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Creations N'StuffContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Had a stressful day at work?  Do you need a place to relax?  Do you love creating things n'stuff with your PSP?  Then this is the group for you!

Come meet great friendly people as well as creative, talented taggers, tubers, and animaters.

We have awesome tubes, tags, contest, fun games and member awards and we also have a considerable list of artist that grant permission to use their awesome artwork as well as links to great tutorials plus much much more.....

We require that you post at least once a week and participate in at least one activity.

Come on in and join us today!  


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Management.

Minrey ~ Manager

Anne ~ Asst. Manager

This group was
created January of 2005

Click here for Gremlin Report and possible work arounds courtesy of Windsong Realty and Chat Central Gateway

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Hello CNS Members,   My apologies for not being here as much as I should....
MSN Nickname•Minrey•™   01-20-09
MSN Groups are closing - Not a Hoax
Anne, I am on yuku. What groups are you on there? E-mail me
MSN Nicknamekiana852   01-19-09
MSN Groups are closing - Not a Hoax
i really don't know where we will be moving if at all..... Minrey is just gone and i don't have time to manage a group or make one. if i can figure out how to migrate this one to aimoo...
MSN Nicknameanne··   01-19-09
MSN Groups are closing - Not a Hoax
I just thought I would come check out if you have moved yet. So where is Creations n Stuff moving to? Inquiring minds need to know. I have made a profile on yuku....
MSN Nicknamekiana852   01-18-09
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MSN Nickname≈Minrey™?/nobr> 08-06-07
MSN Nickname≈Minrey™?/nobr> 08-06-07
MSN Nickname≈Minrey™?/nobr> 08-06-07
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