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Health N Fitness : FIBER - For the Ladies
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From: MSN NicknameLitaBonita  (Original Message)Sent: 10/26/2005 4:40 PM

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any diet and exercise plan.

Many American women will try just about anything to lose weight. There’s always a new fad diet on the market promising quick weight
loss, usually with very little effort. But there’s something that can help you lose weight that’s not a fad ?fiber.

Forgot about Fiber?

Fiber is in a variety of foods, but the problem is, many women consume far less of it than they should. A good amount is between 25 and 35 grams per day.

Types of Fiber

There are two types of fiber, and it’s important to get enough of both in your diet.

Type of Fiber Description Foods
Soluble Dissolves in water and forms a jellylike substance Legumes, some fruits, oat products, and seeds.
Insoluble Does not dissolve in water and leaves your body quickly Whole-grain breads, vegetables, flaxseed, brown rice, and whole-grain cereals.

Fringe Benefits

Increase your fiber intake and you’ll reap the benefits, which include:

  • Eating less because foods with fiber will take you longer to eat, so you will feel full sooner
  • Feeling full for longer, which may cut down on snacking between meals
  • Increased regularity

Fiber can’t be digested and is very low in calories. Adding it to your diet gradually and spreading it out over your daily meals can help prevent gas and bloating. Since fiber pulls water from your body, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Knowing what foods you should eat can help you to meet your daily fiber requirement. Below are some good food choices to incorporate into your diet.

Food Serving Size Amount of Fiber (g)
Black beans (cooked) 1 cup 19.4
Baked beans (in sauce) 1 cup 16.0
Peas (cooked) 1 cup 13.4
Dried figs 3 10.5
100% bran ½ cup 8.4
Broccoli (cooked) ¾ cup 7.0
Spinach (cooked) ½ cup 7.0
Yams (cooked or baked in skin) 6 oz. 6.8
Bran meal 3 tbsp. 6.0
Wheat spaghetti 1 cup 5.6
Lentils (cooked) 2/3 cup 5.5
Lima beans (cooked) ½ cup 4.5
Apple (with skin), large 1 4.5
Pear (with skin), medium 1 4.0

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