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Books : Marilyn Monroe
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From: MSN NicknameMezzosoprano97  (Original Message)Sent: 10/10/2008 3:08 PM
This is not so good.  She constantly interjects her own thoughts into Monroe's head.  For instance, early in her career, Marilyn turned down a marriage proposal from her agent, who was a millionaire and very old.  Soon after rejecting his offer, he died of a heart attack.  Not only does Leaming insist that the reported suicide attempt after news of his death reached her (which was taken from an unreliable source and could not be confirmed by a second witness) happened as actual fact, not conceeding that there are conflicting accounts that this incident may never have happened, but she then writes about Monroe arriving at a Hollywood party and interjects something to the effect of "Marilyn knew they were all thinking she was crazy to turn down his proposal".  Now, unless Leaming had held a seance and asked Monroe, what exactly were you thinking when you arrived at that party, there's NO way she could've known that.  I don't mind that kind of editorializing about a subject who is still around to defend themselves, but not when she's, in essence, grave digging.  Many of the "thoughts" supplanted in Marilyn's head, here, perpetuate the myth that she was an idiot.  As Churchwell pointed out in her take on the many conflicting Marilyn myths, so much of the way we view her life and her career is in hindsight and colored through the prism of her early death.  Marilyn didn't spend her entire career dying, but that's what so many of her chroniclers are stuck on thinking.  Everything in her life, now, must be painted to foreshadow her death. 

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