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LFL 07-08 : 1st quarter observations
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From: realityczech  (Original Message)Sent: 10/4/2007 1:34 PM
After a messy 1st 4 weeks, here's some quick capsule observations about each division.

NFC East-
Eagles-In trouble, Donovan is not 100% and with Westbrook and several key members of the defense banged up, they have suddenly lost a lot of their effectiveness. They need to get healthy, or they'll be on the outside looking in, come playoff time.
Giants-Sloppy at first, but their defense has played better lately. Eli looks ok, they may save Tom Coughlin's job after all (I expect a collapse in another few weeks though).
Cowboys-Yikes. Other than their secondary, this team doesn't have any weaknesses, the clear class of the NFC right now.
Skins-Meh, they're average in every way.

NFC North
Packers-Favre looks totally rejuvenated, and the defense is tough. That's more than enough for them to win this division and go deep into the playoffs.
Bears-Sexy Rexy is finally on the bench, and give Griese a few weeks to settle in, he'll be better than Rex, but not a savior, the Bears are done. 8-8 will be a successful season for them at this point.
Vikings-Bleh. Adrian Peterson is unstoppable. The rest of the team...isn't. 1st pick here we come!
Lions-Surprising so far, not so much on offense as much as defense. If they stay consistent, a WC is in their future.

NFC South
Bucs-Jeff Garcia totally transformed this offense. Even with Cadillac going down, they still look decent. They may surprise and run away with this division.
Panthers-Jekyll and Hyde. They're either lights out, or look like their lights are out. Don't bet on this team, ever.
'Aints-OK, last year was a fluke. Brees is better than he has played, but the defense is not, they were just masked by the offense last year. This team is not good.
Falcons-Well, Joey finally wins a game, don't expect too many more this year, they don't have enough playmakers.
NFC West
9ers-They are struggling, as it often happens with preseason cinderella darlings. Alex Smith regressed without Norv Turner around, and now he's hurt. The defense needs to get more consistent as well. Nate Clements is playing like a man posessed, the rest of them need to wake up.
Cardinals-They may finally be the cinderella team, the QB by committee seems to be working.
Seahawks-Alexander looks old, but the defense looks good. They'll win this division easily.
Rams-Yuck. Pace is out, Bulger and Jackson are banged up, and their defense is terrible. They will compete with the Vikings for the 1st pick in the draft. (hint, get a new tackle).
AFC East
Bills-Trent Edwards has created a QB controversy. So much for my touting of Losman in the preseason, looks like real NFL defenses still give him trouble. But, the season is still young. They won't contend.
Patriots-This team is scary. They have no apparent weaknesses, and even if they did have one, Brady-to-Moss would mask it effectively. Heavy favorite to get another SB ring.
'Fins-They're terrible. Old on boths sides of the ball, and no one, other than Ronnie Brown looks like they care. Cam Cameron has his work cut out for him.
Jets-Could be worse, could be better. If Pennington struggles, Clemens will see the field, that isn't a bad thing.
AFC North
Ravens-Overrated. Their defense is biting too much on play-fakes, and really misses Trevor Pryce (and Adalius Thomas). The offense is the same as it ever was, which is mediocre at best. They're missing the playoffs.
Bengals-No defense, and no the offense is feuding. They're in big trouble.
Steelers-They have righted the ship. Amazing how much better Big Ben looks when he hasn't had a surgery and a car accident as his preseason warmup.
Browns-They just may sneak above .500. Derek Anderson has quieted the Brady Quinn crowd...for now.
AFC South
Colts-The Pats are once again their only real competition. Their defense doesn't look like it could stop the Pats WRs though (how weird is that). Peyton needs to be perfect for them to get back to the big game. Don't count him out though.
Jaguars-Garrard is ok. What happened to their running game? Not a great team, overall.
Titans-Frisky. If VY makes some good decisions, they could sneak into the playoffs.
Texans-Well, they're NFL caliber now. They need Andre Johnson healthy, and some more production out of their running game.
AFC West
Chargers-Norv Turner and Ted Cottrell aren't good at their current jobs. LT is unhappy. That needs to change or this team is headed for 6-10.
Chiefs-As bad as we all thought, it just turns out the Vikings, Rams and Dolphins are a lot worse than we thought.
Broncos-They need to do more on offense. Until they do, they'll hover around .500. But, if Cutler and Co. get it together, they'll challenge that Pats and Colts.
Raiders-Better than last year, and C-pepp looked good against Miami. Let's temper our enthusiasm until he's played a few NFL teams though.

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