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Animal Awareness : Dogs give their lives to save their owners
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 Message 1 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonita  (Original Message)Sent: 3/15/2007 7:24 PM
February 26, 2007
Bear Attack: Dog Dies Protecting Owner
Jason Schindler says he wouldn't be alive if it were not for his dog, Dude.

The 27-year-old rural Cataract man said the 8-year-old mixed-breed hound jumped between him and an attacking black bear Thursday night, saving his life but giving up his own.

The animal sustained at least 28 puncture wounds to his chest and neck, he said.

"I'd hate for someone else's dog to go through what mine did," he said.

Schindler and his wife, Kimberly, buried the dog with a blanket and pillow the next day, using a rented jackhammer to dig the grave in the frozen soil.

He said he heard the dog yelping loudly Thursday after dark and went out to see what was happening.

Suddenly, "all I saw was this dark thing lunging at me," Schindler said.

But his dog jumped between the two and was quickly snatched up in the bear's jaw, he said.

"If not for the dog, I wouldn't be standing here," Schindler said.

The bear, estimated at being between 400 and 500 pounds, dragged the dog to his nearby den under a thicket of downed trees.

Schindler said he returned to his house, grabbed a .30-30 rifle, returned to the scene and fired, possibly hitting his target before the bear fled into the woods. He rescued his dog, gushing blood but breathing, and rushed him to the Sparta Veterinary Clinic.

Eight years ago Schindler saved the young mutt's life by adopting him from a shelter; he never expected Dude would return the favor.
He said Dude was the last of a litter of puppies available at the Monroe County Animal Shelter.

Another week in the shelter and he would have been euthanized, Schindler said.

"I saw him lying there alone in his cage and I felt so bad for him," he said. "In a way he was a miracle dog."
The attack was heart-breaking for Schindler and his 4-year-old daughter Emily.

"He's in heaven, he's in heaven. He'll be watching for us when we come home at night," said Schindler.

"He's my best friend and I felt like that the last couple days that I lost one of my best friends, and that's tough," said Schindler.
Saving His Owner: 'Dude' The Dog 
 March 9, 2007 
 Dog Dies Saving Couple From Burning Home
Collie Named Lassie Perishes After Waking Her Elderly Owners
A collie named Lassie roused her owners and enabled them to escape their burning home but died in the fire, relatives said.

"The dog saved their life," said Judi Thompson after her parents' home burned Wednesday morning. "Even the firemen said that. Isn't that amazing? It gives me goose bumps."

Thompson said her parents, Robert and Elsie Whitson, were asleep in their bedroom at the rear of their home in the city about 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis when the fire broke out. The dog, which slept at the foot of the couple's bed, licked and nibbled at their hands until 81-year-old Robert awoke and the couple went outside, she said.

Anderson Fire Department Battalion Chief Larry Towne said firefighters found the dog's remains underneath some collapsed roofing.

"They thought Lassie was out, but she wasn't," said Naomia L. Gooding, another daughter of the couple. "They loved this dog, and she was a wonderful dog."

Thick smoke was rolling from the home when firefighters arrived shortly after 7:30 a.m., Towne said. The fire was still under investigation, but likely was caused by a space heater in a family room in front of the house, he said.

Robert Whitson had first-degree burns to his shoulders, back and part of his head and his 80-year-old wife had chest pains at the scene. Both were treated at a hospital and released, Towne said.

No firefighters were injured fighting the blaze.

February 17, 2007
Heroic dog dies, succumbs to injury
Beloved Buffy, 7, was shot while protecting owner from robber

In the end, a flood of donations from friends and strangers couldn't save Buffy, a brave, 7-year-old German shepherd shot in the leg last month while protecting her owner from a robber.

A veterinarian put Buffy to sleep Thursday after it became clear that she couldn't eat or drink. A kidney problem, apparently worsened by the loss of blood she experienced during the attack, finally did the 100-pound dog in.

"It's real hard for me still," said Will Bartley on Friday. He was just getting out of his car in front of his house when the gunman accosted him and the dog made her heroic last stand, pitting her muscle and courageagainst a thug who used deadly force.

Intensive medical attention by the Bay Area Veterinary Specialists in San Leandro bought the family another month with Buffy, but her energy quickly began to wane.

"She was too weak," said Bartley's wife, Lagree. "She couldn't stand up."

Buffy became a celebrity last month after she threw her body between her owner, Will Bartley, and a gunman robbing him in front of the family's home on 96th Avenue.

The assailant, who might have followed Will Bartley home from work, pointed a gun at the man's chest and demanded his wallet. Unsatisfied with hundreds of dollars and credit cards, the gunman asked for more. At that moment, Buffy ?who had run up to greet Bartley moments earlier ?sprang at the robber, prompting him to fire his gun.

She continued chasing the attacker

after one of the bullets tore through her leg, Lagree Bartley said. "She truly gave her life for my husband."

Buffy underwent surgery a few days later, which saved her left front leg. But the loss of blood proved too much, despite the transfusions.

On Friday, friends and family gathered in the Bartley's yard to look at photos and share "Buffy stories."

Still, Bartley said, "Even outside it seems like it's silent."

The family has received hundreds of letters from well-wishers all over the Bay Area and out of state, she said. Now, even if it takes her six months, she plans to respond to each one.

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 Message 2 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tiogaSent: 3/15/2007 7:30 PM
Awe.... poor Dude!!!
I think about that alot when I go for walks, though.  There's black bears on our property.  One came within 10 feet from me once.  Luckily, Jake wasn't with me, I was out deer hunting.

 Message 3 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 4/9/2007 5:47 PM