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Welcome to Land, Sea or Air.
We hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Come along to chat to meet everyone for a warm  and friendly welcome
   ~Lettie ~
~ Manager/Owner ~
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  New Messages
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Doesnt anyone want to join the new group ????   The new group is completley different than this one.    There is a chat room like the o...
MSN NicknameLettie011   11-24-08
November sign in
MSN Nicknamebama6341   11-22-08
November sign in
MSN Nicknamebama6341   11-20-08
Please check your junk mail for the invite to the new group.............   But just incase you didnt receive it.....heres the link again..   ...
MSN NicknameLettie011   11-20-08
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HMS Cornwall
MSN Nicknamekatlin-06 04-04-07
HMS Cornwall
MSN Nicknamekatlin-06 04-04-07
Compassion Award
MSN Nicknamelettie_05 10-09-06
Supportive Award
MSN Nicknamelettie_05 10-09-06
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