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Big Brother : Is it me, or does April's face. . .
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 Message 1 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-n  (Original Message)Sent: 8/4/2008 5:16 PM
...look like it's peering out of some burlap bag or something?  like the scarecrow from Batman Begins
look at her eyes, it's like they're peering out of her face, they're like deep in her face or something, and they're beady, and like half open, and small, .....she's really quite scary looking

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 Message 2 of 7 in Discussion 
From: Jnp9Sent: 8/4/2008 6:49 PM

 Message 3 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-nSent: 8/4/2008 6:56 PM
we're on the same page right?

 Message 4 of 7 in Discussion 
From: Jnp9Sent: 8/4/2008 7:10 PM
and thats AFTER she blasted herself with clown paint

 Message 5 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameKittyMarthaPooSent: 8/4/2008 11:45 PM
she needs bangs to cover part of her Texas-sized forehead

 Message 6 of 7 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameBekka2364Sent: 8/5/2008 1:27 PM
ok so Ive been trying to determine why she isn't attractive, because you think, by all standards she should be. She has a decent body, long hair that isnt tragic, pretty blue eyes. So what makes her face so hard to look at??? Could be the harsh eye liner? The serious five head (which i agree she needs some sort of bang) Maybe fuller brows would help. She needs something. But her face is not good at all. I haven't seen her makeupless yet. She strikes me as the type that looks like a blonde long haired dude without makeup.

 Message 7 of 7 in Discussion 
From: Jnp9Sent: 8/5/2008 1:32 PM
She looks like an ugly grown up version of jon benet ramsey
Or wait i have it
Grown up Dakota Fanning

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