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From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-n  (Original Message)Sent: 7/30/2008 3:08 PM
This cast has already gotten lame.
Firstly, Keesha is woefully inept at filling the Danielle/Janelle void.  It's obvious that's the role she's supposed to be playing, but she's really not very smart and not very competitive, unlike both 'elles were.  Plus, is it me, or like, do the side contours of her nose look as if she's borrowed some of C.D. Charlie Bales' nose-minimizing shadowing cosmetics from 1987's Roxanne?
With Stephen gone in week 2, and likely Jesse in week 3, we've lost two dynamic personalities in 3 weeks.  Meaning that this is turning into a big nerd herd once again.  Part of this dilemma though is b/c that ugly 2-dimensional girl with the frizzy hair--Jesse's nail tech--was too pussy to use the POV last week when they could've backdoor'd Libra.  Take Libra out last week, this week would've been an entirely different looking landscape. 
Memphis and his neverending supply of V-Neck Ts that show off his manboobs are tragically annoying.  His explosion at Jerry was a very poor display of his temper and judgement and intellect.  As an able bodied male in his prime, you simply do not get that way, flailing and spitting threats, with females or the elderly.  For his part, Jerry is inadequate as he bounces from being a grouchy old bastard to trying to be the people's head of household.  The oldie in the group, Renny, is just a retarded clown.
April is a desperate woman.  Ollie is an opportunistic player who stays quiet, so he probably has a decent chance at things.  The Mr. St. Mary Catholic teacher is a total dork.  He can't spike his hair properly, and he has Dr. Will costume garb in the form of headbands and even the rare black wife-beater undershirt, worn with balck shorts, of course.  Poser.
Angie--is that the half asian girl?--seems lazy and not very smart, but at least she has that very pretty hair.  Is that everyone? 
Oh well, all I know is that this is starting to look like an early-exit season once again, cuz the last thing I'm going to do is sit around and watch a bunch of happy nerd herders pretend they're living out a Friends episode.

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