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Building on the True Foundation


Our purpose is to teach and learn the Word of God

To bring harmony among Christians

To bring souls out of darkness into light

To glorify Jesus



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New Board, at Aimoo
From: ...
MSN NicknameFreeborn551   12-21-08
New Board, at Aimoo
Here is my site, The True Light now Shineth, at Aimoo.  Take a look .  It is even more pretty than this one....
MSN NicknameFreeborn551   12-19-08
On The Thunders
Great message.
MSN Nickname®Larry_W_B_1©   12-13-08
On The Thunders
Just got this one printed out,
MSN Nickname®Larry_W_B_1©   12-09-08
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Tree in the fall
MSN Nicknamejohntherevelator101 11-06-08
Deer-Maggie- Abby- Amelia
MSN Nicknamejohntherevelator101 10-07-08
Deer and Abbey
MSN Nicknamejohntherevelator101 10-07-08
Deer 010
MSN Nicknamejohntherevelator101 10-07-08
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