheering the Champion and the other loyally following the Duchess. The Duchess and her Servant were walking close at hand. They talked about everything, from the Champion to the sea. "If only you could find a way," the servant said, "to overcame the Champion, because then the Title would come with ease!" "Let's say I found a way, to bring Champion down with a plan that cannot fail," the Duchess said, "But do you think the Title would go to where it belongs?" "I doubt it," said the Servant then and shed a bitter tear, "the Title is stubborn and does not come quick and will need more than one lesson to bring it back here." Just as the Duchess and Servant were approaching the main arena, there the Champion stood, with Title falsely around her arm. "Oh Title, come and stay with me!" The Duchess did beseech. "A pleasant reign, a powerful era, within the company's doors. How I cannot go another four weeks, without you by my side." The Champion looked at Duchess, but never a word she said. The Champion merely winked her eye and shook her bobble head. Meaning to say that she did not choose to leave the Title behind. But the Title had other plans and pulled against her hold, eager for the treat of reigning with royalty and Title spoke out, "Take me please!" and this was odd, because you know, Titles really couldn't speak. The Duchess and the Servant pressed on and moved a foot or so forward and then stopped there as the Champion showed no signs of defeat. "The time has come," the Duchess said, "to move on to greater things: of royalty and talent and undying power. Of Duchess' and Kings. And to wonder why the Champion is now boiling hot and whether or not she has will to fight for something such as thee." "But wait a bit," the Title cried, "Before we have our match, for Champion is out of steam, and both of us are spent!" "No hurry at all! Take your time, for I know that Title, you soon shall be mine" said the Duchess, and Title thanked her much for that. "A civilized talk," the Servant said, "is what we chiefly need: for Champion and Duchess are very good indeed. Now if we promptly sit and talk this over quick, perhaps hostility will have no need." "But thats not for us!" the Duchess cried "After such a long wait for Title to come to me, that would be a silly thing to do!" "The Title is so fine from here," The Champion said with a smirk, "do you admire the view?" The taunt was obvious as Duchess smiled and spoke "It is so kind of you to ask me such a thing! But really I shall not say, for soon it will be over here with me!" The Title said nothing but "Cut it out already you two, Champion can't you see? It is Duchess who I belong with, your reign was but a hoax to have to win me back twice!" "It seems a shame," The Duchess said, "for Champion to play Title such a trick, to win it once and lose it again only for it to be with you once more. But I say this tonight, that soon that shall be no more!" The Champion said nothing but "Your head is obviously too thick!" "I weep for you," The Duchess said as she soon did laugh, "I deeply sympathize for someone as ignorant as yourself. To think that I am nothing but talk, when we both know what Title wants." With a fake sob and tear, Duchess pretended to wipe them away, as Champion looked and simply rolled her eyes. Sighing deeply, she set Title aside and beckoned Duchess forth. "Oh Duchess," said the Champion then, "You've talked a pleasant game! But if it is the Title you seek, then first you must get through me! What say you to a little match now, to prove who will show defeat?" But answer came there none, and this was scarcely odd, because then Duchess ran at Champion and knocked her down hard. It was a simple fight, one that showed no signs of error as each woman knew exactly what she must do. But in the end it was Duchess who pulled through. With the Promise Ring executed, Champion was now nothing more than a crumpled mess. With a final smile, Duchess leaned down and picked Title up and placed it around her waist. For it was there that she would stay, never again to be misplaced. *Adalyn now closes the book, smiling out to the crowd as most looked shocked and others in complete awe at such a story. It was obvious who each character was and what the story foreshadowed and now a reporter raises their hand as Adalyn calls on him to speak* Yes, do you have a question?

REPORTER n u m b e r three;; Well I was just wondering how you came up with such a fantastic idea to create an entertaining fictional piece of literature relating to your match tonight.

ADALYN r a i n e;; *she smiles and laughs lightly* First off, let me just say that the story isn't exactly what we could call fictional. I mean sure, it hasn't happened yet, but it will. Soon. So if anything it was just a small preview of how things will eventually turn out for me and Jeanette and that precious Womens Championship that obviously doesn't truly belong with her. And with that being said, I guess the idea of creating a story to share with you all today just came from the fact that I hate sitting in boring press conference things like this, just doing question and answer sessions. I wanted to liven it up a bit and give you all something to really think about when you walk out of this room today, rather than just think about answers to questions like "what's your favority hobby?" or "how long have you been wrestling?" and blah blah blah. Even you all have to admit that those kinds of questions get boring and quite tiresome after a while. *she smiles* So, does anyone else have any other questions before we wrap this thing up?

__;; Before Adalyn can get the chance to call on another 'lucky' reporter, her agent leans over to whisper something in her ear, informing her that they are actually running out of time and need to get back to the arena. Adalyn nods her head ever so slightly, showing him that she understands as she reaches down into her Prada purse and pulls out a black sharpie marker. Without a word she then begins to sign her name along the front cover of the story book before placing the cap back on the marker and setting it down on the table. Looking back out to the crowd, she slowly raises the book up, smiling again as she speaks.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Alright, so I've just been informed that we actually don't have enough time for anymore questions. *they all start to grumble and moan at this until she cuts them off* But wait, don't get all fussy! Because we have ran out of time, I have decided to autograph the cover of the story book that I read to you all today. Now, this is the only copy out there of this story, so it is very limited edition, and in turn worth a lot of money. *she smirks* So, who wants it? *immiedetly people scramble to their feet, practically rushing the small stage that Adalyn is on, wanting to be the special person that gets the book. She only laughs and shakes her head as she speaks again* Okay, how about this? I don't have time to figure out a fair way to give this book out to one of you, so you all decide who is worthy of it. And by that I mean...fight for it!

__;; Adalyn then pulls her arm back and throws the book out into the crowd as far as she can get it which sends them all running to go catch it. This leads into quite a lot of pushing and shoving and even a few black eyes as everyone rushes to be the first to obtain the story. Adalyn giggles at this and then stands to her feet as she tells her agents, "lets go" as they also stand to their feet and follow her out of the room leaving the reporters and photographers to fight over the 'prize'. No doubt this would be in the headlines somewhere, "WGEF diva, Adalyn Raine provokes riot during a press conference" But hey, if you remember correctly, that is what she is all about anyway. Making headlines. And this whole riot thing wont be the only headline she'll be apart of tomorrow in the newspaper, no the other one will contain juicy details on her win over Jeanette Salazar, and what a scrapbook keeper that headline will be! Winning tonight is just a small step in the story that must come true in order for the rest of it to follow suit. And with time, it all will happen, just like Adalyn said...the Title will be with the Duchess and Champion will find herself at a loss again.

Later That Night//Mohegan Sun Casino//Connecticut__8:49pm

__;; The scene opens up showing Adalyn Raine inside her locker room, already dressed and ready for her match that night against Jeanette Salazar. Looking quite stunning in her turquoise leopard print pants and matching halter top. She was doing a couple last minute stretches before standing up straight and reaching over to her vanity to get her elbow pads. Sliding them on over her arms and adjusting them to fit, she then walks over to her full length mirror to get a good look at herself. As always, we see her smiling back at her flawless reflection, talking to herself and pumping her ego up even higher than what it is as she confirms that she looks hot and that she is going to kick Miss Olympia's ass tonight. With Adalyn still looking into the mirror at her reflection, we see the door open and a wgef stage hand standing there. She doesn't even need to turn around, as she can see him through the mirror. Raising her eyebrow ever so slightly she speaks to him.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Have you come to tell me that they're ready for me out there?

__;; He shakes his head "yes" and mumbles something else before getting ready to leave the room. It sounded like he said something along the lines of "Jeanette's gonna kick your ass" Turning her back to the mirror, she calls out to him, stopping him in his tracks.

ADALYN r a i n e;; I'm sorry....what was that? I didn't quite catch what you said there.

STAGE h a n d;; Uhm....nothing. Just that....Jeanette doesn't stand a chance....

ADALYN r a i n e;; Oh really? *she smirks as she moves over to him* Because I could of sworn that it sounded like you said, "Jeanette's gonna kick your ass"...but you wouldn't say something as foolish as that, would you? I mean a smart man like yourself, that makes hardly anything above minimum wage must realize that I am going to outsmart Jeanette tonight and get the win. Right?

STAGE h a n d;; Uh, right....

ADALYN r a i n e;; Oh good! Glad to hear that we're on the same page! Now, be a good little jobber and go get me a Latte'...go on, shoo!

STAGE h a n d;; But they are ready for you out th-...

ADALYN r a i n e;; I said go get me a fucking latte'!

 __;; He doesn't need to be told a third time as he scrambles out of the room, in search of a latte'. She rolls her eyes and turns to look into the mirror once more, as she smiles again at herself. Yeah, she was a conceided bitch, but she had every right to be and she loved it. Primping her hair a bit, she continues to wait for mister stage hand guy to get back with her latte'. Finally he returns, with a steaming latte' in hand, looking quite out of breath.

ADALYN r a i n e;; Aww, you look tired. Would you like to have a seat?

STAGE h a n d;; Yeah, I'd love to.

__;; He then starts to make his way over to her fine leather couch when she stops him right there and scowls a bit, not believing that he actually had the nerve to go over and try sitting down on her furniture.

ADALYN r a i n e;; No, no no sweetie. Not here. Come on, let me show you where the VIP's, such as myself get to go when we need to relax.

__;; Adalyn then leads him out of her locker room and down the hall to a room that reads "Janitor's Closet" He looks at this skeptically speaking up as she goes to open the door.

STAGE h a n d;; Uhm, Miss Raine, I think you have the wrong room. It says Janitor's Closet up there. *he motions to the sign*

ADALYN r a i n e;; Oh i know, but we put that up there to fool we won't be disturbed. Smart idea, right?!

__;; She smiles coyly as she now turns the door handle, swinging the door open to reveal a dark room. She motions for him to go first, and he does, stepping into the room as Adalyn finally reaches in to turn on the light switch. The flourescent lighting reveals to everyone watching on camera, including the stage hand that the room is indeed a janitors closet. Adalyn laughs before shutting the door quickly and then grabbing a nearby chair to prop up underneath the handle, keeping the door shut. The stage hand pounds on the door, screaming to be let out and for someone to help him, but she just smiles and walks away innocently, acting as if nothing had ever happened. The cameras now follow her all the way up to the stage area as she leans over the sound booth to let the worker know that she is ready to make her grand entrance. He then motions for her to go ahead and start walking out to the waiting area as he sets up her entrance music.

TBC by me;; because msn split this up and i have a little bit left over. effing msn...

•qυєєησƒнєαятѕ™?STRONG> This layout was created by Ashley aka Queen of Hearts at Diamonds are Forever for Alleena's use only! If you like what you see, feel free to request one at anytime. Thank you.

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