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Rock Star 2 : Webisode...
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From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tioga  (Original Message)Sent: 8/22/2006 5:18 PM
Long post warning.....
Previously on Rock Star Supernova, a naked Toby proved he would do anything to sing with Gilby, and Zayra jumped at the chance to perform an original song. It was risky but she was brave and went for it. On performance night, Ryan, Dilana, and Toby all gave killer acoustic performances. Zayra sang her original but the guys wondered if it was right for their band. Dilana got to sing a Supernova track with the guys and rocked the house! Zayra, Patrice. and Magni were in the bottom three and Zayra was asked to leave. Seven rockers remain, who will be the next to go? Are you ready for a new sensation?

Back at the mansion the rockers toast the departed Zayra. Ryan tells us that it was she who brought life to the house. He reminisces with the group saying that she made one of the best speeches and quotes, “I can’t believe I’ve been here this long!?Storm agrees and misses her. Dilana tells us that it was ballsy of Zayra to do an original. She explains, “It kind of undresses you and shows people who you really are!?The group also toasts Dilana because she was the first person to sing with Supernova. Storm tells her when she first heard the song she wasn’t totally sold on it but now she wants to sing it. Dilana snaps, “So do it!?Dilana tells us that the world saw her and Supernova as one, and now she can’t see anyone else fronting this band.

The rockers are having their dinner and Toby tells us that he wants to do something special to the person who did the encore. That said, he walks by Ryan he shoves a handful of food in his face. Happy encore! Nice. Ryan is a bit messy, takes the playful face smash well, and assures us that he isn’t crying.

The media visits the mansion for a press junket. We learn that there were people from radio, television and magazines. Ryan shares that a few of rockers haven’t had much exposure. He thinks it’s important to remember that you’re talking to the world, not just one person. Lucas says if you are a rock star or superstar, the media is just a part of the game.

Lucas sits down with Mark Long from Fox Reality who asks, “So growing up were you a fan of the Supernova guys? Lucas answers that the first time he had sex was to the Metallica song, “Unforgiven.?Mark laughs and says he did it to “New Edition.?/P>

Toby sits down with Nick Dickson from In Touch Magazine and is asked,?Do you think you could survive if the band toured for a year??Toby answers that it depends on what medicines are being created now. Nick is amused.

Storm tells us that the toughest interview, by far, was by Jaime White, from STAR 98.7! “People were limping out of there!?She walks to the room to meet with Jaime who, when they shake hands says, “Wow, you shake like a man!?Storm is at a loss for words. Jaime says, “You’re a singer, that’s great, but there’s nothing outstanding that makes me go?dammit, that’s the girl!?Hmm. Next we see Jaime noting that Toby isn’t all tatted out (he has five), when he asks her how many she is sporting, she remind him this isn’t about her. Hmm. With Magni she wants to play a little game. “Who in the house doesn’t like you? ?she asks. He answers that she’s mean and laughs “Time out! Easy! Easy!?/P>

She wants Ryan to guess who said something negative about him.?He thinks for a moment and answers, “Well you just did, didn’t you??(Ryan tells us that he wasn’t expecting these types of questions. It was harshest interview he had ever done but he did remember that he was representing Supernova.) Jaime asks if he feels like Dilana has the edge right now? When Ryan begins to answer this he notices Jason Newsted enter the room. Yep, he’s listening. Ryan answers that Supernova has made it clear that they are open until the very end, but as of now, from everything they’ve seen, Dilana’s extraordinary. Good answer Ryan!

Jason tells us that there’s a lot crash course stuff involved in whoever is going to win this competition. It all comes down to the representation.

Lucas is asked if he thinks there is anyone there faking it to get the job? Are they playing a part to impress the guys? Lucas answers, “Of course, but he’s not going to dog anyone!?His interviewer, Kevin, remarks that his answer will not look good in Rolling Stone! (Jason is also a fly on the wall for this interview segment.)

Now, Dilana sits down with Kevin and he says that now that there are fewer people in the house, he wonders how she feels living with these people that are clearly threatened by her? She answers that she doesn’t think everyone’s mind and heart is as set as hers is to win. She knows who is serious and who is just along for the ride. (She reminds us that she and the rockers are all family, but at the end of the day, this is a competition.) When Kevin asks who of the rockers are like this, she answers that Toby is one, and Magni is really set on being with his family. Kevin asks Dilana how they all acted when they heard the Supernova song for the first time? She answers that she LOVED it but others didn’t and said, “Really? I think the lyrics suck!?He asks which of the rockers said this? She answers that Storm really hated the lyrics and Ryan totally hated the song. Finally, Kevin asks, “Who shouldn’t still be here??Dilana answers that she doesn’t think Patrice should be there. Ouch, ouch, and ouch!

Jason tells us that there is no question that when you talk negatively about other people or your band mates, there will be repercussions, no matter what!

Jaime interview Dilana and says that she can’t imagine living with stranger for this long without having repercussions with some. Dilana answers that at this point they are like a forced family and they’ve all really bonded. Jaime says that this is the politically correct thing to say, BUT wants to know who she really hates. Dilana blabs that there is one guy she wants to strangle every day and that’s Lucas! From one hour to the next he’s a different person! Every now and again he hits one little nerve in her that makes her just want to punch his lights out! (I say, “Dilana?you are so gone!?

Lucas sits down with Jaime. She notices his shades and says, “So the sunglasses, what’s with that? Do you feel like a superstar, is that the deal??He answers, “No,?and explains that he’s just a little hung over; then offers to take them off. She tells him that it has been said, in the house, that he’s really difficult to deal with. He asks, “Really??Jaime informs him that Dilana wants to save him because she gets so worried about his moodiness. Lucas answers, “Tell her to mind her own business.?(Lucas tells us that for Dilana to say something like this, to a camera, to anyone, when she doesn’t even know who he is, is uncalled for and cheap!)

Jaime continues to piss Lucas off by saying that out of anyone, thus far, he has been the most talked about as far as being the most difficult to deal with in the house. She’s just telling him what others are saying and thinks Lucas is coming off as a complete “bleep?to her! Lucas defends that he’s not being a “bleep?he’s just sitting there and filtering her words. (He tells us that he wasn’t about to sit there, smile, and let her laugh at him! He was seconds from getting up and telling her to go “F?herself!) Jaime smiles and says, “We’re all good?as Lucas gets up to leave. He tells us that she didn’t like him and he didn’t like her so, “Tough Bananas!?/P>

Jason gives us another media lesson. “If the media treats you with disrespect, you can treat them with disrespect back! That IS allowed. ?Whew, thanks Jason.

Lucas meets up with Ryan and two discuss what they’ve just went through. Lucas was surprised and wonders why would someone stoop to that level? He tells Ryan a bit about what Jaime asked and quotes, “Do you think she (Dilana) is just jealous??He explains how he turned the question around and asked what Jaime thought. Lucas tells us with the pressure of being in a superstar band, Dilana should think things through before she opens her mouth. It’s one thing to say things to his face; another to say things to people who will write it down or put it on television or radio. “This is the fine line between professional and punk.?/P>

Toby walks into the song selection room and the first song we see is “Every Breath You Take,?by the Police. Nearby, hangs two “Your Original?sheets. He thinks if people don’t fall all over them, there is something wrong! Toby announces the song choices to the group, and Ryan says, “It’s on!?He’s going to do an original! His rocks! Well, Toby wants one too! BUT Ryan’s mom LOVES his! ?(The group laughs.) Storm ONLY wants to do an original. She tells us that she’s been rolling over and hasn’t fought for a song yet! She’ll even put on gloves and fight. (To us, Dilana mimics her.) Hmm. Ryan shares that he has no desire to box Storm for a song and thinks that she has unrealistic ways of solving things. He says that she’s in her own world of violence and finds it disturbing. Plus, he has never hit a girl in his life and he’s not going to start now!

Sooo, there are five of them that want to perform their original songs. Patrice says she’ll stand all night and not eat or sleep for an original. Magni, trying to be the voice of reason, says since Patrice has been in the bottom three three times, she should get a chance to do an original. Toby goes along with it. (Ryan tells us that no one really fights for anything.) The group gives one of them up easily, to Patrice, and she takes it. Ryan thinks that people don’t really want to do their original songs because they’re scared!

Storm sees the music for “Cryin?by Aerosmith and tells us that no one wants to do it, because no one else can sing it! She, again, bends to the other rockers, and says to herself, “I can do sing it. Screw you! I can do anything! Screw you.?Thus, this becomes her song.

Magni plays guitar while Storm practices the song. She crawls on to Magni’s lap, and he jokes, “Will my wife be happy your sitting on my lap with your breasts in my face??Storm assures him that his wife loves her and she is sitting on his lap like a brother. Heh. Magni laughs and says that he has two brothers and this has never happened before!

Storm whines that, once again, she has the song that no one else wanted. Ryan ends up with the other original song and Dilana gets “Every Breath You Take.?Dilana thinks Toby wanted it but Toby giggles that he didn’t want the song, he just wanted to use some “pay backs?on her. She must get nekkid for the song! Dilana strips down, as the rockers wait poolside. Dilana sprints out the door, covering herself somewhat modestly, and tells us that she ran around the pool naked because she’s tough and has a hot body. Then she adds, “For a midget.?/P>

The guys tease her, “You look like a 12 year old boy with a wig!?She tells us that she wanted “Every Breath You Take?because it’s her mom’s favorite song. She personally thinks that this will be her strongest performance to date, because she has such a huge connection with the song. We hear her practicing and her falsetto voice seems to be broken. In fact, it sounds downright nasty.

Meanwhile, Lucas racks up the balls to play pool. He and Toby hear wailing and they just want it to stop. Lucas wonders if there’s a dog howling. Oh, it’s Dilana? Yep. Toby remarks that Dilana is becoming Jill. (Ok, that made me laugh.)

Toby practices with the house band. He is singing, “Layla?by Derek and the Dominos. He tells the band that he wants to keep the first verse light. He’s hoping to make it sound like a Supernova track. He says that every week he holds his breath for fear he’ll be in the bottom three. He hasn’t stepped into their zone and smashed them in the face yet! He doesn’t want to come in third, fourth or fifth?he wants to come back to the top!

Magni’s voice is a bit under the weather; he has a touch of the flu. Paul Mirkovich, the house bandleader, tells us that Magni is doing?Teen Spirit?by Nirvana. He explains that Magni’s not feeling well and it definitely affects how he sings and his energy. He says that your body is your instrument and if your body isn’t working right, neither is your instrument!

Ryan is going to sing his original song called, “Back Of Your Car.?He explains that it’s a high energy; fun, and dirty rock song. The house band is really professional but he has to make sure they sound and represents who he is. He tells us that the song is about the world coming to an end. There are people in church praying and freaking?out, and then there’s the people making love. He thinks it’s right up Supernova’s alley! It’s kind of dirty. Hmm. We hear the lyrics, “It’s the perfect time of night, to be losing your clothes now, if you carefully take them off…?Paul tells us that he likes the song melodically, and thinks Ryan sings it well. He says Ryan is funny to work with because he’s so into everything that’s going on. Ryan shares that the band has to play it exactly as he would want to hear it. Paul says that Ryan has a strong tendency to micro manage the band. “Yeah.?The band members tell him to not over think it, but Ryan tells us that he needs it to be amazing. For the first time he can’t hide behind the excuse, “Oh, that’s not really me!?This is Ryan and his rock and roll stuff!

The clip starts coming to an end and we hear Brooke ask:

Will Toby’s arrangement work out?

Will Dilana pull it together in time?

Will Ryan’s risk pay off?

I want to know if Magni feels better!

We see a few more clips from the interviews as the credits roll. We hear, Jaime say to Storm, “Dilana says that you’re a grandma??Storm starts laughing. To Toby she says, “Dilana says that Lucas is a slob.?Toby explains to Jaime how Lucas comes into the room drinking beer and his breath smells like a thousand a$$es. (Hahahaha. Sorry.) Jaime asks Magni his thoughts on Lucas?makeup. Magni says that he thinks that’s his face and he’s just some kind of weird breed. Storm sees a large dog and tells interviewer, Kevin, it her publicist. (She’s a laugh riot!)  Ryan tells Jaime that he grew up reading Cosmo, Teen, and Vogue, which he thought were better magazines than Maxim. Jaime snipes that she has never heard of a man preferring Cosmo. Poor Ryan.

Join me tomorrow night for the performances!

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