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Al-Qaeda : Introduction
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 Message 1 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-n  (Original Message)Sent: 5/30/2008 2:43 PM
This thread will serve the purpose of documenting the progress or setbacks in the civilized world's effort against global public enemy number one, Al-Qaeda. 
Feel free to chronicle any findings or musings you might have yourself.

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 Message 2 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 5/30/2008 6:29 PM

LOL, how'd you make this sideboard, Torty? :^P

Interesting - probably should've done this years ago....

 Message 3 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tiogaSent: 5/30/2008 6:32 PM
how'd you make this sideboard, Torty?
Someone named breeze did it for him. 

 Message 4 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 6/2/2008 6:22 PM
Haha, I was just yanking his chain...

So....does Al Queda still exist?

Funny aside, my brother somehow has it in his head that this is a person (named "Al"), not a group of people.

And is Al more dangerous than the others? I mean, ok, they were able to attack the US on US soil, something those others haven't done, but over the years I've come to know of groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and they're seriously dangerous. And they both have a number of bombings and killings to their credit (they've been around a long time now). Has Al surpassed them at this point? Or do they get more of our focus because of what happened in 2001?

Just wondering, I really don't even hear much about those other groups. When I used to teach, we talked about trade in the Middle East and obviously these groups would come up - and there were a bunch of 'em. This was before we heard of Al, although I left there just a couple years before the towers went down - and they were never mentioned on any list I came across. Were they brand new when the attack occurred?

I'm a little fuzzy on timelines here..

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