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LOST! : Ok - what????
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 Message 1 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChick  (Original Message)Sent: 5/9/2008 6:57 PM

WTF is Claire doing in the cabin? With Jack's dad?

Is she dead now? :^(

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 Message 2 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameHoTtSyLiTtLefoXXySent: 5/10/2008 10:17 PM
sooooooooooooooooo frustrating!!!

 Message 3 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-nSent: 5/15/2008 2:18 PM
OK, just finally watched last week's last night, and was very pleased with it.  While Claire looked like a lazily satisfied and content teen, lol, in her scene, what I'm trying to remember is what the man who told Locke to go on his walkabout was telling Hurley however many episodes or seasons ago.  Anyway, his character's role in last week's episode has positioned him, if not made very clear actually, that he is the balance to the, uh, is it Gabriel?...don't know where I got that name... but the guy who never ages who was recruiting Locke as a young boy to attend his 'special school'..... so anyway these two guys are like opposing angel & demon fighting over selected people like Locke and Walt, with the black guy representing Faith, and the ageless guy representing Science.  Great, great development.
Also, it was epic that the show ended with Ben asking Locke what they are supposed to do, and Locke answered, "They want us to move the island."   rofl....oh i just about clapped and cheered at that ending. 
So all the heavy stuff mixed with Ben's surrender of power and leadership (we'll see how long he plays follower though, as his off-the-island incarnation is very interesting to me), the scene with he and Hurley eating a candybar, and finally back to lovely Claire's bubblegum satisfied disposition made for quite the zany episode.  So much so that I'm thinking I'll try to watch tonight's tonight, after the Penguins game, though who knows if I'll be up for that depending on the game, or moreover depending on my energy level.