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BurnhamKWChattersContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Burnham Crouch KW Chatters


Vegas Babe types, "Yes and I have a white poodle name Abbey that is high maintence and very expensive. "My cousin died in the Pentagon during 9-11 and my son Derek just got back from the Afganistan War".  "I created flightline banners and waited for him and then we went shopping, spent lots of money". 



Your life may be really boring in reality, but online you can be anything you want to be.  A Revlon model, super hero or a survivor of a Black Sabbath shooting.

A growing body of research suggests that excessive Internet use carries some of the same risks as gambling: It can lead to social isolation, depression and failure at work or school.

Some people particularly those who were isolated to begin with have forged healthy friendships by meeting kindred souls online. But using the Internet too much can hurt face-to-face relationships or friendships. And psychologists say an increasing number of people are using the Internet so obsessively that they are ruining their marriages, real friendships and their social life.  

Creating similar pages. None of the contents of this web site - whether it be text, HTML or graphic images - may be mirrored, reproduced, or displayed in whole or in part on another web page or web site (whatever the nature or purpose) or in any publication or collection of widespread circulation, whether offline or online (whatever the nature or purpose). If you would like to write your own copyright disclaimer, copyright page or anything similar and you use my information as a source to write it you must reference me as such somewhere on your document with a link to 

Currently writing Thesis

 Internet and Chat Addiction

Click Here   False Claims Pentagon Story

Humor Only

Image hosted by

Click here to start the Vegas Babe Adventures


Inside the Mind of a Suicide Killer

                          This article is a must read a movie has also been created 

 By Dale Hurd
                   CBN News Sr. Reporter

               Image hosted by


Peeking Is Allowed




Sister Sites that spun off from Burnham Crouch Knowhere Chat Board

If anything the KWChatters have learned that they too can have a forum or webpage devoted to flaming another KWChatter, not just Eman or Liz.  It does not take a rocket scientist to create a web page devoted to flaming a Burnham Crouch KWChatter.  Now does it?  Really!  

Who has the best flaming site?  What about the most humor?  Which sister site is most creative?


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