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 MSN is closing all boards as of February, 2009


 Welcome To 

          Annies Pantry                                                                                        

newzealand.gif picture by Angels2323


Click above to read all posts on Annies

 You can find lots of interesting & good recipes.

 Always have a stock of  candles ,batteries, matches, bottle openers and a few bottles of juice  & wine  plus teartop canned goods ,milk powder, salt & pepper,honey,white vinegar ,water containers  ,cooking pots ,bowls ,sharp knives , cutlery ,scissors, plastic gloves bandages, plasters  and aspros in your pantry .      Please do not forget to rotate your goods .



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everyone please sign in for a roll call
Burp is it New Year's yet. Teddy
MSN NicknameThinkableScooter   12-29-08
Happy Christmas Seasonal Greetings
merry christmas , nice quiltjoann
joann   12-25-08
the new '' @ ai...
Annie the info in post # 3 is not right. That is an area for you to use your own accounts and post it there so it will automatically send them an invite....Not for Aimo...
MSN NicknameAngelbear1231   12-08-08
the new '' @ ai...
to all members . if you would like to continue on this web site join up on the web site .   thanks angelbear for the correct link   ...
MSN NicknameANNIE24447   12-08-08
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