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From: MSN NicknameHiccup1  (Original Message)Sent: 1/9/2009 3:52 PM
godiva requested that someone post this here.


New postby godiva on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:39 am

Hey, it's godiva.  

I heard about your early departure and thought I'd take this moment to beg you to PLEASE STAY!!!!!  DON'T GO!!!!  MY WORLD WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOUUUUUUUU.

Actually, I just wanted to say that I know you have decided on a self-imposed departure from message boards all together for whatever reason, which is cool.  I get it... I understand.

HOWEVER, on the slight chance you may want to stick around and hang out with Loft peeps in a message board type setting (I know there's email), that the New Loft is a pretty cool place to go.

We as a group have been together for 7 years and that is the precise reason why Shadow/root/Scott/Zeus has created the New Loft.  To keep ALL of us together.  There is no reason why you or anyone should not enjoy this wonderful, totally rocked out virtual world that Shadow has worked really, really, really hard on for us.  There are some major hotties here too... jus sayin.

So if you decide to come on as Torty the Character, Torsten the dude behind the mask, Tortycakes the Romney-Lover or whatever....that's cool.  I know there are people here that enjoy you... and hell I did too at certain rare moments.  I'd be lyin if I said I wouldn't prefer the startin' fresh, clean-slate 'Torsten-behind-the-mask, who's tired of the charade and wants to be himself for a change' guy cuz I think he might be an okay dude to get to know... at least that's what my girl Tequila keeps sayin.  But it's up to you.  It's a more intimate setting here which is kinda nice... and there are lots of old faces and friends here which is also nice.  But it's not a lovefest... which is good cuz that would be one big a** snoozefest for me.

Anyways, if this appeal sounds unenticing to you then.... good luck with everything.  I enjoyed sparring with you and you were always a good sport.
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Cherished Amateur
Cherished Amateur

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