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  Welcome to Blaze Inferno's site  
  Sean O'haire  
  Bloodraine Calloway  
  Marcus Nightingale Rayne  
  Snake-eyes Palumbo  
  Big Vito  
  Jennifer Arsonal  
  Alistair Knightly  
  Johnny Stamboli  
  Chuck Palumbo  
  William Regal  
  Eddie Guerrero  
  Layout making page  
  Alec Vorkin  
  Kiera Vatoll  
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Blaze Inferno stats 17- WCW09
Blaze_Inferno   01-14-09
Sean O'haire's stats 3- WCW09
Blaze_Inferno   01-14-09
Marcus Rayne stats 3- WWER
Blaze_Inferno   11-30-08
Kasakura Maskai
Blaze_Inferno   10-31-08
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Blaze_Inferno 12-17-08
Blaze_Inferno 12-17-08
Blaze_Inferno 12-17-08
Blaze_Inferno 12-17-08
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