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Animal Awareness : Chinese county massacres 50,000 dogs
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 Message 1 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tioga  (Original Message)Sent: 8/2/2006 4:38 PM
SHANGHAI, China - A county in southwestern China has killed as many as 50,000 dogs in a government campaign ordered after three people died from rabies, official media reported Tuesday.
The five-day massacre in Yunnan province's Mouding county spared only military guard dogs and police canine units, the Shanghai Daily reported, citing local media.

Dogs being walked were taken from their owners and beaten on the spot, the newspaper said. Other killing teams entered villages at night, creating noise to get dogs barking, then honing in and beating them to death.

Owners were offered 63 cents per animal to kill their dogs before the teams were sent in, the report said.

The massacre was widely discussed on the Internet, with both legal scholars and animal rights activists criticizing it as crude and cold-blooded. The World Health Organization said more emphasis needed to be placed on prevention.

"Wiping out the dogs shows these government officials didn't do their jobs right in protecting people from rabies in the first place," Legal Daily, a newspaper run by the central government's Politics and Law Committee, said in an editorial in its online edition.

Dr. Francette Dusan, a WHO expert on diseases passed from animals to people, said effective rabies control required coordinated efforts between human and animal health agencies and authorities.

"This has not been pursued adequately to date in China with most control efforts consisting of purely reactive dog culls," Dusan said.

The Shanghai Daily said 360 of Mouding county's 200,000 residents suffered dog bites this year. The three rabies victims included a 4-year-old girl, the report said.

"With the aim to keep this horrible disease from people, we decided to kill the dogs," Li Haibo, a spokesman for the county government was quoted as saying by the official Xinhua News Agency.

Calls to county government offices rang unanswered on Tuesday.

China has seen a major rise in the number of rabies cases in recent years, with 2,651 reported deaths from the disease in 2004, the last year for which data was available, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts have tied the rise in part to an increase in dog ownership, particularly in rural areas where about 70 percent of households keep dogs. Only about 3 percent of Chinese dogs are vaccinated against rabies, according to the center. Access to appropriate treatment is highly limited, especially in the countryside.














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 Message 2 of 8 in Discussion 
From: ConradSent: 8/2/2006 5:40 PM
China never ceases to amaze me. How they can be SO smart in some ways and SO FUCKING stupid in others!
I really wish I hadn't scrolled down

 Message 3 of 8 in Discussion 
From: ConradSent: 8/2/2006 6:01 PM
I hope that there's a special place in hell for the people who ordered this

 Message 4 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tiogaSent: 8/2/2006 6:24 PM
It's just unbelievable.
No words can express.
Well.... cock.sucking.mother.fuckers.assholes.bastards.  is a place to start.

 Message 5 of 8 in Discussion 
From: ConradSent: 8/2/2006 6:28 PM
what kind of piece of shit human comes up with a solution like this? can that person even be human?
I'm ill after seeing this

 Message 6 of 8 in Discussion 
From: ConradSent: 8/2/2006 6:52 PM

China’s Culture of Cruelty

China’s long history of animal abuse is back in the spotlight as one Chinese county indiscriminately massacres every dog in sight—more than 50,000 in total—some right in front of their families. This and other appalling atrocities—such as feeding live sheep and chickens to tigers in zoos and skinning conscious animals, including dogs and cats, for their fur, which is then exported to the West—take place because China has no animal protection laws.

Tens of Thousands of Dogs Are Being Clubbed, Poisoned, and Electrocuted

Dog in CageIn a hideously cruel response to an outbreak of rabies in late July, authorities in Mouding County in Southwest China ordered the killing of more than 50,000 dogs, including 4,000 who were immunized against the disease. Officials clubbed many animals to death in the street right before their guardians?eyes. Animals who were not beaten mercilessly died equally violent, gruesome deaths by poisoning or electrocution.

PETA’s offices have been inundated over the years with calls from people around the world who are outraged by China’s dog “exterminations.?Eyewitnesses have noted that many dogs have died slow, agonizing deaths in these mass slaughters, which illustrate the nation’s lack of adequate animal control plans. PETA’s offers to assist Chinese officials in implementing such plans—in order to avoid drastic, widespread killings—have not been accepted.

China’s Shocking Dog- and Cat-Fur Trade

Chinese authorities pay citizens a 60-cent bounty for each dog whom they kill. Surprised that this nation places a price on the head of “man’s best friend? Don’t be. Dogs and cats are killed for their fur in China.

type=text/javascript> AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,19,0','width','255','height','195','accesskey','v','title','Trent Reznor Narrates China Fur Video','src','swf/trent_fur5','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','swf/trent_fur5' ); //end AC code </SCRIPT> <OBJECT title="Trent Reznor Narrates China Fur Video" accessKey=v codeBase=,0,19,0 height=195 width=255 classid=clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000><PARAM NAME="_cx" VALUE="6747"><PARAM NAME="_cy" VALUE="5159"><PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="Movie" VALUE="swf/trent_fur5.swf"><PARAM NAME="Src" VALUE="swf/trent_fur5.swf"><PARAM NAME="WMode" VALUE="Window"><PARAM NAME="Play" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="Loop" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Quality" VALUE="High"><PARAM NAME="SAlign" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="Menu" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Base" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="AllowScriptAccess" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="Scale" VALUE="ShowAll"><PARAM NAME="DeviceFont" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="EmbedMovie" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="BGColor" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="SWRemote" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="MovieData" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="SeamlessTabbing" VALUE="1"><PARAM NAME="Profile" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="ProfileAddress" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="ProfilePort" VALUE="0"> <embed width="255" height="195" accesskey="v" title="Trent Reznor Narrates China Fur Video" src="swf/trent_fur5.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ></embed></OBJECT><NOSCRIPT><object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,19,0" width="255" height="195" accesskey="v" title="Trent Reznor Narrates China Fur Video"> <param name="movie" value="swf/trent_fur5.swf"> <param name="quality" value="high"> <embed src="swf/trent_fur5.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="255" height="195"></embed> </object></NOSCRIPT>

It’s not just a bad dream. PETA recently conducted an undercover investigation into the Chinese dog- and cat-fur trade in order to show people what the industry is so desperate to hide. Even our veteran investigators were horrified by what they found: Millions of dogs and cats in China are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and strangled with wire nooses so that their fur can be turned into trim and trinkets.

Think that’s nightmarish? If you’re buying fur, you might be wearing the skin of the very species of animals that you share your home with. Chinese fur is often deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species, and it constitutes more than half the amount of finished fur garments that are imported for sale in the United States. Because dog and cat fur is mislabeled so frequently, the bottom line is that if you wear fur, there’s no way of knowing whose skin you’re in.

China: The World’s Top Leather-Exporting Country in 2004

With the world’s largest population of sheep, lambs, goats, and kids, China’s massive role in the global skins trade also includes its position as the world’s most prolific exporter of the hides of these animals as well as those of cows. In 2004, Chinese leather constituted more than one-third of all exported leather in the world.

Other skins come from more familiar faces. Hundreds of thousands of dog and cat skins are traded in Europe each year; it’s estimated that 2 million dogs and cats are killed in China each year in order to meet this demand.

Many of the millions of animals slaughtered for their skins are skinned alive. Buying leather directly supports factory farms and slaughterhouses, because animals?skins are the most economically important byproduct of the meat industry. Every time that you buy a pair of leather shoes, you sentence an animal to a lifetime of suffering. Instead, you can choose from hundreds of styles of nonleather shoes, clothing, belts, bags, and wallets. Fashion should be fun, not fatal!

 Message 7 of 8 in Discussion 
From: ConradSent: 8/2/2006 6:53 PM
Dog cull in China to fight rabies
By Quentin Sommerville
BBC News, Shanghai

Military dogs being trained in Hubei province, China, on 28 July 2006
Only police and military dogs were spared
A county in south-west China has ordered all 50,546 dogs to be killed to fight a rabies outbreak which has killed three people, state media say.

It has taken five days, but authorities in Mouding County in south-west China say they have killed almost all of the 50,000 dogs in the area.

Some of the dogs were clubbed to death in the street as their owners watched.

Other dog owners took matters into their own hands, poisoning or electrocuting their pets.

They were paid around $0.60 (£0.32) for each dog in compensation.

China has a poor record of animal protection. There are no laws to prevent cruelty to pets.

The local government ordered the cull following an outbreak of rabies.

Three people in the county, including a four-year-old girl, have died from the disease. A further 360 have been bitten by dogs, the authorities say.

However, even the 4,000 dogs that had been immunised against rabies were put to death in case the immunisations were not effective.

Roadside checkpoints were set up to ensure that no dogs escaped. Only police and military dogs have been spared.

There are a growing number of animal rights activists in China and the country has laws protecting endangered species. But there are no regulations to protect other animals, including pets.

 Message 8 of 8 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname-jujub-Sent: 8/3/2006 1:43 PM
For 63 cents a dog, they probably could immunize them all against rabies. And there is a human rabies vaccination now.
But then, they don't place the value on individual human life that we do, so I guess that extends to animals.

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