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From: MSN NicknameWrit3SinsNotTrag3di3s  in response to Message 2Sent: 2/8/2009 5:50 AM

stats.jpg picture by indecent-exposure

Hanna - hanna-beth photo

Personal Profile
Legal Name: Madeline Alexis Crane
Age: 23
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Orientation: straight
Relationship: single
Pic Base: Hanna Beth

Brief Bio: Born and raised in Detroit,Michigan you would think that this vixen would be a no life with ambitions with become a rapper or something along those lines, but luckily for her, Adalyn's dad had connections with some famous photographers who soon started booking Miss Rayne in various modeling gigs. At a very young age, Adalyn learned that she could get anything her heart truly desired, if she worked hard enough for it. With this mentality, she is set on getting anything and everything that she wants. At times she can be a bit hard to please, some might call her "spoiled"...she considers herself worthy of everything she has from her Betsey Johnson stilettos to her Dior sunglasses. Granted, Adalyn can have a bit of an attitude, and may come off as a 'bitch', but she is still the life of the party and loves to have fun in everything she does. However, cross her the wrong way, and she will not hesitate to speak her mind...or kick your ass.

Professional Profile
Ring Name: Adalyn Raine
Marketing Alias(es): The Duchess of Detroit
Liscense Number: (To be filled in by Mgt.)
Billed From: Detroit, Michigan
Theme Song: "Rockstar" by Prima J
Crowd Status: Heel, but sometimes liked by the fans...seeing as how she has a witty personality.
Wrestling Style: She is always quick on her feet, ready to strike...she knows she is one of the 'smaller' women in the division, so she uses her size and speed to her advantage whenever she can. She's not afraid to fight dirty, and is quite an aggressive competitor.
Weapon of Choice: Her stilettos are her favorite weapon of choice. But she is also partial to steel chairs and fire estinguishers.
Allies: Chris Michaels, Bridgette Pryor, Kevin Carter
Enemies: Angela Stewart, Brooke Adams, Ivy Stratus
Strengths: very confident, can't be broken down, persistant, doesn't quit...
Weaknesses: sometimes can be a bit too arrogant, and underestimate her opponent.

Ring Entrance:

Move Set
Standard Moves: (Should include at least 1 Submission Hold)
!!;; Snap DDT
!!;; Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
!!;;Spear Takedown
!!;; Dragon Attack
!!;; Suicide Dive
!!;; Lionsault
!!;; Leg Drop
!!;; Twisting Body Attack
!!;; Hangman's Neckbreaker
!!;; Rolling Koppou Kick
!!;; Sleeper Hold

Signature Moves: (Minimum 2 Maximum 5)
!!;; The Sky Is Falling [5-star frog splash]
!!;; False Pretense [Diving Spear]
!!;; The Last Plague[super kick to the jaw]

Finishers: (NO more than 3)
!!;; Disturbia [modified pedigree]
!!;; Promise Ring [Unprettier]

Handler Info
Name: Alleena
Location: United States
Experience: Seven Years
Other Characters: Kylee Oliver, Gisele Mortenson,Alleena Danielle,
Contact Permission: Ask First
Contact Info: ....ask.