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Circle of Friends Support GroupContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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For the new group...................
Cynthia, I told all the managers to join the group at multiply when I migrat...
MSN Nickname©COFCOPDMGR©   12-05-08
For the new group...................
I do not understand. What do you mean that we have been there all along???   Also, where the heck is Connie??? I keep asking but nobody tells me. What happened????...
MSN Nicknamemscht42   12-05-08
For the new group...................
Cynthia... This group has been in multiply for along time now. Hugs Dawn
MSN Nickname©COFCOPDMGR©   12-02-08
For the new group...................
Have you definitely decided on multiply? This would be only group I knew of there.
MSN Nicknamemscht42   11-23-08
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MSN Nickname©DawnieDoo2© 07-14-08
MSN Nickname©DawnieDoo2© 07-14-08
MSN Nickname©DawnieDoo2© 07-14-08
MSN Nicknamevolnanan 06-25-08
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