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Global Awareness : Help the Pacific environment...
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 Message 1 of 4 in Discussion 
From: Jag  (Original Message)Sent: 12/23/2006 10:12 PM
TODAY'S ACTION for December 22, 2006
1,990 Actions Today!    

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 Message 2 of 4 in Discussion 
From: JagSent: 12/23/2006 10:15 PM

Help Stop Big Oil from destroying America’s Arctic Seas

<CMS name="">Last month we asked you to help protect America’s Arctic Ocean--the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort seas--from oil and gas exploration and drilling. Despite widespread public opposition to the Bush Administration’s shortsighted “drill everywhere?5-Yr. Plan and the fact that this Plan has not yet even been finalized, the U.S. Minerals Management Service is preparing to lease 33 million publicly owned acres of the Chukchi Sea to oil companies. This holiday gift to Big Oil will cause irreversible changes in a pristine area and impact polar bears, walrus, bowhead whales, seals, seabirds and the entire ecosystem of the world’s most productive high latitude sea.

Oil exploration, drilling, pipeline infrastructure, and heavy transportation would also disproportionately impact subsistence communities and exacerbate stresses on the Arctic that are caused by our national addiction to oil. Although scientists do know that the Chukchi is one of the most productive Arctic seas on the planet, there is little scientific information about the current status and specific habitats of fish, marine mammal, and seabird populations. That means that we may never even know the true extent of ecological destruction associated with this development. Unfortunately, the story gets even worse—industry has admitted it has no ability to clean up oil spills, which are inevitable, in such icy conditions.

Take action today!

 Message 3 of 4 in Discussion 
From: JagSent: 12/23/2006 10:16 PM
Care2 Daily Action - Protect Polar Bears, Whales, and Walruses from Oil Drilling

Welcome to Care2's Daily Action site! Each day, we feature a new fast, easy and fun way for you to make a difference for the environment, animal rights, human rights, worker rights, consumer protection, and your health. Your Success Journal automatically tracks the impact you're making.

Today, we're asking you to make a difference by helping Pacific Environment protect polar bears, bowhead whales, and walrus from oil drilling in America's Arctic seas.

Why? The Bush Administration is quickly and quietly giving Big Oil a holiday gift of 33 million acres of off-limit Arctic waters. This beautiful and remote area is home to endangered marine mammals, seabirds, fish, and indigenous communities. And when there is an oil spill in this ice-rich environment, there is no way to clean it up!

With your help, we can send a strong message to the government that it's time to end our addiction to oil, reverse climate change, and enact permanent protections for our unprotected Arctic marine ecosystems.

It's time to stand up and tell Big Oil that enough is enough - our Arctic marine environment and the animals that inhabit these ice waters are not for sale. Click the button below to send a letter to decision makers telling them not to drill in the home of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

 Message 4 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 1/3/2007 8:31 PM
Unfortunately, as long as people are not only addicted to money, but think acquisition is more important than anything else, I just can't imagine this being any different. It doesn't seem to matter to the powerful few that the 'people' actually care about what sort of planet we leave behind.
You know, you go to the beach, you're careful to remove all your litter, thousands of other people do the same thing, but it only takes one a-hole to leave behind a pop-top or broken bottle for some kid to step on and need a tetanus shot. You know what I mean?
So sad.....

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