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Current to the top.Don
MSN NicknameDonWhie   08-21-08
I don't think I've posted this here B4...(if so, sorry....but, I'll have you know I've EARNED all my senior moments the right way, ...
MSN NicknameDonWhie   06-14-08
Mêlée in the Barnyard
Had to take 3 of my buds to the Vet yesterday...Mon night Mary Ann & I were relaxed watchin' TV & a big ruckus started which sounded like my 3 Blue Heeler females gettin' testy with one of the...
MSN NicknameDonWhie   06-11-08
Pix Posting
¿¿¿ I'm not familiar with the "photobucket pics flash towards you" feature/function Val.....unless it's the "slideshow" option that Photobucket has, which I have never used.I use PhotoBucket f...
MSN NicknameDonWhie   05-15-08
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Cabin Mt. Elbert Colorado
MSN NicknameDa10acguy 12-03-07
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