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Church: Israel : Disempowered
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 Message 1 of 6 in Discussion 
From: joie  (Original Message)Sent: 7/31/2005 3:49 AM
From: joie  (Original Message) Sent: 12/8/2004 11:05 PM

~ Disempowered ~

Today is Wednesday, December 8, 2004. Now I know that the title of this message, ‘disempowered?is not a true word. But it has merit here for the truth of this message. When God said, I will give power to my two witnesses, this means He empowered them. Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and you shall be witnesses unto me in all the earth. So the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is when, where and how God gave the disciples this great power, or he empowered them.

The meaning of the prefix, dis, means this: 1. do the opposite or absence of. - completely disannul.- deprive of a quality, rank or object.- exclude or expel.

So from this we see that to disempower one would be to deprive them of the power or to do the opposite or have the absence of the given power. So then if the church today is powerless, as we see it to be, then something had to have ‘disempowered?them. So what took the God-given power away from them?

In simple terms, if the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, as on the Day of Pentecost, gave them this power, then if they fail to receive this Baptism of power then they will be disempowered But.... what caused them to fail to receive something so wonderful as this Baptism? Mainly it was this:

Ho 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Ho 4:7 As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame.

A lack of the right kind of knowledge caused God to reject this group of people. They had rejected this knowledge, so God rejects them. So this proves that it is absolutely necessary to have and accept the true knowledge of God, in order to have God accept us. You cannot make up doctrine, or just accept a hand-me-down doctrine and expect God to accept you on these terms. It will never work. You must study the Word as we are told to do, and prove if anything is true, according to the written Word of God, or if it is false. If you fail to do this, or if you see it crosses the Word at some point, yet you still hold to your false doctrine, then God will reject you. It is a dangerous thing to reject the proven truth of God. It will cost you eternal life. It will take you to hell fire. So you had better open your eyes and your ears and get willing to hear and see the truth. Get willing to accept the truth, if you desire eternal life.

Mt 13:12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13:13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. 13:14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: 13:15 For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

Jesus said if you already HAVE, you shall be given more and therefore have abundance. Now what does this mean? It means that if you have the right faith, the right foundation, and an open mind [eyes; ears] then God will give you an abundance of revelation. This is that bread from Heaven which we must eat to have eternal life. If you do not have these things, if you close your eyes and ears, then you do not have the right faith, so what you think you do have, [a false belief] will be taken away from you. You are the one Jesus spoke of = seeing you see not. You refuse to let God show you his real truth. Hearing you hear not. You have eyes and ears [spiritually] but you refuse to let them operate. This keeps you from understanding so that you can be converted. You would rather go on in your false, Jezebel religion, than to open your eyes and ears and hear the truth. You closed your own eyes and ears and turned away from the truth when it was presented to you. So your spiritual healing will never take place.

Mark 8:18 Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?

Now here another writer shows that they have eyes and ears but do not see or hear. So what they do have will be taken away from them.

Lu 24:31 And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.

Now see this reveals that to have your eyes opened is to know him or truth.

Ac 26:17 Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee, 26:18 To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

This Scripture proves that to listen to God’s true ministers who bring the pure Word of God, will open your eyes and turn you from darkness to light, and this is to turn you from the power of Satan unto God. So when God sends a true minister unto you, bringing not man’s words but the pure Written Word of God, not adding to it nor taking away from it, and you refuse this word, then you will never see or be converted. But If you do as those did who searched the Scriptures daily, as God told us to do, to see if those things are true, then you will come into light and the power of God. If you refuse to open your mind and look into the Word and find out if you are hearing truth or not, then you are guilty of closing your own eyes and ears. This will lead you into total destruction. Just because you ‘believe?a thing, just because your church and forefathers taught it, does not make it true or cause God to accept you on those grounds.

If you close up your heart, mind, to what you hear, just because it is not what you always believed, and cling to your doctrine, no matter how much the Word shows different, then you are guilty of closing your own eyes and ears against the truth. This places you into the naked, blind, lukewarm Laodician Church. You may scream and hollow that you are not in this church, but the very fact that you have closed eyes shows you are blind.

Ro 11:8 (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day.

This shows that having closed eyes and ears is the spirit of slumber, or sleep. Remember that all the virgins were asleep at one time. Only those who were willing to open their eyes to truth will awake to righteousness and have eternal life. These are the wise virgins. Are you wise? Let’s see!

Eph 1:18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

Now this verse is to prove that we are dealing here with your understanding being enlightened. If you refuse enlightenment, then you are willfully blinding yourself, to your own destruction.

OK, The test. Are you wise?

Ac 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Now there is how you can test if you have an open mind or not. When you hear some word or message, do you receive it with all readiness of mind and search the scriptures daily to see if what you heard is truly the Word or not? Do you? Or do you just shrug it off because it does not fit what Mr. so-and-so taught. Or what your church teaches. Or what your ‘prophet?taught.

If you find that the message brought to you does indeed fit the Word, is indeed quoting exact Scripture, then are you willing to change your mind and receive the engrafted word that you might be converted or saved or healed? If not, then you are willfully blinding your own self. Perhaps you are also blinding many others along with you? This is dangerous business. If you are guilty of deceiving others, you will have their blood on your own hands. Are your hands full of blood?

Are you willing to sit and discuss the issues brought up which you are in doubt of? When a matter of doubt or question came up in the TRUE Apostolic Church, they got together and discussed these things and looked into the Word and the leadership of the Holy Ghost and all came to see the truth. Once the truth was established by the Word, then all who refused it, were blinded and went into darkness. Where are you? Better be honest with your own heart. And if you are leading others, you had better be extra careful. Why are the ministers of today totally unwilling to discuss the Word of God with anyone who does not agree with their doctrine? It is because they have closed up their eyes and ears. They refuse to let light into their darkened mind. If they were walking in the Light, they would do as Peter and the other disciples did, they would get together and sit down and discuss these things and let the Word of God settle the question. But no, they are too afraid they might be an outcast. They are too afraid their little ‘prophet?or pastor, or church would be proven wrong. They are unwilling to change their mind and let the truth come in.

The very fact that they are unwilling to sit and discuss differences with a brother or sister or let them come into their little theater churches and teach the truth, proves they have they eyes and ears closed. God showed me in a vision that when he sent me to different ones with the truth, and they refused it and would never give me a chance to say one word in their little theater, that this was Jesus standing at their door knocking and they refused to let him in. They reject the Word, so they are rejecting Jesus.

I have heard some of these pastors quote certain PARTS of verses, over and over, which they twist and try to back up their own false doctrine, and totally leave out the rest of the verse, thus taking away from the Word and blinding their people. This is evil and proves you have a closed up mind. You are a blind leader of the blind. Why would a ‘minister?of the Word deliberately leave out part of a verse over and over and never come to grips in his own mind as to why he can never quote the entire verse? This is closing your own eyes and ears. This is willful blindness. God will take away your part out of the Book of life for you are taking away part of His Word, for it crosses your false doctrine. God will bring you into judgment because of this evil. Surely you must know something is wrong when you must leave out part of a verse to stay with what you think it should be saying?

I say to everyone you had better put down your own little stubborn mind and get willing to let God show you HIS truth. Your churches doctrine is never going to save you. You may attend some local theater assembly every day of the year all your life, but this will never take away your sin. When you cannot accept part of the Word, or a child of God sent to you, and let them show you the Word, then you are blinding your own self and what you have will be taken away from you. Nothing is left for you but outer darkness and hell fire. If you really have the truth, what are you afraid of? If you think you are right and they are wrong, then it is your duty to try and show them the truth. This is why everyone must get willing to sit down with anyone and discuss the Word of God. When you cannot and will not discuss the Word with anyone, you have a closed up mind. You are blind and in darkness.

So now, back to our original thought. What has disempowered the church? The above things are mainly to blame. You accepted the leadership of a pastor, church, evangelist, or some fake prophet, and let them blind you with their false doctrine. Then you in turn refuse to discuss the Word with someone who brings you something different. They might have messages full of Scriptures proving what they say, as all of my messages do, yet you STILL refuse to even discuss or consider that this person may have been sent by God and have truth you need. This is blindness and hardness of heart. God hates this kind of mind. God hates a hard heart and closed eyes.

According to Jeremiah and Ezekiel the pastors and shepherds are the very ones who led the sheep astray and blinded you. Yes, people, your own pastor is blinding you with his false teaching and causing you to be afraid to listen so anyone other than he or some other man teaching the same lies.

Many times God sends one of his children with truth to your church and your pastor has refused to let this person in to say even one word. This pastor has in fact blocked you from having access to the message sent from God. He himself is not interested enough in truth to study these things out and search the Scriptures daily to find if they are true or not, but then he blocks his church from having any opportunity to hear and judge for themselves if it is true or not. Thus they are leading you astray and into blindness. These wolves in sheep clothing, paid preachers, tell the church that they cannot receive anything from God except from them or some other ‘minister? They claim that only a certain group of MEN, [they call a five-fold ministry] has anything from God and the only ones who can teach you or get you something from God.

But God said we may ALL come boldly to His throne of mercy and find grace and help. He said all of his children, both males and females, have access to his throne. He said we may all come and eat at his table. We may all minister. We may all be fed directly from God himself. We need not that any man teach us. If we have the anointing, God will teach any of us. Yet by the very fact of these ‘pastors?driving this false teaching into your hearts, they block you from having any access to the glorious secrets God said He would give to any who love and fear him. They cause you to be blind and deaf. They cause you to lose your soul. The very men you pay to teach you are blocking you from hearing the glory God is revealing to some of His Children. And why? Because these same children heard God’s call to come out of Babylon, Jezebel, and dwell out in the wilderness with Him. So now He has given us the anointing and is teaching us His real truth. But these false shepherds, those who take pay for preaching, are standing in the way. They will not go in and they block you who might would accept truth if given the chance to hear it. I say to anyone who might ever read this, if your pastor or any minister is blocking your way and telling you that you may only receive the Word from some man minister, then you had better run as fast as you can away from this wolf in sheep clothing. He will blind you and send your soul to hell.

The pastors in the land today and before our time, have kept the people in their churches

as tiny, invalid babies all the days of their lives. They did this for their own evil, selfish purpose. They want so much to ‘pastor?some church and be SOMEBODY, that they are all in a league together to keep people fearful and dependant upon them. They claim that you will only have salvation IF you attend theirs, or some other local church faithfully. They then claim you had better tithe. You had better not go somewhere else if your church is having a get together. But at the same time, they never teach you how to really pray. They never really study the Word and receive the true revelation to show you. They do not drive into your hearts the need for you to study the Word for yourself and learn truth. They do not put up with any member who does get into the Word and start questioning things. They will get rid of any member who does this, for they claim you are causing trouble and sowing discord. This is fear tactics they use to keep anyone out who studies the Word and finds that they are not teaching truth.

They want you dependant upon them. If you learn that God will indeed teach you, then they are afraid you will grow up in Christ and leave them. This will cut down on his number and money. They will only allow others into their ‘pulpits?to teach who go along with the false doctrine of their particular church. If you disagree they will not let you in. Thus they block the people from ever hearing the truth God is giving to those who obeyed the call to come out of her.

They lead the people to believe that only certain men, certain ministers have any anointing to pray for sick and heal them. They never have a time where you get together JUST to seek God, pray, and study the Word TOGETHER.

You must ALWAYS just sit and listen to whatever THEY decide to tell you. If you attend their church ten years, you will hear the same message, [possibly, worded a little differently at times] over and over and over until you are so bored with ‘church?you could just die, yet you are afraid to quit or change. They know not the Word, so they just preach the same message their ‘headquarters?taught them way back. Now they may claim to be ‘independent?but they still teach just what they were taught and never got into the Word and studied and learned what the real truth is. They receive the made-up theories from other men and therefore are only giving out a message which God forbids, for it came from human flesh, therefore is considered ‘female?and not able to teach. Their message did not come direct from God and the word. Since they know not the Word, they cannot understand the truth when God sends it to them. So they just dismiss it and say away with it. They never give you a chance to hear and learn for yourself. They will actually tell lies on these true children of God, to cause you to be afraid to listen to them. These preachers all band together and refuse to let anyone in who is not agreeable with ?I>their?false teachings.

They have pumped you full of fear and kept you from growing up any at all. They know that if you grow up, you will not be dependant upon them, and pay them to tell you their lies.

They tell you that you can only get something from them or some other preacher down the road. This is a lie out of hell itself. It is designed to keep you tiny, invalid babies until you die and lose your soul. God said for us, ALL Christians, to STUDY the Word, search the Scriptures, pray for the sick, teach, cast out devils, and pray and grow up in Christ. But they lead you to believe that only certain ministers are to do this. Therefore, you put forth no effort to learn, to grow, to learn to pray, or any of these things which cause your faith to grow and you to come into the fullness of truth. So your pastor, whom you pay, is blinding you, leading you to destruction, and blocking you from hearing the real truth sent to you by God through one of his children which did get out and learn from HIM.


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 Message 2 of 6 in Discussion 
From: joieSent: 7/31/2005 3:50 AM
From: joie Sent: 12/8/2004 11:07 PM

[Part two]

The baby church members [ and I do not mean real babies; but those who have not grown up in Christ] have been led to believe that they must just obey their ‘rulers? their pastors, and believe whatever ‘he?tells them. Therefore they are not studying for themselves. They are not obeying God in this way. They put forth no effort to grow up and learn to teach, heal the sick, cast out devils, or anything else. They sit back and think because they ‘go to church?and pay their pastor, that they are alright. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the hirelings, your paid pastors, have kept you from growing up this way so you will stay in their little flock and make them be looked up to as some big man cause he pastors a little church! It stinks!

But I tell you, God is not going to accept this mess. He has told me over and over to come against this evil corruption in the churches. God is tired of seeing his little sheep misled and taken advantage of by you false shepherds. And I mean ALL OF YOU. Any pastor or evangelist, who sits up in front of a church, on a kingly throne, [pastors chair] to be looked up to as though he is something more than the average church member is setting himself up as your god. He leads you to believe that you can never go above him, or receive the Word from God for yourself, you must come through him. Thus he sets himself up as your god. When the entire congregation must sit facing a stage, and watch the pastor and the singers and musicians ‘perform? this is of Satan. For it is saying that you, the members are less than they are. You are here only to listen to them. You must hear this pastor and are never given a chance to question what he says. You are never given a chance to ask question or being up something different even when you KNOW what he said is error and you know what is true. But the congregation MUST just accept what this man who sits in the seat of Satan tells you.

There is NEVER any chance is the week, when you all come together and sit down together, family style, and DISCUSS and study the Word together. What they, the hirelings call studying is your listening to THEM. God may have given you some great revelation during the week, BUT you are never given a chance to tell it. After all, you must come through this ‘man?who sets himself up to be gazed upon and sets up on high above you, the members who pay him. He is SPECIAL, you know. But where did God say such stuff?

Now I am telling you those people in Paul’s day, did not look upon him as anyone special. They saw thousands of men and women going everywhere teaching, preaching, healing, and doing miracles. Yes. You have been led to believe by these wolves that only certain few select men did this. But no. The entire group of Christians did this. Men and women.

Those people did not just accept what Paul said because it was Paul. No. It said they searched the Scriptures daily to see if Paul told them the truth. That was their safety = they relied upon the Scriptures. If you do less, you are willfully closing your eyes and ears and shutting God out. He will shut you out. He will send you to hell for this.

The Church in the Book of Acts is the one and only true Church which had this power from on high to be a true Witness of God. The only way one will ever be a true Witness of God is to go back and be just like that Church. They were all ONE. This means they considered each to be just the same as all the others. They did not lift one up above another. All were ministers. They grew up quickly by feeding on the milk of the word and then the meat of the Word. They were FED by the ones who were more grown up than the babes. They met daily in homes and ‘broke?the bread of life. This means they got together in each other’s homes every day and studied the Scripture together. They prayed together. They were strong in faith. When Peter was in prison, prayer was made without ceasing by the Church. They were in someone’s home. This was their meeting place. God heard their faith and sent an angel to take Peter out of prison.

Now I ask you, where is that power and faith today? Why is it not being manifested? Because they have left off this getting together each day in homes and studying the Word together. They are not praying this way. In their ‘churches?they might have five minutes of prayer. Most do not do this much. But there is NEVER a time in their ‘meetings?where you could take your time and pray and pray and pray and seek to get in touch with God. They will not give place to this kind of WORSHIP, for it interferes with their ‘program? Now most will tell you they do not have a program, because it is not written down on paper, as some do it. But they ALL, without exception, follow the very SAME pattern of meetings. And it matters not how much they claim to let the Spirit have His way, they do NOT. They will not wait on the Lord. If someone gets into a true spirit of worship, and it continues more than a minute or two, they will either shut the person up, or just ignore him and go on with their ‘program? I KNOW. I have been there too many times and seen it. If the Spirit is leading, please tell me how they always start at the same time and end at the same time? It is a program!

Even the very most ‘liberal?in their worship, will still over-ride the Spirit and go on with their ?/I>doings? Very few of the members ever pray in the meetings. They are just there to watch the show. Very few of the members ever get into the Spirit. They are just there to watch the show. You know it as well as I do. And the bad thing of it is, this is the way the pastor and all the members want it. They are not going to have anything else. If one member grows up some because of personal prayer and study, then they begin to have spiritual dreams or visions or anything else, they never have a time or chance to share this with the rest of the body, for they are not a part of the show. The pastors have all the limelight. Of course it is shared with the singers and musicians.

In the early Apostolic Church everyone was encouraged to study, pray, heal the sick, cast out devils, and to grow up in Christ. They had the power. We are not told much about it, for the Word is very limited. But we are told enough to know that this is how it was. We know that much more took place than a book could tell about. The World could not hold the volume of such a book if it all was written.

Now when the false church began to take over control, and to bring in idol worship, such as x-mess and easter, and the other holidays, then they began to take control also of the manner in which the worship services were conducted. They began to set up theater-style buildings to copy after the worldly theaters. They began to set up one man to rule over the others. They began to pay this man and to get into buying and selling the things of God. The preachers all wanted it this way, for this gave them prestige and power and money. They began to get into this fake ministry for the money and power over the people. They copied the pope in setting up his throne chair in the church. This made the ‘leader?set up above the others both in position and in being looked-up-to as a special person. This fed their human pride and ego. This broke the unity Jesus had established in His true Church. He had told them not to rule over each other. He had told them to love their neighbor AS THEMSELVES.

Jesus had said in honour esteem others better than yourselves. But these pride men wanted no part of such a thing. So as they changed the method of worship and the oneness of the believers, they destroyed the power God had given to them. As they brought up false doctrine after false doctrine, and replaced the true teachings of the Apostles, they broke the power God had given them.

As the churches fell to this glittering lights, decorated trees, paying one man to do all the work God had called for each Christian to do, and gave in to going to a man-made temple once a week, or twice a week, instead of getting together in homes each day, then they lost their power with God. They left off praying and studying the Word for themselves and began to depend on ‘going to church?to get them into Heaven. Thus they no longer received the Holy Ghost. They changed the whole concept of salvation and twisted the Words of Paul so much that they began to say all that was necessary for salvation was just say you believe on the Son of God. They began to teach that you still sin every day. They said no one could ever be free of their sins. Thus they brought the blood of Jesus down to the level of the blood of animals.

But the most damaging thing they did was to heal that destroyed head of law. Yes. The early church had already began to be led back under the bondage of law even in the Apostles?day. The Apostles warned them that if you go back to law, you will fall from grace and be lost. But they did not heed this warning. Most of them went right back to law. They thus did despite to the Spirit of Grace. They wanted their own works as did their father, Adam.

Each of these errors took away the power God had given the Church on the Day of Pentecost. Soon the church was so deep into the darkness that they had totally forgotten that power and all the truth taught by the Apostles. The fake ministers, the hirelings, changed every doctrine and brought up lies. These lies have been taught now for so many years that almost no one knows any truth. All the pastors and evangelists today are into these lies and setting themselves up as the go-between for God and the people. Thus they set themselves up as OT type priests. The OT type worship was totally done away with by God. So if you go back to any of it, you will be lost. If you close your eyes and ears to the truth of The Word of God and stay with the lies, you harden your own heart and seal your doom to hell fire.

About the only people today who still can hear or the very young and children. But these fake pastors are so much in tune with Satan to destroy their souls, that even the children who do go to their churches are sent outside to play while church goes on. They are defeating them before they even start. They are making sure these children never hear anything about God and His Word. Childhood is the very best time of life to win people to God and truth. But it is being denied to the children of our day. God will bring a nation and church into destruction for denying him the fruit of the womb.

Very few parents today teach their children of God at home. It is certain that the schools are not going to teach them. None of them know anyway. The church system is just as far away from God as any of these systems. They are not even concerned with the souls of their children. They are in league together to raise a complete generation of people who know not one thing about God or truth.

Almost all any church today is interested in is increasing their number and their money and their property they own. Their pastors are paid a very high salary for their little Thirty minute speech on Sunday. This is the mark of the beast.

I am more talking to you personally in this message. It has been on my heart a good while. God deals with me every day concerning this terrible condition in the Church today. God is very angry at how these churches are run, how their pastors are not willing to study the Word and everything about it. God told me personally several years ago to get the messages He is teaching me into the hands of as many churches and pastors as I can. I have tried to reach many pastors with these messages. No one has yet been interested and been willing to set down with me and study these things. No one has yet been willing to allow me to speak one word in their church. God told me it was Jesus being turned away, for I brought them the pure Word of God. It is this truth they are rejecting. They perish for lack of this true knowledge. It is the TRUTH which sets people free and gives them the power. Without truth, you will never have the power again.

Without truth you fall prey to all the delusions in the world. You fall prey to idol worship. You are loosing an entire generation of children to the devil. God will bring you into judgment because of this. You are unwilling to even consider the pure Word and seek to know the truth. You will not admit that you do not have the power the Apostles had, yet you will not seek to know what is keeping you from having this power. God has never changed His mind that this power should rest with His people. It is the lack of truth which is keeping you from having this power. The lies taught by your pastors is what has DISEMPOWERED YOU.

How long will you be content to just go watch a show, listen to a few minutes of screaming and running the aisles and listen to some singing and music while you die spiritually? Most of you have NEVER known what it is to truly get in touch with the Eternal God. Most of you have no idea what the power is like. Most of you have never had the faith to pray and heal the sick. I personally know people who have been in church fifty years and more who still feel no personal responsibility to heal the sick. They do not even have the faith to attempt to do so. They think it is the place of the paid preachers to do this. Yet God said it is the responsibility of every believer. Some think you need a special anointing to do these things. But no. Jesus said all you need to do is believe. The reason this condition prevails is because the paid preachers have lifted themselves up as the leaders and the ones to do these things. Yet most of them never do it either. Some make a pretense at it, but almost none of them really have the faith to heal the sick. Almost none of them have the gift to discern spirits, so they just allow anyone to come in who goes along with ‘their?doctrine and do not question anything.

Almost all of those who call themselves APOSTOLIC Churches, will be in there decorating their green trees to celebrate ‘their Jesus?birthday just the same as all other idol worshippers. Now they claim to teach the very same doctrine which Peter and Paul taught. So I ask you, WHERE DID THESE TRUE APOSTLES TEACH TO DO THIS MESS? Where does the Word show that they got involved in such evil? Show me one verse where God ever told anyone to do such things. Show me where making merry is ever involved in the true worship. Show me one verse where the apostles, whom you claim to be like, ever got up and did a sun-rise service on the world’s Easter idol worship. Where did the church of God keep these evil holidays? Yet you apostolics of today go along with every worldly holiday there is. Where do you get such things? How are you teaching and living as the true Apostles? It is not Scriptural. It is devil worship. All these things have broken your power. If you had the true Holy Ghost He would lead you and guide you out of this darkness into the true LIGHT.

If you had the true Holy Ghost, you would recognize the true voice of the Word which is in every one of my messages. You would recognize the truth of the Word when it is presented to you. Yet I have found not one minister who can recognize the truth nor who wants the truth. They are perfectly content to just go along with the set up system for it lifts them up above the brethren. And the people are content with the system, for it relieves them from any responsibility to worship every day and study and pray. So they wrap it up and let Satan rule.

I can find no one who is concerned enough with these things of God to get together and pray and study and try to reach the children with some truth. People wake up! These children today are growing up totally ignorant of anything of the true God. Why are you not concerned? Why is no one willing to help me spread this truth? Why are none of you concerned with this dead church system? Why are none of you upset because the power has been ripped away from you? Most churches today want no part of it. They scoff at the true worship and power of God. Most churches today have one person mumble a two minute ‘prayer?and then they sing without any emotion or worship. Let someone come into their congregation and lift their hands or voice in praise to God and they will almost have a stroke. If you get too much into worship, they will escort you right out of there. They hate the true worship.

But the so-called Pentecostals want no part of the truth of the Word. They are all so snobbish toward others that they are a snare and a disgrace to the loving God. They enter a public place drawn up into a shell and appear to feel they will become contaminated if they speak to someone who is not a part of ?I>their?little clique. I tell you it stinks in God’s nostrils. Try to discuss the Word with any of them and they will walk away. Even their pastors will not speak of the Word outside their church. They seem to think that they are off the ‘job? After all they only get paid to do the Sunday and Wednesday night thing. Outside of that they are just as sinful and worldly as the rest of the world. If you try to get into a Scriptural discussion with any of them, they refuse. They do not speak of God outside their little theater. It is not their job to teach you outside their four walls. Such a disgrace to God! They cannot be true ministers or Christians. They love not the Word. If you love the Word, it is constantly on your mind.

Our lives are supposed to revolve around God and His Word twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Without this, you are just going to a club. You are deceiving your own heart. You are blinding your own eyes and closing your own ears. This hardens your heart and Jesus will never reach you.

You have left off to take heed to the Lord. You are more concerned with your X-mess holidays and mess like that than you are about souls and the truth of God’s Word. You are a disgrace to God. You ministers are responsible for causing the church to lose her power. You are the ones who disempowered the church. You are the ones blocking the true Word from coming into your church. You are denying the members any chance to hear the Word. You will not come into truth yourself and you block any who would. You are guilty and you will pay with your soul.

I have never asked one person to help me financially because I minister the Word. I have never taken money for doing the work of God. I have one person who helps me buy ink to print out these messages. I have told that person over and over I do not want his money. But he does it out of love of God so I accept it on those grounds. Now if there were only a few people out there who love God enough and are concerned with truth enough to help me distribute these messages, or learn truth and study and pray so the power and faith would be given, then we could do a work for God. But everyone is so caught up in their false doctrine, that there is no one who wishes to help a ministry such as mine which is OUTSIDE the main system of ‘church? But I am telling you, God is finished with this fake church. It is doomed to destruction. It is only a matter now of His timing. But it is coming. You are fake and dead. You are a powerless church which is a disgrace to the living and all-powerful God. I mean all of you. Not just a few, but all of the theater style churches are doomed to destruction. You followed the pattern of the whore church for she is your mama. You set up little popes. No matter what you think, when one man sits up in front and has all the say in what goes and who speaks there, you are little popes. When you take pay for your job, you are little popes. When you tell your members they can never rise above you, you are a pope. Oh I know you will never admit it, but this is pure truth.

IF you think this is how the apostolic church in the Book of Acts operated, show me the Scripture which says so. Paul said we are ALL ONE. Equality is the only true Christianity. If God sends in a child of His to tell you something, and you keep that person out, you are acting as a pope. You are deciding who can speak in your little theater. God is not in control. God is not leading there, you are. You are rejecting the true knowledge of God. You will pay with your soul. You have disempowered the Church of God.

By: Jo Smith


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From: joieSent: 7/31/2005 3:54 AM
From: joie Sent: 12/8/2004 11:20 PM

I know we do not reach many people with this group.  and since this is now the only group I post to, I know my messages are not reaching many people.  I truly feel a great burden to find a way to reach more people with the truth God has so graciously given me.

Now I feel more strongly about this message I have written today than any I have ever done.  I feel very much led of God to try and reach many people with this message.  I feel in this hour, this message is very needful.

So, even though, I know I do not reach many people, and that most of the ones we do reach are not in agreement with me, but I am asking, because I feel very strongly led of God in this matter, please, any of you who are truly concerned with the dead condition of the people today, and especially with the lack of teaching children, print this message out and try to give it to those you know, or take it and give it to preachers and church members.

If you can, just stand outside their door and hand them to a few.  I know not many will take them or read them, but it is all we can do.  This is certainly not for me, but to send out a call back to true faith in the Living God.

Take back the power Satan has defeated the church of.  Come back to truth and unity.  Without it, only doom awaits.  This is not a message from Jo Smith's mind.  I am declaring to you today, this is a message from God.  Both the one above and this plea for help in reaching some souls with this message. 

If any of you post elsewhere and care to, post this there.  I know most managers will only delete it, but maybe one soul will read it and be helped before it is deleted.

Only God knows how much or how little time is left to us to try and work a work for him.  Try to help children find God.  This is not my mind, I am telling you God is speaking every word of this to me.

If ever I was anointed to say anything, it is this message.  It is burning so much in me right now, I am in almost an unspeakable spiritual atmosphere.

Just listen to the voice of this message.  If you cannot discern that it is the Lord, please seek God while He may be found.

With His Love,

Jo Smith 

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From: joieSent: 7/31/2005 3:57 AM
From: joie Sent: 4/10/2005 10:05 PM
This is a great message.  God gave me a series of messages proving the  churches of today are NOT HIS TRUE CHURCH.

I moved this message today, July 30, to the Church board.  It is one of the greatest messages proving this church system, run by pastors, is not of God, but the leader of Satan in deceiving and disabeling the Church of god.

I think everyone of you should study this message.  It is of vital importance to any who wish to be in the true Church of God.

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From: joieSent: 9/4/2005 9:31 PM
This is what your cults have done to you

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From: ItriedSent: 11/13/2005 8:52 PM
so i think this may prove something to my mind.......i have wondered so many years why it seems that no matter which church i went into, they were just having a get-together.  i never did see anything which resembled what the bible says they had in the days of the s no it seems they have all gone a wrong route?

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