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From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-n  (Original Message)Sent: 1/2/2009 6:20 PM
to switch to AT&T
First, if you have been wanting an iPhone, the new 3G is being sold for $199 (8gb) and $299 (for the 16-gig).  You can get a refurb'd 8gig iPhone 3G for $149 (refurb'd being defined in terms of the iPhone are restricted to units returned during the 30-day period with, in some cases, a few slight superficial scratches, but no more than that).
Second, you don't have to live near a rare Apple store to go get a true in-person view of them anymore since Best Buy and Wal-Mart are each selling them now.  In fact, Walmart sells the 8 and 16 for a couple bucks less, literally, at $197 and $297. 
Third, if you like LG products, AT&T is blowing them out at 50% off or more and you can get 5 or 6 of their models for free or anywhere under $40, which is what a new VU would cost you.  The VU is that TV phone that they feature in this commercial: 
I'll be getting both this weekend.  One 8-gig iPhone and one VU for the TV service.  And thank god I'll once again be back with a GSM phone so I can freely switch whatever device I want to use that day with a mere change of a SIM card.  My 3G RAZR can serve as my no-cost daily phone if I tire of the fancy VU or iPhone, since I'm still a talker and phone user, not a texter or emailer or gps comber or net surfer on my mobile devices.  And of course there's my 12 year old Ericsson T28 World phone that can live again when I want to dazzle the hipsters with my cellular reach with what they will likely see as a great phone and one they cannot have given its age, though they'll never know it was so old given its timeless design, muahahahahaa.
Anyway, for more info on the deals,
Actually, not sure if I'll get the VU or the Incite, which is also from LG.  The Incite is also a smartphone, but I don't think it has TV.  But it does have Live VideoShare, which means you can have a video conversation with someone else.  And that's awesome. 

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