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Science & Crypto : Bigfoot near Gunung Panti?
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 Message 1 of 2 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tioga  (Original Message)Sent: 1/25/2006 1:56 PM

The discovery of several huge footprints by a villager in Panti has caused a flurry of excitement among Bigfoot believers.
The 50cm-long footprints (inset, picture above) caused by a single creature that had apparently walked out of a muddy stretch of the jungle area, were found on a recently-tarred road leading to smallholdings located at the foot of Gunung Panti.

Bio-dioversity researcher Vincent Chow, who yesterday led a team of eight Bigfoot enthusiasts, including a professional from England, to investigate the footprints, said there was a strong possibility they were made by a Bigfoot creature.

"We traced the footprints up a hill and found more footprints on the muddy floor of the jungle. However, recent heavy rains have smudged the outline of the footprints.

"From their depth, we can judge that the creature which made them could have been about four times a man’s weight."

Chow said the manner in which the creature had traversed the jungle was humanlike.

"Except for a few broken twigs, there was no damage to the plants as the creature seemed to have followed the jungle path carefully, even ducking below thorny creepers. Had an elephant passed through the area, there would have been extensive damage to the vegetation."

Chow said he interviewed a villager who stated he was convinced that some creature had been prowling around the Kampung Temenim Lama area in Panti.

The villager said he heard pots and pans being moved about in his kitchen at the back of the house one night.

He was too scared to check the disturbances then, but in the morning he found the pots turned upside down and the rice spilt.

Meanwhile, a 68-year-old tanker lorry driver claimed he had a close encounter with a Bigfoot family in the 1990s on the Masai-Kong Kong road.

P. Palaniandy said he had left for Kulai after filling up his tanker with crude palm oil at a depot in Kong Kong about 8.30am.

"Just as I was going up a slope, I saw the creatures crossing the road in single file.

"They were going from the Masai side of the jungle to the Kong Kong side."

He said the creatures were between five feet and seven feet tall and heavily built. The long arms of the biggest creature were as thick as a man’s thigh.

Palaniandy said he slowed down and was about five metres away from the creatures when they walked into the jungle.

He said they had thick foreheads, bushy raised eyebrows, large protruding jaws, big hair-covered ears, raised chests and large protruding buttocks. The creatures did not turn to look at him.

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 Message 2 of 2 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nicknamebreeze_tiogaSent: 1/25/2006 8:56 PM
And here's another strange "thing" I came across while looking around:
here's what's written about it:
During our camping trip to the Adirondacks Mountains in late August 2005, Mike, John, Tammi and myself, David, came in close contact with what we believe is a Bigfoot like creature. We had worked hard all day setting up our camp because we had a lot of gear and needed extra tents and lean-tos to protect it all. As it got closer to nightfall, we collected dead tree branches, old logs and pine needles for kindling to start out bonfire.

Mike was documenting our trip with his new camera by taking pictures throughout the day and evening. It was a warm, summer evening with a slight breeze and the moon was fully illuminating the sky. With the moonlight and bonfire, we could see could see the surrounding forest quite well.

We were drinking some Rolling Rocks by the fire and crazy campfire stories started to take hold of our conversation. John mentioned the old folktale about “The Legend of Poplar Ridge?where a dog-like creature created by the Devil tortured and hunted people living in the area. John was a very good storyteller and we quickly became spellbound. Mike was the first to smell it. The smell of wet dog mixed with rancid, rotting flesh. We heard a grunt come from the west side of our camp, near the tents and decided to investigate. Mike, never far from his camera, snapped a quick photo before it took off. We were so unnerved by its presence we decided to take off and spend the night in town. The next morning, we went back to our campsite, collected our belongings and high tailed it out of there as fast as we could.

--David N.