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American Eskimo and Critters 
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Welcome to American Eskimo and Critters Corner.  We are about pets, friends and family.  Come on in and get comfy.  We would like to share your pictures and hear about your pets.  We are a very caring group.
**This will be our temporary home until our user friendly community is in order.**
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Do We Look Like Our Dogs!
well El, Sadie almost has the same hair color that you have...LOL All three pics are great Hen
MSN NicknameWakingHen   12-14-08
Do We Look Like Our Dogs!
I seen on Petfinder that they had a contest on "Who Looks Like Their Pet/Pets.  Now with that being said, lets see if we have any people that look like their pets. ...
MSN NicknameCountreeEllen-NJ1   12-14-08
Please read, if in Burlington, NJ or nea...
Yes, two different dogs.. I guess it was wishful thinking. The blaze is different, and they look different in age. Hen I too hope both go back to their homes.....
MSN NicknameWakingHen   12-13-08
Please read, if in Burlington, NJ or nea...
Those aren't the same dog - missing one was a female and the found was a male, blaze is different too.  Plus Burlington NJ is a long way from Hudson Valley NY for a dog to get lost (unl...
arc219   12-13-08
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