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Big Brother : idiots and the word
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From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-n  (Original Message)Sent: 8/1/2008 2:54 PM
Over my sporadic viewing of BB over the years, I've noticed a couple things. 
--People talk about their 'word' a lot.
--People talk about not taking it personal, so why is he or she taking it personal
--Girls often cry after someone they voted out gets evicted.
--People over 25 should not dress like 18-year-olds from Next or Parental Control or whatever MTV show is in.  (Though it's still OK to step foot into Hollister and even purchase non-trendy items such as button shirts or jeans so long as you don't wear them with other teeny gear accessory type things, and of course this is so b/c you'll always need to go into these stores just to check out the babes working and shopping there--just so we're clear on this one). 
--There's always a token gay.
--The guys seem to think it's OK to go shirtless, regardless of their physique.
But the point of this post is to mock how stupid people and their word is.  Keesha is maybe the biggest idiot I've seen.  Now, the BB Deja, Renny, is obviously a hapless fool who cannot win anything to spare her life, but Keesha should've rid of Libra, but then when she didn't, she should've rid of Jessie.  Instead she orchestrated an 8-0 ousting of the oh so dangerous Angie, and all b/c she gave her word to Leeb and Jess, rofl, although we did learn that the never-say-die/all-too-familiar specter of Female Jealousy was likely involved.  Even though I don't think Keesha is an attractive person due to her inadequacy in filling the Janelle/Danielle void, her odd facial expressions, her over-tan, and her Steve Martin from Roxanne nose-contour/protrusion-minimizing-cosmetic tricks, I obviously will say she has some desirable physical features too.  As does Angie.  April is so desperate that she is older than she really is.  Libra is full of venom and just really brutish looking.  I forget her name always, but Jessie's nail tech chick with the frizzed out pubehead-o-hair...who has only a 2-dimensional haggish....and Renny's obviously a nonstarter.
So far, the player of the game has to be Libra since she's the only one who had the balls to make the big play, in week one, getting rid of that smirking commie bastard.  Week 2 was a failure.  Week 3 was a failure.  But at least, b/c ppl are idiots, a dynamic Jessie remains in the house, hopefully disrupting a house full of people dying to be nerd herders if they're going to bow to the wishes of Keesha and vote 8-0.  Imbeciles.

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