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Animal Awareness : Trapping Cats and Opossums
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From: MSN Nicknamemaryjane_?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 10/14/2006 12:37 AM
it sounds dreadful, but really...

i am using humane traps to try to catch two feral cats that come around the house. stray cats do not usually last long around here....b/c..the road, animals, people?, humane society. well, i have caught one, but not the other one yet. say a prayer that i catch that one so that they will be together. they are friends. i havent been able to catch the other yet b/c...i have caught two opossums in the trap instead. ha. poor little things. they are kinda cute, though. we have been releasing them in the wild near a stream. we could release them back into our yard, but it doesnt seem the best b/c we live downtown.

so, i am trying to catch these cats b/c the one kept coming to our window and banging against it every morning. i caught that one. i still need to take a pic of him! i forgot to yet b/c i am depressed that i havent found his friend yet. i truly hope nothing has happened to the other one. i'll attach two pics of the opossums. one was kinda young...the other was older.

opossums are actually pretty nice little guys. not aggressive..also, they rarely ever get diseases such as rabies. something to do with their low temperature. they generally get along ok with grown cats. they ignore each other. their biggest predators are...people, cars, and domesticated animals that will kill them sometimes. also, sometimes a mom may get hit on the road, but the babies are still alive in her pouch. they are marsupials.

i am going to be trying to tame these cats, get them fixed, etc., and then try to find them good homes. so far, the one i caught...hisses, but he likes it when we pet him. he is so conflicted! :) he's smart, too. he got out of the cage the first night! i had to fix it better. he's a lil ninja.

ive been getting lots of help from a lady that i know from a cat rescue group. we got one of our cats from her. the cat that is probably the father of our kitten actually! it is pretty cool.

anyway, if you ever need to trap something....i borrowed hers first, but then i bought my own from TSC ...which is tractor and supply company. they are about $40 and they work great. the animal goes in to get food and steps on a lever and the back closes behind it. doesnt hurt it at all.

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