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AtlanticRelationshipsContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Atlantic Relationships


(September 11th 2001) 


This group was first established in September 2003 by myself (Kev_UK) and Lynn (Angellynn) as we met via the internet. Our marriage didn't work out, hence Lynn going back to Canada, but don't let this put you off meeting someone from another country.

The group has been taken down twice and we have even changed the name to hide from the hackers, but we are back to our roots. Our assistant manager Jane (HurricaneJane) met her beloved Waz through the group... and other members are having ongoing relationships too.

While we are not a dating site, romance can happen as the members are real people!!!

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New address of group
ok...I saw your invitation and clicked on "I approve" that it?? Nothing happened after that...
MSN Nicknamegbsfan2   02-02-09
New address of group
Hi Fran   ...
MSN NicknameKev_UK©   02-01-09
New address of group
BUT...BUT...BUT.......I did what it asked me to do, name, e-mail, password...
MSN Nicknamegbsfan2   02-01-09
New address of group
Hiya Fran, I've not had an application to join from you yet. I've had applications from Waz, Jane & Kitty, and approved th...
MSN NicknameKev_UK©   02-01-09
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Stuart and family
MSN Nicknamegbsfan2 01-06-09
MSN Nicknamegbsfan2 01-06-09
the wild ones
MSN Nicknamegbsfan2 01-06-09
Picture or Video 028
MSN Nicknamegbsfan2 01-06-09
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