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Big Brother 9 : Another week of the same...
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 Message 1 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonita  (Original Message)Sent: 4/3/2008 3:14 PM
James/Sharon nominated. Zzzzzzz
I would love it if James won veto again and he nommed Sheila and she left. I don't think that will happen though...not if they are thinking about jury votes. We shall see.

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 Message 2 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonitaSent: 4/3/2008 3:14 PM
That is not a spoiler by the way - just my prediction. lol

 Message 3 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 4/3/2008 6:40 PM
Adam doesn't think Natalie and Sheila would take him to final 3, does he? He's a fool if he doesn't try to create an alliance with Sharon, who is now open and vulnerable and has proven she doesn't lie and backstab people.
Was that footage of Josh's parents hilarious last night? I swear, his father looked more uncomfortable in that than Jim Bakker did when the Jessica Hahn story broke, lol.

 Message 4 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameHoTtSyLiTtLefoXXySent: 4/3/2008 7:36 PM
i wonder if james can win this pov, how many would that be now, 4 in a row?

 Message 5 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonitaSent: 4/3/2008 7:37 PM
I think Adam likes to rile Sheila up so he may nom her but I highly doubt it unless she is a replacement. I think Natalie has this game wrapped up. Love, Christ.
His parents were so sweet. That was so funny! They looked like they were watching a scary movie but couldn't look away!

(1 recommendation so far) Message 6 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 4/4/2008 12:54 AM
I remember another "James" who was pretty good at getting those POVs, lol.
If Natalie wins, I think I'll be sick, lol. Well, at long as it's not Sheila. Seriously, man.
"Yew no wut? Yew mebbe think I don't deserve to win, but yew no wut? I dew! If I don't win, I might die. Die, I tell yew. Die!!"

 Message 7 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonitaSent: 4/4/2008 9:03 PM
Good times...
Spoiler alert
* He put up Sharon and Sheila but he regrets it now. James cried to him and he felt bad for him then he went to the DR and says they finalized it by talking him into it. I love "reality" tv. lmao - veto comp going on now. I will ROLL if James gets it and takes Sharon off because that means, Sheila, Nat or Ryan go home. lol *

 Message 8 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonitaSent: 4/7/2008 5:22 PM
* Aw well, time to say good-bye to the pink haired rooster *

 Message 9 of 9 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 4/7/2008 7:45 PM
Just when I think nothing can make this even remotely interesting, James pulls a rabbit out of his ass. Bonus.
Adam blew it with his alliance though. I think what he was saying last night was basically that if James is nominated and gets the POV, he has to put up one of them, but this way, they'll fight harder for the POV, and if Sharon or Sheila comes off the block, then back-dooring James is a done deal?
Cuz...I don't see that happening, lol.
Anyway, I'm not so sure any of them would take Adam to final 2 anyway, so it's probably worth the risk for him. Cuz if he sides with James and Sharon, and if any of those other 3 get the boot, then Adam's with a majority side again, lol. So really, not a bad move at all, just extremely risky.
I don't read your spoilers until several days afterwards, lol.  

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