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Spiritual : Animal Reincarnation
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From: MSN NicknameSmigChick  (Original Message)Sent: 9/1/2006 7:57 PM
Animal Souls, Reincarnation, and the
Return of Snoopy-the Lunchmeat Lambada King
By: Barbara Stein
This is the first in a continuing series of articles about animal spirituality. I recently interviewed Linda Madrid, a respected local futurist (or servant, as she prefers to call herself), her opinion of animal spirituality. Linda specializes in communicating with people and pets that have passed on to spirit.

Q: In your opinion, Linda, do animals have souls like people?
Absolutely! A soul is a soul, but they're different in terms of size, structure, and thinking processes. Animals have a different version of a soul, but it's the same concept.

Q: Where do our animals' spirits go when they pass on?
From what I've seen in the past, it's no different than what people experience. They float up and they go as far as they want to go... anywhere they want. There is flexibility for them to choose where they want to go. Usually they stay close to their masters for a time before they leave.

Q: Can animals sense death coming?
Animals can sense death coming: their own or others'. As an example, many years ago, we had a dog named Boy. Our grandfather, who lived in a house in our back yard, was very ill in the hospital. One day Boy began howling and looking toward grandfather's house. I went over to him and asked him, what's wrong, Boy?, and I saw that he had tears in his eyes and was looking toward grandfather's house. Our grandfather died within two days of that event. Right after he died, Boy would often go to his house and we saw him wagging his tail...I felt sure Boy was seeing grandfather's spirit as he visited.

Q: Do our pets' spirits return to visit us?
After they leave us, they come around from time to time when they want to visit us. Sometimes to you can hear them make noises, like a meow, or a bark. They may visit you in your dreams. Or, they can come through another pet that is alive to communicate with you.

Q: Are animals reunited with their animal friends and masters on the other side?
Time is allocated to animal spirits just as it is to us. Depending on the time the pet has, they are free to visit and play with their spirit friends. Animals are on a different level than we are. They can communicate with one another and with us. The animals are happy on the other side. They meet old and new friends. There are no physical restrictions in the spiritual realm. Nothing binding them to any place or thing.

Q: Can animals reincarnate? To the same owner?
Yes, yes. Animals can reincarnate to the same owner, or to others. It's predestined. For example, a seeing-eye dog will always be a seeing-eye dog. Pets can have very positive human qualities, like compassion and understanding. There are dogs that can recognize people's frustrations and illnesses that doctors cannot pinpoint or diagnose. So these animals are predestined to help their masters with these problems. It's almost like they choose who they go to. They know beforehand.

I'll tell you a true story as an example of reincarnation: A few years ago, a couple came to me. Their dog of many years had recently passed away. Both the husband and wife were upset, but the woman was beside herself with grief. She could hardly function. They asked me what they could do to get in touch with him.

I told them the animal was coming back to them. I advised them to visit three animal shelters, and at the third one, they would find their dog reincarnated as another animal. A few weeks later, the woman called me. She was so happy and wanted to thank me, she said, because she and her husband had found their dog! Just as I described, they visited first one, then two animal shelters. They were getting discouraged, but decided to visit one last shelter before giving up.

At the third shelter, as they passed the cage of a particular dog, unlike the other animals, the dog became very animated, as if he knew them. He made eye contact with them, barked excitedly, and pawed at the cage door to be let out. They noticed he was the same breed as the pet they had lost, but a different color. The couple knew in an instant that this was their dog spirit come back to them. They adopted the dog immediately.

Amazingly, when they brought him to their car, the animal went right to the place in the back seat where their previous dog had always sat. Then, when they brought him into their house, the dog was at ease. He knew where everything was in the house and understood the house rules and couple's commands automatically, as if he had been there for years.

Q: How can people communicate with their pets once they have passed away?
Call the name of your pet three times. If your pet is in the mood to respond, he or she will communicate with you. They may visit you in a dream or telepathically.

Sometimes they come around and you'll see physical signs. You may see the animal. (They may come in different colors or as they were when they were alive.) You may notice your curtains moving mysteriously because the pet is there. The pet spirit may make a sound or jump on the bed and you'll feel the weight, or they may curl up next to you and you may, for example, hear a purring.

Sometimes, when you put out a bowl of water, and call the pet, you'll hear lapping as if they are drinking. If animals want to communicate with you, they will.

Q: When we pass on, will our pets be waiting for us on the other side?
When you pass on, your pet will recognize you on the other side because of the unique spiritual connection they have with you and the high-level senses they have. If the relationship was good, you will be reunited with them.

Q: So God recognizes animals as special creatures?
Yes. He recognizes them in his plan for living creatures, because God made them. Sometimes pets have a higher level of understanding than people. We need to be good to our animals, because they are special creatures.

Editor's Note: Linda Madrid has been a friend and counselor to me and the ARCH animals for several years. She is a wonderful futurist and spiritual guide. In March 1995, one of my closest animal friends, Snoopy, a 14-year old cat, passed away. I was devastated. I called Linda and asked her if she could tell me if Snoopy was OK in his transition to the spirit world. She said she would try to contact him and I should call her later. (I told her nothing about Snoopy but his name.)

I was uncertain about Linda's ability to contact Snoopy. (I had never asked her to contact a spirit before.) I called her later that day and she exclaimed: "Yes! I saw Snoopy...He was here. He was a small cat, gray and white, and he did a dance - he pranced with his back legs and shook his tail. Do you know what I mean?"

I was flabbergasted. She had not only described Snoopy physically, but the dance she mentioned was something only I knew about. Snoopy was very shy. I had rescued him after he was abandoned as a kitten. He ran from everyone but me. He used to perform this dance at home in front of the refrigerator because he knew his reward was a lunchmeat treat. I called it the "Lunchmeat Lambada." I had never seen another animal dance like this. I knew that Linda had really contacted my Snoopy!

"Is he happy?" I asked. "Oh yes," Linda replied. "He's around four or five of his animal spirit friends and he's having a wonderful time playing with them. He is a very enlightened spirit, very intelligent and sensitive, and, by the way, he's coming back to you." I was so elated I asked her,"What should I do...Should I look for him?" She replied, "No, no. When he's ready he will return and you will recognize him."

From that time on, I became a believer in animal spirituality and the continuance of pets' lives beyond the Earth plane. I talk to Snoopy, and my other pets that have passed on, regularly. And I wait eagerly for Snoopy to return. There's always a supply of lunchmeat in my refrigerator ready for the "Lambada King"...because I know he'll come back dancing.

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 Message 2 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 9/1/2006 7:57 PM

Reincarnating Pets

Do animals retain memories of past lives?

Animals have past lives, as do humans. I don’t believe they are any more aware of them in a conscious way than we are. But I do believe they are influenced by them in this current lifetime, as we are. I have accessed past lives of animals which helped the person understand current life issues. I accessed one of my Weimaraner companions that helped me understand the basis for his health issues.

Regarding souls of humans and non-humans who have been here or elsewhere (this is a very large Universe!) over many lives, being an old soul doesn’t mean they don’t still have lessons to learn with every reincarnation. Before it incarnates, the soul chooses the environment, parents, situations, etc. which it wants to experience, and the lessons it wants to learn. The soul does this for each lifetime in its progression up the ladder of enlightenment. Eventually the soul reaches a stage of enlightenment where it no longer reincarnates in the physical world; instead, learning continues at another level (fifth dimension and higher).

From what I have heard, some animals seem very aware of their past lives while others don't, why is that? Is it that their soul is more evolved? I have found when working with animals that the degree to which their person is open to past lives, metaphysical and spiritual matters, etc. dictates to some extent the level and types of that kind of information coming through from the animal. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, of course. It also seems to be influenced by the animal’s persona (not their Higher Self, but their physical ego/personality). I’m an empath (I pick up the emotions, habits, mannerisms, and personalities of others), so oftentimes I have an intuitive feel for the personality of the person, and I sense what they’re able to handle. Sometimes I think the person might doubt the information that came through. It may not be what they were looking for or expecting, or they’re not ready or open to that type of information. I have to trust that the information came through for a reason, and I relay it as is, with the understanding that it is being offered by the animal for a reason. If I am working with a specific physical issue, such as an animal’s hip pain or heart condition, then the session tends to stay in a current, grounded mode, rather than opening up to a more metaphysical perspective. The tone of the session is also determined by the questions the person wants me to ask.

Remembering past lives is the same for them as for us ?they can be accessed through regression for many people, or in some cases spontaneous remembrances, knowings or visions. In a regression you’re working with the Higher Self/soul or subconsciousness directly and bypassing the ego/personality of this lifetime. That’s why sometimes the information coming through in a session doesn’t match the animal’s personality as the caretaker knows it. The Higher Self/soul is more without personality, it is pure consciousness/divine energy and wisdom, a part of the One Source and connected to all, although distinct and unique in itself. Most sessions are a blend of the Higher Self and the ego/personality working together to convey information to me for their person.

When they remember their past lives, is it because they are holding on to them for some reason, good or bad? Animals, like us, don't walk around thinking about past lives -- being in the present moment is their biggest focus. Remembering doesn’t mean it’s for a good/bad reason ?it simply is. I remember past lives ?I don’t dwell on them, but I do understand how some of them have had an impact on my current life. Learning about them has helped me make sense of some things that I could not otherwise explain/resolve/understand. If I were to work strictly with the animal’s personality vs. Higher Self, then I think it would be difficult to access information that comes from another lifetime or existence.

Do you think animals operate simultaneously on different levels, like our subconscious, conscious and superconscious states, and in different dimensions? Watch how cats will stare around them, look up at the wall, the ceiling, then suddenly their eyes and head will zip to the left, dart back up . . . dogs and other animals do this too. I have no doubt they see into dimensions we do not because we are taught at a young age to shut that down. It is possible to see auras around living things (people, plants, trees, even rocks) ?so I can definitely believe animals see things we don’t with our physical eyes. Therefore I believe they can function in other realms and levels, as well as perform healing work on other levels ?much as we use Reiki and other energy work here.

I've had enough personal experiences with investigating this area that it absolutely resonates as true for me.

Kathleen A. ("Kat") Berard
Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic), Bach Flower Essences Practitioner, Wild Earth Animal Essences Practitioner, and Holistic Care Consultant

It is always sad when a beloved animal family member leaves their body and goes into spirit. We call this death, but truly, no one dies. The physical body drops away as the spirit separates from it and goes into another dimension. The spirit is the being that we truly love, although we may be attached to the physical aspect that we associated with that being. Since we are still in physical, we often miss the sight, touch and smell of our friend and we grieve this loss, which is appropriate.

As an Animal Communicator, I frequently speak with clients and their animals who have passed into spirit. When the animal tells me they want to return it leads to discussions about what form they plan to take and when they might come. Sometimes animals tell me that they "try out" different forms while still in spirit. At other times, they already have decided or know exactly what form they want, down to sex, size and color of the body.

Humans always want to know how they will recognize their beloved friend upon their return and how they will be able to find them. The replies are fairly consistent. "You will recognize my energy." "Look into my eyes and you will know me." "This is a time for you to learn to trust your intuition."

One of my clients, who had two dogs, was sad to realize that the older dog, Chanel, a white German Shepard female, was getting ready to pass into spirit. I spoke telepathically with Chanel prior to her leaving, and again, after she had completed her spiritual transition work. In a series of conversations with Chanel in spirit, she explained that she wanted to return to her family. She was very specific, saying she wanted to be a white German Shepard female once more, perhaps a bit smaller in size. She said she would return in the New England area, where her family lived, and would be born around April 1, 2002.

Her person wrote, "White German Shepherds are fairly rare. However, that June, after much searching and networking, a friend of a friend told us of a white, female German Shepherd in Manchester, Connecticut, born on April 1. She warned us that this dog wasn't very friendly or social with anyone. We immediately visited the puppy. Everyone was amazed how she came right to us, sat down and gave me her paw!"

My client e-mailed some photos of the puppy to me, and in a telepathic session, she claimed to be Chanel. It certainly sounded and felt like Chanel to me, and my client also sensed it was her friend. She named the dog Lily, and brought her home on June 10, 2002. My client wrote, "It was amazing how she knew where everything was and, although we were told that she was not housetrained, we did not have to do anything in that regard. Lily had only one accident and was instantly going to the door to ask to go out--the same door Chanel used to go to! Finding Lily and knowing she is also Chanel has been a wonderful experience for our family. We feel blessed to have gotten our Chanel back in the form of another loving and beautiful canine."

Not every return to the physical plane takes places so quickly. Animals from our childhood may return when we are adults. Sometimes they come many times in our same lifetime, and other times they come once and then not again until we experience a different life. One of my cats, Violet, has been with me three previous times in my current lifetime, each time as a cat. You can read the story of Violet's most recent return at (click on Nedda Wittels, and then click on Violet Returns).

The important thing to remember is that we are never truly separated from the ones we love. We can speak to them while they are in spirit. Many of them visit us after they pass over. At other times, they may choose to return to us in physical.

One cat already in spirit was clear that she planned to return soon. "I want to be a dog this time," she told her family. The cat wanted to be a small, white, and lap size. The family was more interested in a larger type of dog. They compromised, agreeing on a nearly white Golden Retriever. When the family found her, they were so certain it was she that they never even asked me to speak with her to be sure.

Compromises of this type are not always possible. Types of bodies, sex, and colors, and possibly other details of appearance and genetics have different vibrations. The being who is returning has specific life experiences and lessons they may be planning to incorporate into their next lifetime. Sometimes they simply prefer a particular form or color. It is up to spirit to make these determinations. It is not up to us to try to control the process and the form the animal is choosing.

Another cat I spoke with didn't ever purr, according to her family. They wanted to know why she would make growling sounds whenever they stroked her, yet didn't move away or try to scratch or bite them. The cat explained that she had never been a cat before and was very experienced at being a dog. She said she didn't know how to purr, and was trying to imitate the sound. What came out sounded like a growl.

Experience has taught me that our job is to allow the returning being into our lives with love and acceptance. It is not our job to orchestrate all the details. Most returning spirits give us just enough information to get us to search for them. We are encouraged to strengthen our intuition and to learn to recognize them by their energy, their spirit. Then, when we welcome them with open arms and hearts, we experience the miracle of their return.

Rev. Nedda Wittels, M.A., M.S., is a telepathic Animal Communicator, Spiritual Counselor, and Shamballa Master/Teacher, offering private sessions in communication and healing for humans and animals. She teaches workshops in Animal Communication, Communication with Nature, and Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. She can be reached at 860.651.5771,, and

Animal Deathing

What happens when we die? In our society, death is often hidden away. Rarely are we present for the passing of a loved one, a major exception being our animal family members.

Echo, my horse of 22 years, took her time dying, even with the help of euthanasia drugs. By allowing those of us present to experience the shifts in her energy, she taught us many things about deathing.

Deathing is a term I learned from a book on human death called "Deathing: An Intelligent Alternative for the Final Moments of Life", by AnyaFoos-Graber. Birth and death are really the same process, the spirit going into the physical body in the first, and leaving the physical body in the second. Birthing is also associated with the physical bodyleaving it's host, the mother, in which it had a symbiotic relationship for the first part of its developmental process. Deathing, on the other hand, is a return home to the realm from which the spirit originated.

When someone says, "nobody died", they really mean that the spirit continues, and the physical body drops away like a suit of clothing. To those of us who have not witnessed this process, it may seem frightening and that the being who is departing is suffering. This is not always the case. A lot depends on what the being who is leaving believes about the process.

A few months before Echo's time to leave arrived, I asked her some questions telepathically about the process of dying, especially with regard to her own life. Echo was 32 years old, which is quite elderly for a horse, and had some physical problems which we were managing fairly well at the time. However, I had a sense that this would be her last summer, and indeed, it was.

My questions had a great deal to do with what she wanted. Would she be open to euthanasia? Would she be willing to tell when she was ready to pass on? How did she feel about receiving help for this process?

Echo referred to deathing as "transition". She was perfectly open to receiving assistance from a veterinarian to end her physical life. She told me, "in the wild, animals rarely suffer because the role of the predator is to release the spirit whose body can no longer support it. The spirit quickly moves out of the body, and all the thrashing about is the physical body struggling to survive out of instinct. The spirit moves off and doesn't experience pain. The predator receives the gift of the physical form for nourishment and the spirit of the prey receives the gift of a rapid release from the physical realm."

When I asked Echo how long it would take her to leave her body, she replied, "About 90 seconds. I still remember how to do it. It's easy." Still, on the day we agreed to release her, Echo took 90 minutes to move all the way out. The reason for this delay was that Echo decided slow down the process so that those of us present to honor her passing humans could learn about this experience in more detail.

No two deaths are exactly alike, but this is how it worked that day for Echo.

Prior to receiving the administered drugs, Echo's spirit had already begun to expand outward. I had learned to feel where the outer edge of her aura was, and it now extended more than twice as far from her physical body as before.

Once the drugs were administered and Echo was lying down on the ground, her spirit first moved out her legs upward into her body. My friend, Kate, and I, both of whom are energy healers and can feel energy, used our hands to feel the changes.

Kate suggested we feel along Echo's chakras. We each did this separately and compared notes. The spirit may exit through a specific body orifice or through a primary chakra, one of the large vortices of energy that are located along the spinal column. In Echo's case, the first chakras, at the base of her tail and second chakra, at her croup, were totally closed at this point. In fact, they felt like they were sealed shut. Echo's third, fourth, fifth and sixth chakras were only partly open. Echo's crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra, was open wider than I have ever found it to be at any previous time.

During the entire time, Echo's body lay peacefully on the ground. Despite Kate and myself encouraging Echo to move forward in her process by sending energy up her legs to assist her, Echo showed no indication of moving any faster than she intended. It required two additional injections of chemicals before Echo's spirit moved out through her crown chakra.

While the humans physically present for this ceremony were sitting on the ground around Echo, my friend, Nancie LaPier, a shamanic healer, was present with Echo's via a Shamanic journey. Nancie later described her experience, which paralleled that of all of us present. In addition, Echo invited Nancie to get on her back, as if riding a horse. Echo and Nancie galloped all over the farm, visiting all the other horses as well as Echo's favorite places to her farewells. Then Nancie and Echo moved towards an area of bright light, where they separated. Echo exited by going into the beam of light and finally disappeared from Nancie's view.

To read more about Echo's passing, click here on:


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From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 9/1/2006 7:58 PM
Should be born in about a month from now. Time is moving too slowly right now.

 Message 4 of 4 in Discussion 
From: JagSent: 9/10/2006 5:23 AM
Very interesting...
My new kitten, Taz, looks at me like he knows me...just sits and watches my face... and two of the middle-baby kittens are absolute love bugs, like my Love Bug who passed on last year...  I feel like I know all 6 of the new sweeties...
Never heard of animal reincarnation in this type of detail... extremely thought-provoking...
Thanks for posting this, Smig...

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