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BUTTERFLY & ANGEL'S SPIRITUAL HAVENContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome To
Butterfly & Angels Spiritual Haven
We hope you enjoy your stay here.
These pages are filled with Love. 
 Our main purpose is to 
pass on our knowledge to you so that your understanding of God expands and evolves.
We do not destroy or dismiss the old ways, we build upon them and expand them without predujice or judgement.  We invite you to do the same and be the highest expression of your understanding of LOVE.
  Just click on the links at the side
 to enter any of our
lovingly created pages.
  Best thing of all, IT'S FREE.
Click on this ONE CLICK link to make money for charity at no cost to you
Haven message boards will remain open while this expansion takes place so please feel free to join us.
Here is the link to Spiritual Haven II
Here is the link to Spiritual Haven III
Here is the link for The Crystal Heart
Here is the link for Crystal Heart Too
Here is the link for Environmental Haven
Here is the link for The Holly Tree Foundation
Here are just some of the features
and much, much, more.
We aim to please
 so if you have anything
you would like to see
included on these pages,
 please feel free to e-mail the
   managers, Butterfly, Angel, Elke, Gem or BlueBell
assistant Manager, KC,Tunitin, Raven or YorkshireFlan
  You will find the address
 on the side entitled E-MAIL US.

Copyright © Butterfly & Angel's Spiritual Haven, 2003. All rights reserved.



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hi all xx
hi shattered   nice to see you&...
MSN Nicknameleiba100   01-21-09
hi all xx
hi guys   well i just wanted to pop in and say hi, i havent been in for the new year   hope everyone is happy and well xo
MSN NicknamexShatteredxSilencex   01-21-09
BlueBell's Guidence / Past Life Readings
  Hi Guys , I have now 'closed' this thread . If you want or need readings , ...
MSN NicknameBlueBell_One1   01-20-09
BlueBell's Guidence / Past Life Readings
Hi Scarlet hun ...
MSN NicknameBlueBell_One1   01-20-09
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my wedding day
MSN Nicknamemidnight1209 07-07-08
BODA PEPE Y MARIA 17-6-2006 021
LETTI 03-13-08
BODA PEPE Y MARIA 17-6-2006 020
LETTI 03-13-08
BODA PEPE Y MARIA 17-6-2006 005
LETTI 03-13-08
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