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So shall we ever be with the Lord
"So shall we ever be with the Lord." --1 Thessalonians 4:17 ...
MSN Nickname_MrWonder_   12-12-08
Does This Sound Familiar
I don't know, brother.  I am surprised we have lasted this far.
MSN Nickname_MrWonder_   12-06-08
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown (1) I am thinking today of that beautiful land,  I shall reach when the sun goeth down, ...
MSN NicknameSEB1625   12-05-08
Does This Sound Familiar
I wonder just how much longer the LORD will tolerate the U.S. and our rebellion as did Israel? Isaiah 3 ...
MSN NicknameSEB1625   12-05-08
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Me and Steve at Church 2007
MSN NicknameSEB1625 02-17-08
MSN NicknameSEB1625 05-27-07
MSN NicknameSEB1625 05-27-07
The Church 001
MSN NicknameSEB1625 05-27-07
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